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Disrupt Startup Ideas

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A startup that plans to disrupt the $20 billion handbag industry with a new line of handbags by using 3D printing. The startup is teaming with luxury fashion brand Michael Kors for the launch of the first products.


A developer of “disruptive products for the Internet of Things”


The following startups were all listed in the “premier” category at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, but didn’t make the final cut to the demo stage of the event.


A startup that wants to disrupt the textbook market by offering low-cost, digital textbooks made by an average person.


A 3D-printed eyewear company that’s looking to disrupt the eyewear industry with a direct-to-consumer approach.


The startup is looking to disrupt the $2.8 trillion consumer credit industry, which it says is ripe for disruption by building a better credit scoring system for micro and small businesses using data from a company called Credit Karma.


A company that aims to disrupt the transportation of hazardous cargo by using drones to fly through the air and drop off material to the ground.


 A startup that wants to disrupt the HR market by automating the job application process.


A company that’s looking to disrupt the insurance market by providing a platform for users to buy and sell insurance plans across the web, essentially creating the world’s largest market for insurance on the internet.


Disrupting the $1.6 trillion global student loan market as we know it. According to the company, there are currently more than 200,000 different student loans, but very few of them are offered by the same company.


A “disruptive” startup that uses artificial intelligence to teach robots how to sort and adopt new behaviors.


 This startup wants to disrupt the insurance industry by creating a platform that connects users directly with experts and their claims.


A company that makes custom-designed pens that attach to a USB thumb drive. The startup looks to disrupt the $1.3 billion market for replacement pens.


A company that wants to bring more transparency and accountability to financial services. Vantage is looking to disrupt the private equity industry. The company is building a platform that will allow investors to track and analyze investment performance.


A startup aiming to “disrupt the security industry by providing an end-to-end solution for the enterprise”. The startup offers a platform for businesses to help protect their data against malware.


A parking management startup that wants to disrupt the parking industry by providing a digital dashboard for parking garages and lots.


A San Francisco-based startup that wants to disrupt the way that flexible manufacturing is done. Its purpose is to help customers determine the optimal amount of materials needed for products, and help companies manage materials.


New York-based startup that’s building a marketplace for bike parts. They want to disrupt the market by making their own parts available and making it easy for people to find and buy them.


 A global P2P insurance marketplace that aims to disrupt the traditional insurance market. Founded in July, the startup is currently in beta.


A startup for crowd-sourcing, developed by the founders of Yelp, to help providers compete for customers. It’s currently a beta app, but the founders say it will be available for businesses to use in the coming weeks. If it catches on, it could disrupt the way users find and book services by grouping a person’s needs in front of a provider that has been vetted by the community.


A startup for professional foreign exchange (forex) traders. The startup wants to disrupt the industry’s outdated, fragmented approach to trading, and provide a platform for trading 24/7.


 A business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses. The company wants to disrupt the freelance economy by allowing businesses to scale and manage their workforces.


A new way to sell and manage mortgage loans. The company wants to disrupt the industry by using artificial intelligence to manage home loans and lower cost by removing the middleman.


A company that plans to disrupt the supply chain by assembling “smart factories” in the home. Their prototype is a $1,500 kit that helps turn home-based tools into smart factories that can automate production and produce customized products.


A company that helps people get on the path to financial independence by saving money, cutting costs, and investing. It plans to disrupt the current financial planning industry by offering services at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial planning.


A tool for talent acquisition, actively seeking to disrupt the $1.25 billion recruitment industry.


A group of 3 engineers and a graphic designer, Capital’s goal is to disrupt the legal sector of the marketplace by providing a full service


A company that wants to disrupt the $100 billion legal industry, by helping lawyers and law firms bring their services to the web and compete on quality and cost.


Startup that wants to disrupt the traditional, outdated, and inefficient process for hiring workers for manufacturing. It allows manufacturers to hire workers from a pool of applicants, and set terms and conditions.


A team of three full stack engineers, two graphics designers, and a marketing lead, Capital’s goal is to disrupt the legal sector of the marketplace by providing a full service legal shop. Capital is a firm that represents individuals and small businesses in a variety of legal matters. The team is currently focusing on the representation of individuals, but also does work for small businesses.


This company is looking to disrupt and democratize real estate. It wants to make it easy and affordable for people to buy and sell houses and apartments.


Y Combinator alum. Placed first at TechCrunch Disrupt New York. It’s an online education platform for people who don’t have time to study, but still want to learn.


A health and wellness startup that is working to disrupt the pharmacy business by lowering the costs of shopping for prescriptions and increasing the transparency in patient data.


The startup’s a startup looking to disrupt the human resources market in big, old-school companies. With the help of AI and machine learning, the startup wants to make recruiting and hiring more efficient while helping companies tap into the power of data to better predict how well candidates will fit.


 The startup aims to disrupt the Ubers and Lyfts of the world by creating an app that allows rideshare drivers to make money by making their own deliveries.


Our team is trying to disrupt the world of product development by creating a platform that allows startups to focus on great product ideas instead of building the product itself.


Idea: A startup that aims to be “the Uber for trucking”, claiming that the transportation industry is a $7 trillion sector ripe for disruption. It has a similar pitch to Uber Freight, which focuses on helping smaller trucking companies compete with big shippers.


Idea: A startup for hand-made products. The startup is looking to disrupt the marketplace business by focusing on a niche of handmade goods. The startup claims it can make handmade goods more profitable for producers and more affordable for consumers.


A startup that provides affordable vehicle insurance to people under 25. The startup wants to become the go-to resource for young drivers and disrupt the current auto insurance industry which targets only the high-risk demographic.