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A social platform for people to connect with local businesses. The app works as a “local discovery app” that helps people discover places to eat and shop, and connects them with local businesses.


A platform for scientists to share and discover data.


This startup is building a digital library for musicians that helps them discover new music and share more about themselves. The company has already signed a couple thousand artists.


A social platform that allows people to discover new places to eat and drink and people to discover new places to eat and drink.


A social network that helps you find like-minded people and discover things to do.


A startup that’s building a “digital lab” for large pharmaceutical companies, helping them scale their research with AI and speed up their drug discovery.


A startup that makes it easier to share and then discover diverse and relevant content.


makes it easier for people to discover, research, and purchase private jets.


A startup that lets people write to their local news outlets and broadcast their thoughts and ideas to the public, akin to what the Snapchat Discover platform does for millennials. The twist, of course, is that these broadcasts are live and recorded.


“An online platform that provides the opportunity to discover and hire top talent from around the world. They are already generating $4 million in annual revenue with a team of 8.”


A startup that creates a database of all of the world’s music and helps musicians get discovered


A platform for people to register for events and discover events as they are happening


A platform for discovering and sharing events and locations, like concerts, festivals, and more.


A machine learning platform, with the goal of helping drug companies make better drug discoveries and marketing them in innovative ways.


A startup that allows you to create an “Airbnb for Food”, allowing you to find and discover local restaurants that also allow you to book tables in advance. The company says it has already helped to book a hundred tables in New York City.


A social discovery app that finds and connects people based on their shared interests.


A legal e-discovery tool for lawyers that helps them determine what information is relevant to the case at hand.


A platform that makes it easier for people to find, save and share information about the things they love. The startup’s goal is to make it easy for people to discover new things.


 A social network for creatives and photographers, where users can discover, follow, and search for work by the same criteria.


A “product discovery platform” for consumers, that helps them quickly find products that meet their needs.


This startup is building a platform to help people discover new stories and books they might like to read. The startup says it has 15,000 users who have opened the app 5,000 times.


A startup that’s building a platform for drug discovery companies to more easily interact with clinical trial sites.


A social network for people to share and discover what’s new in their city.


A discovery platform for specialized high-end clothing that’s based on the feedback of customers


A platform to help people discover new entertainment content in their area.


Hopper is a way for people to find, discover, and share local events.


Online discovery service focused on solving the problem of finding the right home for your next vacation. The startup uses data and algorithms to help vacationers find the right home for their next trip.


A platform for people to connect, share and discover the hidden world of hiking, backpacking, and camping.


A search and discovery app for event producers.


A machine learning company that helps retail companies identify the types of products that are selling well. It also helps them find trends and opportunities in their data and discover new products.


A startup that uses AI to help companies discover and track down missing packages.


As Seen On TV is a YouTube channel that reviews and shares videos from the shows that air on TLC, the Discovery Channel, and History Channel. It was founded in January 2015.


A new way to store and manage your digital media. The team at Briefly is building a platform that enables users to “train” their computer to automatically organize and discover their files, and then creates a “smart folder” that’s a digital representation of the physical one.


An AI backed startup that uses algorithms to help internet users discover new books, movies, and music.


A “social discovery and recommendation” app that enables people to discover new products and services from their other social media accounts, without them having to leave a platform.


A social network for Latin Americans in the US and Mexico that lets them connect, share photos, and discover events and activities related to their culture.


Open data platform that lets people create and discover data visualizations. The startup has built a platform that allows people to create data visualizations and share them with the wider world.


A music discovery service that lets people upload music from their phones to play on all their devices, creating a sort of Pandora for your mobile devices.


A tool for search and discovery of technical talent


A tool that helps you discover new music based on the specific genre and mood you’re in.


This startup is building a mobile app for users to discover and book their preferred doctors and hospitals in India.


An operator of a machine learning platform that helps users discover new things to do in their cities.


A tool to help data scientists find research data sets with the keywords that they’re looking for, allowing them to discover relevant, relevant, relevant data sets.


“A product discovery platform for product teams”. It’s essentially like a resume manager that lets you see what your peers are doing in other companies, and gauge how you stack up against them.


A platform for fashion & lifestyle influencers to discover brands and get paid for sharing their style


A mission-based social platform for millennials to discover events based on their interests, follow the ones nearby, and make connections with people in their social networks.


A shopping app that brings product discovery, price and availability data to comparison shopping, with an emphasis on simplicity.


A music streaming service that helps you better discover new artists and tracks


The founders of this cloud-based recruiting startup say that they’ve discovered that many people don’t have a good idea of what their job responsibilities are. They’re building an application that can help people figure that out, and then identify the best fit for each position in the pool.


A music streaming service that focuses on music discovery. Co-founded by former Rdio and Spotify engineers, the startup will offer a curated “radio” experience, as well as a social experience where users can follow artists and share what they’re listening to.


A startup focused on user-friendly music discovery. The startup wants to create a desktop experience around music discovery that will allow users to browse and listen to songs, and also see what others are listening to.


A maker of subscription boxes to help customers discover, purchase, and ship products from retailers across the country. Each month, the service helps subscribers pick each month’s “box” based on their interests, which is hand-curated by the company’s team.


is an AI chatbot that helps with the discovery of new startups.


Founders came up with an idea for an app that would help people discover good food and drink in their neighborhood and pay for it.


A company that wants to help you get up and running with your first product idea in 12 weeks. They’ve built a platform for product discovery and ideation.


This startup is building a machine learning tool to help people create and distribute their own live video streams, much like the aforementioned idea. They’re also building a “discovery pipeline” that lets users vote among the new tools that emerge from voting.


A startup that helps people discover new restaurants


A startup that wants to “be the go-to destination for students and professionals to discover, apply, and begin their careers in tech”.


A place to share and discover visual content on the web, where users can vote on and comment on pieces, and can even help create new pieces to be shared.


A startup that lets companies conduct discovery events and get feedback from a target market in just a few weeks.


A tool for creating and distributing your own live stream video. Ideas are from developers, and are developed via a “discovery pipeline”, where a public vote decides which one of the new ideas will be built.


Social commerce platform aimed at helping people discover, promote, and buy products based on their social connections.


A tool that helps you discover the best deals on things like car insurance, airfare, and flight miles.


A data science platform that helps businesses discover correlations and patterns in huge amounts of data. The startup was founded by a former Facebook data scientist and has raised $1.5 million so far.


An AI that helps companies discover and understand meaning in text and voice. The product is used by companies like Duolingo, and the startup says it’s profitable and growing.


A platform for sharing and discovering new perspectives on the world, the tuneup is a collaborative platform for journalists, storytellers, and artists to share their work.


An AI-based startup that is trying to build an app that can help in the drug discovery process.


TechCrunch’s startup of the day, which aims to be a tool for people to share their discoveries of what’s next in the world of tech and business.


 A startup that helps you manage the logistics of your home-owning life. For instance, it helps you plan for holiday guests, help with shopping lists, discover new places to eat, and more.


A company that’s building a platform to help companies discover and manage their employees, employees’ social lives, and their work relationships.


A cloud platform for content recommendation and discovery


A social discovery platform that helps you find new places to travel to.


A startup-based system to create, share, and discover content, letting people license their creations for commercial use. Based on the use of the open-source Creative Commons licenses.


Idea: A startup for helping businesses discover, connect and pay for relevant services they need (such as marketing, consulting, legal, etc)


Idea: A subscription-based service that provides the tools to discover new favorite books


Idea: A company that wants to help businesses refine their hiring process by looking at past candidates. Specifically, they want to help companies discover talent in their town without having to go through the costly process of headhunting.


Idea: A startup that helps companies discover the talent they need. It’s the middleman that does the work of finding jobs that need to be filled.


Idea: A platform that helps people discover, share and find a mentor or a group of people with common interests, which helps people find jobs.


Idea: An online marketplace of products made by independent designers. Designers can keep 90% of sales, or have the option to partner with the startup for a 40% revenue share. The startup also aims to make the discovery process easier by curating the top items from each designer.