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Dashboard Startup Ideas

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A fintech startup that is building a platform that will let users import financial data from different platforms and create a financial dashboard that can be integrated with other platforms.


An online platform for managing B2B relationships, today the company provides a dashboard for sales and marketing teams to manage customer relationships.


A tool that helps you manage your startup’s relationships with customers (or potential customers) via a “personalized” dashboard.


A SaaS company that offers a platform for managing employee benefits. It provides a software dashboard for insurance providers to compare health plans and find the best benefits to offer without having to communicate directly with consumers.


A platform to help companies control and manage their entire supply chain. The company wants to aggregate data on every step in the supply chain, create a comprehensive map of it and manage it all from a single dashboard.


An SaaS platform for managing your own domain name and SSL certificates with one dashboard. The company says it can help anyone manage their website in five minutes.


 A productivity tool that allows anyone to create a personal dashboard of data. The startup wants to help its users track metrics across a variety of areas like energy consumption, sleep, and mood.


A digital dashboard for people to keep track of their personal and professional goals. The startup is based in San Francisco, and has just closed a $2.5 million round led by former Dropbox executive Adam D’Angelo.


A dashboard that tracks the number of open jobs and hires, highlighting the best places to find work.


A cloud service for companies to manage their hardware inventory from a central dashboard.


A platform for building dynamic and real-time dashboards with custom data, without having to build it from scratch.


A platform that pulls in all your social data and turns it into a dashboard for you to use.


A 12-step program for quitting smoking, offering coaching, and a digital dashboard to track progress.


A personal finance app that provides a dashboard to track spending, credit, and savings.


A platform that allows people to build their own online communities, which they can manage with a dashboard.


A software-as-a-service platform that helps people easily manage their credit and student loan accounts. The startup is also building a personal finance dashboard.


A self-service dashboard for companies using multiple accounting software.


Asana is building an application for managing recurring meetings in a way that makes it easy for both attendees and hosts. They’re building out a dashboard for meeting organizers that helps them schedule meetings across personas and different time zones, and alerts them when meetings are about to start or end.


A startup looking to help restaurant workers and their customers manage their time more efficiently, with a dashboard and scheduling software.


A startup that makes it easier for brands to manage their PR, social media, and content distribution in one place. The startup is building a ‘media dashboard’ that allows brands to manage all their social media and PR channels, and track their performance.


A platform that helps small businesses manage their finances by bringing together all their bank accounts and credit cards into one dashboard for employees, and for employees to request payments.


A tool to help employees track, prioritize, and keep track of their progress at work, and track their performance with a visual dashboard. The startup aims to “help make the invisible visible” by keeping track of what employees are doing, who they are doing it for, and how they are doing it.


A platform that allows companies to give employees a single, centralized dashboard to monitor their company-wide productivity as well as individual productivity.


Datalex is building a company to help companies in the UK and the US manage all of their data with a single dashboard.


An online tool for the restaurant industry that enables companies to manage inventory, control orders, and order supplies from a single dashboard.


A tool that helps you visualize your data and stay organized. They help you create graphs and dashboards to help you make sense of your data. They’ve worked with companies including NICE and Intel.


The startup is building a tool to help startups get more visibility into their customers. The startup wants to use data to build a “scalable dashboard” that allows small and medium sized businesses to see all their social media data in one place.


A startup that wants to help you manage your finances with one more simple app. The startup’s app provides an all-in-one dashboard of your money that lets you see a breakdown of your spending, sort your expenses by category, and see when you’re getting close to hitting your budget.


A startup that provides a “mobile health dashboard” that gives clinicians a way to automate their patient relationships.


A platform for enterprise app development. It lets app developers build apps on demand, with tools like user management, a marketing dashboard, a payment system, and more.


A tool that helps recruiters scale their efforts proactively, rather than reactively. The startup wants to take the headache out of recruiting, with a combination of automation, AI, and a visual recruiting dashboard.


An enterprise-grade dashboard for managing customer service. It’s for in-person contact with a customer. It will be a hybrid of a self-service solution and a dedicated service.


A startup that helps companies in Brazil manage all of their consumer credit with the help of a single dashboard.


A software startup that helps financial professionals create report dashboards for executives to make better decisions.


A web-based platform to make it easy for businesses to grow their social media presence, through tools like a social media management dashboard, a social media scheduling tool, and a social media optimization tool.


A B2B company that builds a platform for sales departments to build sales forecast models and forecast dashboards with the help of AI.


VIC is a B2B company that provides a dashboard for small businesses across the country to manage their client relationships.


The startup is building a way for companies to get a “dashboard” of their customers’ current experiences with their products.


This startup is building a dashboard for your business that helps you see and predict the best times to work and take vacations.


A tool built for building mobile apps and websites that integrates with the Wordpress dashboard, allowing users to build content and manage the site from within the Wordpress interface.


An enterprise resource planning solution for small businesses that lets them share key financial data with a single dashboard, rather than using different apps on different devices.


A parking management startup that wants to disrupt the parking industry by providing a digital dashboard for parking garages and lots.


A startup that helps women save on their families’ healthcare costs by creating a digital health dashboard of their monthly medical expenses


A platform for franchised restaurants to provide a dashboard of key performance indicators to their franchisees, which allows them to make better, more informed decisions.


A platform for managing and selling social media accounts. The company plans to make a browser extension that will place your social media feed in a dashboard for you to see, and then allow you to manage all of your social media accounts from one place. It’s expected to raise $20 million in a Series A.


A platform for building mobile applications for small businesses, with an easy-to-use dashboard. The startup is looking to compete with popular platforms like Square and Stripe.


A dashboard for enterprise organizations to better understand the impact of their products, and how to make them better. It’s a tool designed to help people understand how to build stronger products, and how to change their products to help them make more money.


A company that makes it easier to create interactive dashboards and reporting for finance teams.


Blackbox is building a user dashboard for the design and operations of data centers, taking a “security first” approach to the process.


A company that’s building a dashboard for cities to track the impact of their programs and metrics for investors. It’s looking to target dozens of cities, from Portland to Detroit.


A startup that’s building a tool to help companies manage their social media presence from a single dashboard. It currently has $12,000 in monthly recurring revenue, and charges a flat $5 monthly fee.


A dashboard for tracking Facebook ads to see what works, and what’s not working.


A platform for bringing together all the parts of an event — from venue, to catering, to security, to entertainment — into a centralized dashboard.


A startup that sells a monthly subscription for B2B companies to access a single dashboard to track and visualize all their sales data in one place.


A solution for businesses to track all their employees with a single dashboard, including social media data like likes and comments that can be filtered to show only in-house activity. The startup is aiming to make it easier to manage social media in-house.


A software that allows doctors to manage their patient’s blood glucose levels and then see the data on a single dashboard.


A startup that enables companies to easily manage their AWS accounts, with a managed dashboard that automates a ton of tasks including groups, billing, and monitoring. The company is starting to roll out to larger customers.


The company aims to build a digital platform for self-driving vehicles that will allow users to manage their vehicles through a mobile app using a dashboard-like interface.


This startup aims to make the process of hiring software engineers easier for smaller teams, and to do so by merging multiple applicant tracking tools. The startup offers a single dashboard for recruiting, applicant tracking and talent management.


A startup that helps freelancers manage their time by creating a dashboard showing how much time they have to complete a project. It helps freelancers manage their time and act on time management tips they get from their favorite books.


A platform to help you streamline and optimize the way you use your phone and its apps. It provides features like a dashboard to track your battery life, and a recommendation engine to help you get the most out of your phone’s capabilities.


A software product that helps companies streamline the procurement process by creating a digital dashboard that aggregates supplier performance data.


A startup that’s building a payroll system that relies on an online dashboard for employees and their managers to see and manage their paychecks.


This startup is building a platform that lets small businesses have a single point of entry into the finance system, with a dashboard that shows all their expenses and income.


A tool to help companies manage their IT infrastructure from a single dashboard. The startup was founded by two former Cisco employees.


A platform that helps users manage and grow their online communities with easy tools, like a data dashboard.


A subscription-based service for managing and sharing your money. The company is building a service for people who want a personalized, financial dashboard, but don’t want to pay the hefty $200 per month that a traditional financial advisor charges.


A company that enables online stores to have a “dashboard” for viewing deals and keeping track of their inventory.


This company is working on using AI and data to customize pricing for businesses. The founders say they’ve already signed up hundreds of businesses, and are looking to roll out an API and dashboard soon.


This startup is building software that helps patients manage their diabetes by giving them a visual dashboard of their glucose levels. The startup wants to help diabetics manage their condition.


A real-time data visualization platform that lets you build a dashboard to monitor a whole bunch of different metrics or events. This allows companies to monitor or forecast various metrics for their business.


The doc app is meant to work with any electronic health records system. It’s built on the idea of user-friendly dashboards, so users can see all of the data that’s relevant, in one place. HealthBlitz is currently working with the Mayo Clinic to build out a prototype. HealthBlitz says that it’s already working with nearly 3,000 healthcare providers.


Employers can access a single dashboard to track their employee’s performance. Performance is measured across different channels, including time spent at work, friend requests, and the effectiveness of their social media presence.


A mobile app to help healthcare providers with their work, with features like a “patient care dashboard” and the ability to “create custom reports”.


Made for use by beauty brands, ByNu is a $10 per month subscription service that breaks down your email marketing and social media data into a visual dashboard that shows you which of your social media posts perform the best.


A startup that wants to take a person’s health, from a doctor’s perspective, and put it in a dashboard. It’s a “free radical”, a company in San Francisco, California, that wants to change the way the world thinks about health. It has a commercial in production with a director who’s won a couple of Oscars, and a book in development.


A digital dashboard for managing property management duties and expenses.


A startup that wants to create a “social media marketing dashboard” for brands.


A platform that helps people manage their money across investments. It’s a way for people to track their investments with an iPhone app that syncs with a web dashboard.


A company that will replace existing safety tools for self-driving cars, including collision avoidance systems, with a dashboard that overlays cameras, radar, lidar, and other sensors.


A tool that helps users manage their electricity usage with a dashboard.


A platform that brings together employers and job seekers, helping both sides stay informed of opportunities and manage their careers through an online dashboard.


A startup that lets you track the health of your business using a combination of data from health insurance providers and data from other sources all integrated into one dashboard.


A dashboard to help companies manage access to their employees’ information. It’s a way to manage access from any device.


A SaaS platform that helps businesses manage their phone calls with a single dashboard that can be accessed from any device. The founders say they’ve already had over 400,000 calls a month through their platform.


Idea: A startup that’s building a portfolio management platform for cryptocurrency. It allows people to track their crypto investments on a single dashboard.


A startup that helps companies track everything they’re spending on marketing, with a dashboard for key insights.


A platform that allows businesses to manage customer service, sales, and marketing team through one dashboard, combining CRM, chat, and email functionality.


Idea: A platform for professional athletes and teams to organize their finances and manage their careers from a digital dashboard


A dashboard for your company’s email and calendar


Idea: A startup that is building a SaaS product that enables self-storage facilities to access their data in a centralized dashboard to improve operations and increase revenue


Idea: A tool to help people manage their energy consumption, with a dashboard that allows them to see which appliances are consuming the most power


Idea: A way to help people manage their personal finances and set goals. Users see how much money they have in their bank accounts, credit cards, and brokerage accounts on a single dashboard.


Idea: A tool for managing employee onboarding that combines a custom-built employee role-playing tool with an online management dashboard.


Idea: A software that answers the question, “What’s going on in my business” by building a dashboard for business owners to see the inner workings of their business.


Idea: A startup that’s built a platform for restaurants to manage online delivery orders, featuring a dashboard to help restaurants manage customer feedback and track their online orders.


Idea: A startup helping businesses in emerging markets manage inventory and orders using a mobile app and a desktop dashboard. The founders say they’ve already signed more than 50 customers in the past month (and have been accepted to Y Combinator,) and that the business has been profitable since it launched at the end of May.


A startup that helps people with their personal finances using machine learning and personalized dashboards