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Demo Startup Ideas

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A social network built for black professionals. It’s a version of Facebook for black professionals that’s designed for different demographics, with features like a photo gallery and a newsfeed that’s tuned for black users.


A group of four-hour-old startups that are still around from Demo Day in June. The goal is to help early stage founders get funding and grow their businesses.


The winners of the 2018 Y Combinator Demo Day will be announced on September 13, 2018.


A tool that helps companies convert web traffic into revenue. It’s an example of a promising tool that will help democratize data.


A chatbot that helps people learn how to kickstart conversations and build rapport quickly. The startup is working on a demo with YC.


A startuplicant tracking platform for online job applications. The startup wants to scale to support large recruitment events like the YC Demo Day.


The following startups were all listed in the “premier” category at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, but didn’t make the final cut to the demo stage of the event.


Giving Demo Day startups advice can only go so far. So Y Combinator does a bit more to help startups. YC has created a forum for startup founders to share information and advice with one another. They also host “Ask-Me-Anything” sessions for founders to talk about their companies.


A platform to find and book airfare and hotels. The company’s mission is to democratize travel with a transparent and fair marketplace.


A social network for those in finance, made with the goal of “reducing the cost of the financial system by democratizing access to financial markets.”


An email marketing tool that helps e-commerce brands push their sales and follow up with customers. The startup needs to complete a YC Demo Day.


This is a startup that helps businesses demo their products on the web, using pre-made widgets that look like online store pages.


An algorithmic startup that is a marketplace for job board ads, allowing companies to target their job search to a specific demographic. The company’s founders say they’ve raised $1.6 million in a round led by Greycroft Partners.


A startup that aims to democratize the profession of “salesman” by making the sales process more effective and efficient.


A company that documents and shares the most popular requests for charity and non-profit organizations with the goal of “democratizing” the process for donors.


SaaS business that connects women and their partners to maternity care. They’re headed to Y Combinator’s Demo Day.


A startup that wants to democratize “blockchain for the masses”.


Real Democracy is a platform for elections, designed to make voting more accessible while improving the quality of elections.


Collaborating with organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank, Geotime provides demographic, economic, and climate data in a user-friendly way that’s useful for businesses.


This is “a healthcare startup for the world’s largest democracy” – India. It aims to help patients get their prescriptions filled at the lowest prices possible, and is already working with several pharmaceutical companies in India for a $3 million revenue run rate.


Given that it was the first company to launch in the YC Demo Day, the list below is the most complete list of all of the startups that have been accepted into YC.


The startup wants to democratize the hiring process for college graduates, using Facebook to find job candidates.


A way for companies to increase their B2B sales, the startup wants to use a combination of machine learning to identify inbound leads and then text them to see if they’re interested in a demo.


A software company that is building a technology platform that helps e-commerce retailers and merchants deliver tailored messages to consumers based on their gender and demographic information.


An ad network that focuses on under-served demographics, focusing on users who are under 18 and worth around $600 to advertisers.


A startup that plans to decentralize the media industry, making it more democratic and giving users more control. The company wants to allow creators to be paid by their fans.


A startup that provides a way for people to book and pay for their medical appointments from their mobile phones, the startup plans on democratizing the healthcare system by making it more accessible to the general population.


 A startup that helps publishers sell ads to people in their target demographic.


A mobile application that uses a custom demo version of Facebook’s Graph API to allow users to create and share an interactive digital business card that includes information about their company, including their team.


A startup that used machine learning to automatically identify the best apps for people based on their demographics, to help navigate the app store.


A video platform for sales teams to capture a video demo of a product or feature. The startup is currently working with a few Fortune 500 companies.


This startup wants to democratize access to medical research data for students and researchers. It’s a software platform that allows medical students and researchers to build their own datasets and access global research in a user-friendly way.


Mentioned in the "2017 YC Demo Day" video, where they discuss the concept of a "mobile printing program" for small businesses. They are now calling their service "Quick Print," and the company is no longer in YC.


A platform for selling and buying used cars, introduced at YC’s Demo Day in 2015. The startup brings a car buying platform to a market where many people don’t have credit or don’t want to deal with the hassle of financing. It’s already in use in the Bay Area, and is looking to expand to other areas of the country.


A platform for advertisers to find and target the right demographics and psychographics. The startup is also working on an ad tech platform for brands that want to target “hard-to-reach” consumers.


A startup working to democratize credit in the developing world, creating a new financial product that would give people access to credit in a way they haven’t had before. The company, which was founded in India, wants to make it more affordable for people in the developing world to use and maintain credit.


The startup is looking to build a platform that will allow organizations to “build, launch and track a new app within minutes”. The startup built a demo app, called “the app builder”, that allows users to build and launch an app within minutes. The startup has raised $2.7M in seed funding as of September 2019.


A computer-aided design app with an emphasis on the “2D” side of things. The startup is looking to do two things: first, it’s trying to “democratize” design, a notoriously expensive and time-intensive process, by helping people do their own designs. Secondly, it takes some of the things people do on their own and turns them into a “compelling product”.


A Swiss startup that wants to democratize the online lending market.


The 2018 edition of the Y Combinator Demo Day featured 41 startups in three different tracks: Hardware, Software, and Networking & Events. The startups were chosen from 5,000 applicants by Y Combinator.


A startup that is looking to build a new demographic of users and sell them on the idea that they need their cars to be “smart”.


One of the two startups in the Finalist batch to make the Demo Day pitch, Haptik is another VR system that allows you to create VR-based simulations of the real world. Haptik is targeting the market for VR training simulations, which is an idea that’s already working for real estate agents and other companies.


A startup that helps companies create better customer profiles, including demographic data, psychographic data, location data, preferences, and other factors.


A chat app that lets you order food at home and pay ahead of time. The startup has already worked with two restaurants in New York City to demonstrate the concept.


A startup that uses AI to help retailers understand how their customer demographics are changing. The company says it can help retailers identify who their new customers are, and how they’re growing.


A startup that helps people reduce their phone bills. It’s being announced today at the YC Demo Day.


A startup that lets users pay for their own ads on websites and social media. The startup is also announcing its first acquisition, a company called ad optimization engine Storefront that has developed a technology to show ads to people based on their demographic profile.


An end-to-end personal financial system for millennials. The startup wants to use the blockchain to create a “democratized” personal financial system for millennials.


A new kind of online sales platform for small businesses that’s built around a mobile channel. The startup wants to help small businesses build their own mobile app sales channel in two hours, with a demo version available now, and a full version launching in mid-2020.


An engineering staffing startup that partners with companies to bring in new talent. After a company does a demo, Minimum runs a search for top candidates using its proprietary algorithm. The company says they’ve so far found candidates at top engineering schools, raised $1.4 million in VC funding, and secured over a dozen jobs.


This company is looking to disrupt and democratize real estate. It wants to make it easy and affordable for people to buy and sell houses and apartments.


The company makes a point of celebrating the diversity of its employees, regardless of background. They’re relatively young — the company is the youngest in YC to go from demo day to $1 million in revenue — and more than half of the team is female.


A platform that aims to “help advertisers better target specific people based on their behavior, location, interests and demographics.”


A collection of tools that helps users track and manage their expenses, and is currently in Y Combinator’s Demo Day.


The startup’s goal is to democratize the industry of television, allowing anyone to create their own show without having to be a producer or actor.


Idea: A tool for keeping your software up to date. In a demo, the founder showed that the service updates a user’s phone to the latest version of Android.


Idea: A startup for organizing and publishing video interviews with people on the internet, initially for people who are doing YC interviews before Demo Day.


A startup that provides affordable vehicle insurance to people under 25. The startup wants to become the go-to resource for young drivers and disrupt the current auto insurance industry which targets only the high-risk demographic.