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Desktop Startup Ideas

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A platform for organizing and sharing events, with a mobile app and desktop version.


ShareWorks is a cloud-based tool for sharing media such as photos, music, and video. The startup also offers a paid-for mobile app as well as a desktop companion for editing and sharing.


A tablet organizer that aims to keep the iPad in sync with your desktop and other devices.


A full-stack app development company that focuses on building apps for mobile, desktop, and web.


A platform that allows developers to take their app and run it via IP. It's aimed at mobile apps, but its founders say it can run desktop programs too.


An ad tech company that’s building a new technology that they say has the potential to significantly change the way digital advertising is purchased and sold. The company’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the digital advertising market by giving advertisers complete control of their ad campaigns, directly from their desktop and mobile devices.


A startup looking to make the world’s best desktop security software, and taking advantage of the increasing need for it as the world becomes more connected.


A tool for easily switching between Mac and Windows virtual desktops.


A cross-platform desktop application that allows users to log into their apps without their credentials and automatically logs them into their bank accounts. The startup is building the company off of Yodlee’s data and wants to build it further into apps like Facebook, Spotify, and others.


A desktop application that allows people to quickly and easily pay their bills, from utility companies to credit card companies.


Rethinking the way we build and manage software is the goal of BuildZoom. The startup allows users to compare home improvements from a variety of vendors and service providers from the comfort of one website. It's an online marketplace that allows consumers to shop for home improvement projects from the convenience of a desktop computer or mobile phone. BuildZoom makes it easy to find the right contractor, and provides a level of transparency that other home improvement websites do not.


A company that wants to help developers monetize their apps by bringing an app store to the desktop. The company wants to serve as a way to test and monetize apps across devices and platforms.


A desktop-based tool for making mockups of websites and apps.


A new take on digital advertising that seeks to take over the desktop space. The founders say it’s the first product that can put advertising on every desktop screen. It’s also intended to be a “frictionless” experience for users, removing the need to navigate multiple ad networks or pay for ads.


A desktop app for managing and monitoring a corporate smartphone fleet.


A desktop-based email client for journalists, connecting to their Gmail accounts, and using the same tools as their editors.


A new product by the founders of a popular open-source project, allowing people to see all of their files on file servers and get them to sync with their desktop.


Open-source data visualization tool that connects together email, web, and desktop. It also integrates into Slack and other tools.


A “HR SaaS” for companies looking to manage employee training by creating custom courses, delivering them to an employee’s desktop, or by hooking up with an instructor.


An OS that uses Windows-style metaphors and a desktop-style interface to make it work like OSX, but with Windows-style applications.


Taking the speed and agility of the mobile web and developing a platform that can be used on any device, including desktops. The startup, which was started in 2013, is one of the few startups creating a truly mobile web application.


A startup that helps people manage their mobile phone and internet plans from their Macs and desktops.


A startup that wants to bring Facebook Messenger-style voice calling to the desktop.


A post-production tool to help journalists and videographers manage their workflows. The startup hopes to launch a desktop app in the spring of 2019, and a web app in fall.


A startup for finding and booking travel that uses a bank of 5,000 itineraries to provide personal customization. It’s in the phase of becoming a booking site, with a desktop app in development, and a plan to open it up to all users.


A tool for mobile, web, and desktop developers to build mobile and desktop apps that can be accessed locally or remotely.


A desktop app for managing staff schedules and expenses.


A startup focused on user-friendly music discovery. The startup wants to create a desktop experience around music discovery that will allow users to browse and listen to songs, and also see what others are listening to.


A startup that’s working to bring mobile-first design to the web. The company’s founder says that on desktop, responsive websites are too complex and hard to work with. On mobile, the opposite is true: sites are too simple and often hard to use. Sway is working to change that with a product that uses all the same features on mobile as it does on desktop.


A workplace chat solution that syncs your calendar and files from your desktop or mobile devices to your corporate network.


This startup is building a tool for employees to manage their time with a SaaS product, with a mobile app and desktop software.


“A desktop-based tool for managing and reporting on commercial printing jobs”, this startup is developing a software tool for printing and printing services firms that are based on solid data science.


This startup is building a tool that lets people create websites in the cloud, and then upload them for companies to access with specific functions by using a mobile app or desktop.


A lightweight, mobile app that allows you to work with the same notes across your phone and desktop, allowing you to sync them all to your Google Drive account.


A startup that makes a tool for developers to manage development processes from their desktops


A cloud-based tool for sales teams to manage their campaigns and follow-up tasks. What’s unusual is that it’s cross-platform, available on desktop, mobile, and web.


A desktop app for managing files. If you’ve ever tried to find a file on your Mac, you’ll probably agree that it’s a pain.


A platform that helps organizations plan, take, and share notes on a computer running Linux. Comes with a desktop app and mobile app so you can do all your note-taking on the go.


A startup that can send virtual reality and web-based experiences to a mobile VR headset like Samsung’s Gear VR, and a separate service for desktop VR.


Redis Labs is building a way to have a single point of access to a user’s data, whether it be from a web browser, mobile phone, or desktop computer.


A startup that builds a desktop app for easy online ordering of items from any online retailer. They claim to be in talks with Amazon, Walmart, and Target to bring the app to all of their customers.


A desktop application that allows you to easily create custom, clickable images for social media platforms, which you can share out to the web or your email or SMS.


This is an email-based application that allows users to create personalized desktop and mobile app experiences.


A digital appointment calendar within your phone, which they say is better than a paper or desktop calendar.


Idea: A startup that wants to bring the same kind of advertising tools that have become standard for desktop to mobile, and allow marketers to bid and test ads in real time


Idea: A solution for managing a company’s video streaming infrastructure. The first product is a video player that allows companies to put videos on their website and have them work on desktops and mobile devices.


Idea: A desktop software platform that helps companies design and build enterprise apps. The startup’s first customer is a large construction company, and it’s currently building a SaaS product that helps developers quickly build enterprise apps.


Idea: A startup helping businesses in emerging markets manage inventory and orders using a mobile app and a desktop dashboard. The founders say they’ve already signed more than 50 customers in the past month (and have been accepted to Y Combinator,) and that the business has been profitable since it launched at the end of May.