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This is a platform that provides software tools for IT teams to manage security and manage software deployments.


A startup that is creating an automated process to build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud


A platform that makes it easier to build and deploy decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. The startup aims to make Ethereum as easy to use as a web app, with an initial focus on dapps for financial services.


A tool for building and deploying chat bots.


A networking tool for engineers that streamlines the process of deploying and managing distributed systems.


This is an app that allows users to create and deploy content without the need for coding. The idea is to make it easy for anyone to create a website and get it live quickly.


This is a tool for developers that makes it easier to “deploy a single application to all of your connected devices”.


A tool for building, managing, and deploying custom web applications, available on a free tier.


A platform for managing and building websites, using either HTML or CSS. They work with clients to build out the theme, menu, and navigation, and they then deploy it to the client.


Caringo is a startup that is building a new category of Internet of Things (IoT) device – a SaaS platform that lets you create a device of your own with a few simple clicks, and then deploy it into the world as a service.


A company that wants to make it easier for people to fill out job applications. It is currently in the early stages of deploying a product for employers to manage their job applications.


Security software for the enterprise that can be deployed from a mobile app.


This is a platform that brings the benefits of a SaaS program to a closed system, allowing companies to securely deploy and manage their infrastructure on-demand, with a focus on collaboration and integration with existing systems.


A startup that’s building technology that can detect when to deploy new products or features based on data and customer feedback.


A startup building a platform to help people stay in touch with their loved ones when they’re deployed overseas.


A platform for building and deploying custom mobile apps that integrates with existing software.


A wearable device meant to help people with visual impairments navigate the world. The startup is looking to deploy its product in the US and UK, and has raised $2.5 million in seed funding so far.


A way to rapidly deploy and scale software for companies. It works by allowing companies to build their own infrastructure and then have it render their software.


This startup is building a full stack hosting solution for developers, allowing them to build and deploy websites and applications online.


This startup aims to help users of the cryptocurrency Ethereum create and manage DApps on their own platform. The DApp Store will let users deploy and manage their apps, and will be powered by a decentralized transaction system that allows users to send and receive payments for their work.


A startup that wants to make it as easy as possible to build and deploy a web app, no programming required.


A startup that allows companies to build and deploy web and mobile apps without writing code. They say their platform can also be used for other software development jobs, like managing servers and monitoring apps.


A platform that enables teams to build and deploy their own software and services, taking care of all the back-end and infrastructure.


A tool for building and connecting ad hoc APIs to help companies develop and deploy on-demand APIs on platforms like Slack.


A new approach to software development that promises to help companies deploy code faster and cut costs.


Idea: A startup building tools for developers to build, secure, and deploy machine learning and data science models This is the “serverless” version of their main product


Idea: A chatbot building platform that lets people quickly build and deploy chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Kik, or Telegram


Idea: A platform for building custom apps for drug trials, allowing researchers to quickly develop and deploy apps that streamline trials.


A tool that helps businesses quickly build and deploy Slack bots.


This is a platform for managing and deploying code, with a focus on making it easy for developers to share their


 A software company that provides a platform for managing and deploying mobile devices. It aims to simplify the management of the devices and the data and the protocols that run across them.


 A software company that provides a platform for managing and deploying mobile devices.