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by @levelsio

Debt Startup Ideas

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A new, blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending platform that is targeting the global student debt crisis. The company is expanding internationally and looking for investors.


A startup that helps teens take over their parents’ student debt.


A startup that wants to help people manage their debt, using a predictive system that helps them know whether they’re spending too much or too little.


A platform that uses machine learning to help companies improve their technical operations by identifying and removing technical debt and outdated code.


A personal finance service that helps people pay down their debt from multiple cards in a single monthly payment.


A student loan refinancing platform that allows borrowers to pay off their debt in a number of different ways, including a lump sum or a fixed payment.


A startup that pairs you with a community of debt-free, budget-conscious people who are willing to split the cost of a car, home, furniture, or other major purchase.


A peer-to-peer insurance startup that wants to help people get out of debt.


New startup that aims to take the pain out of student loan payments, using the debt to create scholarships for low-income students.


A tool for managing student debt, allowing users to “raise the rates they pay on student loan or credit card debt by a percent or more”.


A startup that wants to build a platform that lets people buy and sell debt on the blockchain.


The company's app is designed to help consumers monitor the health of their finances, including credit scores, debt and income. The application, which is in beta, is available for Android and Apple iOS smartphones.


A startup that helps people find a way to pay for college that is better than what they are paying now, provided they can handle the debt on their own


A startup that wants to help people unload the debt they've accrued from student loans. They are currently working with 3,000 borrowers in the UK and hope to expand to the US in the next 12 months.


A startup that helps individuals and companies manage their credit card debt in a more timely and efficient way.


A $100 credit card designed for students who want to pay down debt.


The company uses machine learning for risk management, identifying which customers are likely to default on their debt and which loans are more likely to default on their debt.


A personal finance management app for managing credit scores, debt and budgeting.


A SaaS platform that connects people who own debt with people who want to pay it off. The company says it’s already signed up “a few hundred” users.


A company that helps people with student debt consolidate their debts and pay them off, sometimes with a single monthly payment.


A personal financing tool that helps consumers save for retirement, borrow against their homes, refinance student loans, and reduce debt.


A consumer service that helps consumers collect on credit card debt from their personal loans.


A digital tool that helps people manage their finances. The startup is pitching itself as a tool to help people manage their cash flow and manage debt.


A digital tool that helps users visualize their finances in terms of debt, retirement, and savings.


 A company that collects data from credit cards to build a predictive model of which cardholders are likely to pay back their debts (and which ones are likely to default). It’s looking to offer a free model to banks for their riskiest customers.


A platform that lets you build a financial plan to get debt repayment, saving, and retirement in the right order.


A mobile app that helps people understand their personal relationships with debt. The app is designed to help people understand their relationship with debt and make decisions about how to manage it.


A company that helps people figure out their credit score and offers a tool to help avoid debt and improve credit.


A cloud-based database of student loan debt for people to search, with a sign-up required to see data. The company also has a personal debt management product.


A student loan refinancing company that helps borrowers get out of student debt by consolidating all their loans into one. It aims to make this process as simple as possible by allowing borrowers to make payments via their credit cards.


A more personal way to pay back student loans. The startup helps students manage their debt by putting on an income-based repayment plan. It’s a platform for students to create a customized plan and manage their debt.


A startup that wants to help people manage their student loan debt. The company takes a subscription model that pays off the loan over time.


A startup that wants to help people clean up their bank accounts and credit card debt by helping them understand their credit report.


A tech company that helps tech companies scale their tech. Through software, they help tech companies foster teams, manage tech debt, and make tech decisions, with a tech debt of its own, they say. They have a tech debt of their own.


A startup that provides a service where you can buy a "get out of debt free" card for someone who is struggling with debt


Idea: A personal finance management startup for college students. The startup helps students budget their expenses with the intention of graduating debt-free.


Idea: A way to automatically manage your finances that doesn’t require users to enter or re-enter any information. The startup is primarily focused on helping users pay off their debt.