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Destination Startup Ideas

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A chat bot that helps you find the cheapest flights to your destination, set alerts for when prices drop, and handle tons of other travel-related tasks. The startup is focused on helping travelers manage their itineraries and get the most out of their travel.


A tool for coordinating a group’s shopping trip with a single destination by using an app to do the driving.


A platform that helps digital nomads find their next destination to live and work online.


A mobile app that pairs with a “machine-learning algorithm” to help drivers find the best routes to their destinations.


A social destination for food and drink recommendations.


A startup that provides a service for people who are traveling who want to make sure that their luggage gets to their destination


Spots on the map that help you find the closest ride to your destination. The startup wants to make it easier for drivers to find the best ride deal by letting them mark where they want to be picked up and dropping off.


This startup is building a new approach to accounting where companies can be both the “source” and “destination” of revenue, for the purpose of calculating tax liabilities.


A mobile app for finding parking and other services near your destination, with a built-in contact list to save you time. It’s inspired by Uber’s surge pricing and lets you set your own price and availability as well.


A software company that provides a mobile app to help people find the best parking spot at their destination. The company uses machine learning to optimize parking options, and then tracks and visualizes that data.


A travel booking app to compare prices and book flights to various destinations.


This startup is building a real-time travel app that uses the GPS on your phone to help you navigate to your next destination.


A startup that helps you find and use the best public transit to get to your destination.


A personal assistant that helps you pack a suitcase. Users can use the app to create a packing list and the app will suggest items based on where you’re traveling and which items are available at your destination.


Clink is a marketplace app designed to help people find a ride from destination to destination in a more efficient, inexpensive manner.


A platform to save money on airline tickets for frequent travelers. The company’s software automatically determines how much you’d pay each way to get to a particular destination, based on your previous travel history.


A “street level” mobile app that helps users select a local driver to take them to their destination, and pay for the trip via the app.


 A startup that helps exercise for runners by showing them the route from where they’re running to their destination.


A startup that wants to “be the go-to destination for students and professionals to discover, apply, and begin their careers in tech”.


A startup building a “smart” travel planner to show users how to get to their destination on time, and even help them navigate traffic.


An AI that helps you find the best route from your current location to your destination, with a built-in navigation tool, and a live-map view of the traffic.


This app helps people find parking spots near their destinations


Ideas: A chatbot for Slack. A bot for Slack that helps you find the cheapest flight to a destination, among other things.


A travel site that focuses on the more obscure destinations and experiences that travelers aren’t familiar with.


A travel startup out of Silicon Valley that helps you find the best deal on your travel destination, whether it is a hotel or an airport.


A mobile app that helps people find the closest public transportation. It helps commuters get to their destination faster and more affordably.


A startup that aims to build an app that is a mix between the GPS device from your phone and the ability to see a Google Streetview of your destination.


Idea: A startup that lets you gift someone the ability to see the world, rather than a specific destination. The startup has 2 mentors and 7 founders, all of whom have traveled the world and are building an online community of people who are making the world a better place.


A platform to help travelers get money wired to their bank accounts when they arrive at their destination.


A “social travel planner”, building a community of people and destinations to help travelers plan their trips.


A startup that sells a tool that lets you simulate a vacation you want to take so you can decide which destination you want to go to


Idea: A startup that helps people with mobility issues navigate the world. It’s a website that aggregates all the information you might need to find a public restroom or get to a destination nearby


A startup that helps people plan trips to vacation destinations