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by @levelsio

Dating Startup Ideas

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A dating app that matches people based on similar musical preferences.


A startup that creates a dating app focused on building meaningful relationships


A platform where people can create a profile and upload photos of themselves to be rated by other users. The site is mostly for fun at this point, but it could be a useful tool for dating.


A dating app for breakfast in the morning.


A startup that works like a dating site but for people who want to find a house or apartment to rent


A dating app that helps people find matches regardless of what they’re looking for in a relationship. The startup has attracted more than $10 million in investment, and has partnered with celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, who was one of the app’s first users.


Based in Silicon Valley, this startup is working to make the process of filling out IRS forms less intimidating.


A customized AI-powered chatbot that helps you optimize your online dating experience.


The founders of an AI-powered dating app want to use their product as a platform for investors to invest in AI startups.


An AI-powered dating site for people looking for long-term relationships.


Mixer is a dating app for people who want to meet others in a more social setting. It’s an app like Tinder, but it’s free to use and allows users to pay to chat with others.


Another company looking to build a social media platform for dating, focusing on the Latinx market in the US.


A “Tinder for online dating”, allowing users to view profiles and swipe right to like what they see.


A free, online dating service for very short-term relationships.


"The world’s first social dating app for underrepresented groups,” which is to say, people of color.


This startup wants to be the Netflix of dating. It wants to connect couples by matching them based on what they’re looking for in a partner. It also wants to keep track of everything couples do together.


An online dating platform for young people that focuses on their education and career. The company wants to normalize youth dating by making it easier and more attractive to have a career as well as a dating life.


A group of entrepreneurs working to redesign the dating app from the ground up.


An SDK for automatically creating, updating, and publishing content to social media.


This startup is building a white-label version of the popular dating app Hinge.


Using machine learning, Connect is building a platform that sorts through the clutter of online dating platforms to find the best match. The startup is currently in the process of raising its Series A.


A dating app that serves to connect people with the same interests through a private group. It is a spinoff of the successful PopSurvey, which was acquired by LinkedIn


SaaS to help companies establish a culture with their employees. The company works by creating a team mix that fits each company’s culture, with a focus on mandating company culture.


A company that wants to build a local dating app in the US for people in the LGBTQ community.


(Note: This is an ongoing list, and I’m adding to it as soon as I hear about new startup pitches every week. I’ll keep updating when necessary.)


A company that makes it easy to manage your own online dating profile and have it reviewed by online professionals.


A software-as-a-service company building a platform for online dating users.


 A cloud-based review platform for dating apps, with a funding round that was reportedly led by Facebook


A startup that wants to bring a “hybrid” approach to the online dating market, focusing on creating a community for people to find dates on the platform, but also connecting them with people they know in real life.


A dating platform that lets people find love by matching them based on their interests.


A dating app for professional singles.


A platform to create custom, private, and secure online video chat rooms for a variety of uses, including recruitment, dating, and customer support.


A student loan refinancing company that helps borrowers get out of student debt by consolidating all their loans into one. It aims to make this process as simple as possible by allowing borrowers to make payments via their credit cards.


A dating app for “extraverts”.


This startup wants to be the next generation of online dating. Their product, LoveButler, is a software that helps people find dates based on personality.


A platform that aims to help dating sites like Match.com grow their user base.


A combination of a private messaging app and a dating app, allowing users to send and receive text messages from both their phones and an app.


A startup that’s building a dating app for people over 50. The app lets users browse by interests, post photos, and build their own profiles. Money is kept separate from the app, so the founders don’t have to have people have to delete their profiles if they don’t want to date.


Blockchain-based dating platform for people who are already in relationships.


An AI that helps people review restaurants. The AI can be used for speed dating, by restaurants to review their guests’ faces, and for booking books at restaurants.


A social network where users can ask and answer questions about various topics like dating, fashion, and fitness.


A team of cyclists who want to take a different approach to a dating app.


A dating app for millennials that uses location as a major factor in the matchmaking process


This startup helps companies manage their customer service through an automated chat bot on Facebook Messenger. Its first customer is Zoosk, the dating site and app maker.


Idea: Personality-based dating app that predicts relationship compatibility It works by asking questions on a sliding scale of topics like religion, politics, sports, and more


The startup is focused on the online dating industry, which is, according to CEO Ryan Feit, “one of the most archaic industries in tech.”


A startup that helps people who are looking to buy or sell a house create a dating profile to find a match that will help them through the process


Idea: A dating app for people who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness


Idea: A startup that combines the idea of a social network with the idea of a dating app. People can follow each other and post content, but they can also chat with each other. The founders say that their users are posting content at a rate


Idea: A startup that wants to re-create the “best part of the job interview”: the speed dating side of


A dating startup for people who want to find a house or apartment to rent. It is a marketplace for renting places to live.