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A startup that uses artificial intelligence to detect credit card fraud. The startup recently raised $1 million to begin working on its app.


A team of data scientists comes up with a way to use machine learning to detect fraudulent credit card purchases. The company says it has already helped its clients save $7 million, and expects to save the same amount this year as well.


The company uses AI to detect and block spam images and comments. Its service is free for social media users.


A tool for using deep learning to detect fraudulent transactions.


A security startup that’s building a platform to automatically detect and prevent fraud in the payments industry.


Wearable sensors that help detect the presence of volatile gases in buildings.


A platform that allows people to monitor and control their home environment. Their central product is an IoT hub that collects data from things like lights, thermostat, and leak detectors, then sends it to a smartphone app.


A wearable sensor that helps detect motion and alert you when someone is approaching your home.


This startup’s goal is to prevent ad fraud. It uses a combination of machine learning, data mining, and crowdsourcing to help companies like Amazon and Google detect fraudulent activity on their platforms.


A company that makes LED light bulbs that instantly turn on when they detect motion. It wants to make the bulb’s visibility an even more important feature.


A startup that wants to bring true visual search to the web. The startup uses AI to detect the objects in a picture or video, and then uses that data to power a search engine that can be used from anywhere.


A digital health startup that uses artificial intelligence to help users make sure they’re eating and sleeping well, and get the right amount of sleep. It uses machine learning to detect if a user is cheating on their sleep, and then recommends actions to improve sleep.


 A data platform that helps detect, prevent, and mitigate fraud on all payments. It works with banks, Venmo, and Western Union.


This startup uses AI to detect insurance fraud and


A digital product that detects, tracks, and pays a user’s monthly rent payments. Due to rent laws, a tenant in many areas may not legally be able to sign for a check until it’s been deposited. By the time they can, the landlord has already moved on to the next tenant, which means the tenant may have to pay the holdback fee.


A company that creates technology that can detect defects in products before they're shipped to customers.


This startup is producing the next generation of technologies that can detect and remove water in buildings to prevent mold, bacteria, and other harmful microbes from growing.


This startup is building an automated system to automatically detect and flag potential employee fraud.


 This startup uses AI to detect insurance fraud and fraudulently- or improperly-claimed benefits. It offers a risk score and recommendations that help agents and customers decide on policies.


Home security startup that uses geofencing to detect when burglars are in or near the home.


A company founded by a team of Stanford and Berkeley researchers that uses AI to detect and prevent fraud. The software aims to detect when a person is trying to make a credit card purchase in a store and notify the appropriate employees, who can then stop the transaction.


A platform building bots for messaging platform Slack that can automatically detect and respond to communication needs.


Scrubly is a search engine that automatically detects plagiarism in text. The startup’s first product is a plagiarism tool that monitors students’ texts and flags any that could be misappropriated.


A startup that wants to use artificial intelligence to help improve the lives of aging parents. The company's first product is a watch that listens to the wearer's heartbeat and detects a change in heart rate caused by a number of possible issues. It then sends help via text message.


This company uses AI to help companies detect and prevent fraud.


A healthcare company that has designed a device to use a smartphone’s camera to detect tumors


A company that designs, manufactures, and sells wireless sensors that can be used to detect motion, temperature, and moisture in homes and offices.


A machine-learning platform for detecting fraud in credit card transactions.


This is a startup that wants to build a system that automatically detects and captures video of police interactions and the surrounding community. The startup recently raised $1.2 million from Digital Ocean’s Venture Fund.


The startup is building a system that will allow companies to use the power of artificial intelligence to detect fraud. The company is currently in private beta and just closed a $1.2 million seed round, led by Nautilus Ventures.


A mobile app that uses facial recognition to help detect fraudulent transactions. A startup from the same company as Centram.


A smart alarm system that can detect motion and will turn on if it senses an intruder.


A startup that aims to help businesses use AI and machine learning to detect and fix vulnerabilities in their systems.


A home security company that uses sensors to monitor the security of a home or building, paying users a fee for each intrusion detected.


A startup that’s building technology that can detect when to deploy new products or features based on data and customer feedback.


This startup is built to help programmatic marketers manage their tune-up purchases. The startup claims to help retailers with multichannel inventory, real-time fraud detection, and daily auditing.


The A16Z crypto hedge fund has a startup incubator called Alight Labs, which is building a machine learning platform to detect fraud in the industry.


Using a combination of sensors and algorithms, their product can detect the amount of weight you’re carrying and adjust your clothes accordingly.


 A wearable device for detecting and tracking the movements of patients by their bedside.


This startup is building a system to monitor traffic at work sites and automatically send alerts to employees if a problem is detected.


A YC company that makes a mobile app that detects when someone is texting while driving.


A company that uses computer vision to detect objects in the real world and allows the user to zoom into them to see a live-updated model of the object.


A startup in MIT's Media Lab is building a system that can help detect and put a price on the different types of waste materials in a community.


This startup is building a smart home device that automatically detects and prevents fires. The company is looking to raise $100,000.


A network of “hackers” that help companies detect and prevent data breaches.


In January, the team at this startup launched a video-editing application that looks to improve the quality of videos with a focus on face detection and video stabilization. The startup claims to have gained 1,000 users since its launch.


A B2B company that allows banks to choose between an AI/ML-driven platform and a human-driven platform for OCR, fraud detection, and other similar tasks.


A blockchain startup that aims to bring “fraud” detection to the supply chain, preventing “shady retailers” from selling counterfeit goods.


This startup is developing an Android SDK for building applications that can quickly enhance photos with face detection, blurring, or filters. The client-side SDK is for developers who want to build their own apps on top of the iOS app.


A company that sells a system for autonomous vehicles to detect traffic and road hazards. The company is also building a self-driving car platform called Drive.AI


This startup helps companies build software that automatically detects and fixes computer security problems.


An AI-driven tool for helping banks detect fraud and other financial crimes, and for the public sector to visualize and understand their finances and data.


A digital health startup that wants to put a wearable sensor on a patient’s finger to detect a variety of biometric markers. The startup will use a combination of machines learning and a human expert to make the system more robust.


The startup aims to “reduce fraud and improve user experience” by using AI to make fraud detection faster and more accurate.


A mobile app that uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect whether a user is walking and provide immediate feedback on how to improve eating and exercise habits.


"A security system that automatically detects and reports any attempts to hack into the system. They’re developing it in order to identify hackers before they can do harm."


Idea: A company that makes a home security camera that only records when it detects a loud noise.


Idea: This startup is building a way to automatically detect and diagnose problems in large fleets of industrial equipment


a startup focused on using AI to detect fraudulent activity on a credit card.