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Cycle Startup Ideas

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Open-source software to help companies track the life cycle of their products.


This startup wants to help companies get a better handle on their waste. It’s working on ways to monitor what they throw away, and to recycle more of it.


A company that takes your old gadgets and recycles them into new ones


This is a startup that uses a mobile app and a camera to find street-level recycled products and sell them to the public. They started with old library books and DVDs, but are now selling all sorts of things.


A platform for sharing and selling reusable office supplies to businesses. The startup focuses on 8 great office supply items that are used a lot, but don’t get recycled as often as they should. They’re currently focusing on the US, but plan to expand internationally and into business software.


Idea: A startup that picks up your garbage and recycles it for you


A device that can be attached to a bicycle seat post to help bikers and runners track their stats.


Using machine learning and AI to optimize the sales process, allowing businesses to close the loop on the sales cycle. The startup wants to make the sales process more efficient and see what works best.


An online portal for tracking and managing the life cycle of your products


A startup that helps engineers manage the full lifecycle of their software projects. It’s a B2B SaaS platform serving developers worldwide.


A startup that wants to make it easy for companies to have a way to keep track of their products’ life cycles. The plan is to sell the idea to the likes of HP, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and Volkswagen.


A social enterprise in Indonesia that sells bedsheets made of recycled plastic. The company is building a factory that can make up to 50,000 bedsheets a week.


A platform that allows teams to collaborate on their marketing and sales tasks. The platform allows teams to move through the sales cycle, from evaluating opportunities to closing. The company says it has over 1,000 customers and is on track to generate over $1.5 million in revenue in 2019.


An AI-powered assistant that helps build websites. The startup is looking to help people build high-quality websites in short cycles of time.


A company that helps online retailers “persuade” a customer to buy from them instead of their competitors. It uses algorithms to determine where the customer is in the buying cycle, and tailors a message to the customer so that they’ll click through to their website.


A medical-grade mattress that uses sensors and algorithms to track a person’s sleep cycles, and then provide feedback to help improve a person’s sleep.


This startup helps consumers identify which products are made from recycled materials.


A startup that aims to help realtors automate their sales process, using a digital agent that keeps track of the status of a property and opens real estate listings on the internet. The startup is pitching the service as a way to drive down “the average home sales cycle” from six months to two.


A platform for companies to create, manage and track software development jobs, with a free software development life cycle.


A platform that helps companies manage their product lifecycles and is currently being used by “leading global brands,” as per the founders.


A startup that does not currently exist for which you will build a minimum viable product, market it, and repeat the cycle to get to product/market fit


A platform for the sharing economy, where a person can rent out their car, boat, or bicycle.


A startup for used cars and motorcycles where buyers can find sellers in their cities and vice versa.


A way to organize and manage the various marketing campaigns that happen in a company’s life cycle, giving a bird’s eye view of the whole campaign. The startup says it’s currently serving over 100 clients.


These compostable cups are meant to help coffee shops reduce their packaging waste. They can be full of coffee or tea or soup and you can recycle them, but they don’t break down in landfills.


A company that lets you use the internet to buy and sell everything from iced coffee to air mattresses to motorcycles.


A bicycle sharing startup that's looking to build a global network of bike-sharing services. The company wants to bring bike sharing to places it's been absent thus far.


This is the startup building a more humane and effective way to recycle scrap metals.


A platform for the sale of used goods from motorcycles to cars, broken down into subcategories


A space-saving, eco-friendly, solar-powered tent that's built with bamboo and recycled plastic. It's also waterproof, and when the time comes to move, it folds up into a waterproof bag, taking up less space than a cooler while still providing a dry, protected space for outdoor camping.


A smart device that can monitor sleep cycles and ease the process of getting a better night's sleep. The startup is building out a smart device to help people sleep better.


A company making a “smart” dryer, with an internet-connected app that helps users set the temperature on their washing machine and adjust the duration of the dryer cycle.


A SaaS platform that lets businesses manage their customer lifecycle, from acquiring customers to servicing them and moving them through the purchase cycle.


This startup is building an app that tracks the weather for farmers and helps them optimize their growing cycle.


A mobile app for women who want to know how much time they spend on their menstrual cycle.


A startup that manages the billing cycle for restaurants and other service companies, with a goal of reducing the number of times customers have to reconcile with their bank account.


Dedicated to helping tech companies build more sustainable products, it’s a platform for tracking products’ carbon emissions and life cycle, and helping companies figure out what to do to reduce them.


A startup that helps women measure their menstrual cycle in a way that’s more conducive to women’s health.


A startup that wants to build a real-time streaming video platform for the news industry. It wants to help news organizations deal with the trend of short attention spans and a shortened news cycle.


A startup that helps businesses manage all their customer data and automate tasks across the customer lifecycle. The company says revenue will be generated through the use of its software, which runs on the company’s API.


A company that creates a line of high-end electric scooters for use in urban areas, no motorcycle license required.


An AI-based platform for managing and improving product lifecycles, the company wants to enable manufacturers to make their products safer and more reliable.


This startup is building a platform that allows filmmakers to work on productions that are in different stages of development, enabling them to make the most out of every moment in the cycle.


A startup that aims to improve fertility by allowing women to track medical side effects of their cycle, including ovulation.


A Bluetooth-powered bra that connects to a smartphone app to track exercise and sleep cycles.


A startup that wants to create a “virtual cycle” for getting employees, students, and governments better benefits and services through “social innovation”.


This is a wearable for women that helps them track the menstrual cycle. The company aims to create a cheaper alternative to other wearable products.


A SaaS business that helps companies build customer journey maps. It’s a tool that helps companies track where their customers are at in their lifecycle.


The startup is building a full-stack platform to help companies manage their own internal customer service, essentially taking the customer service team out of the sales cycle.


A startup that helps people share their bicycles in the hope of getting them fixed, or sold.


A startup that’s helping companies monitor and track their warehouse operations. The startup helps companies with its automated warehouse management software, which helps companies track shipments, identify problems, and cycle shipments more quickly.


There are two ways to get around the city. The first is the conventional private vehicle. The second is a bicycle. EcoBike wants to connect users to their bicycles via apps, and provide a software platform to allow the bikes to talk to each other.


A multi-location physical store that sells items like bicycles, fitness equipment, and outdoor gear. The company has $2 million in revenue and 20 employees, and is based in New York and LA.


A tool for sales reps to get started with cold emailing and the sales cycle.


A startup that’s building a toolset to help companies build a customer lifecycle. By tracking things like a customer’s first interaction with the brand, their engagement, and their final purchase, a company can better track how their customer is used across the brand’s products and services.


A company that makes a tool to help companies get their payroll done faster. The platform is based on the idea of a traditional monthly payroll cycle, but instead of hiring a payroll company to handle things, companies can outsource it to a company like Payroll Master, which runs the payroll for them for a monthly fee.


A platform to help women in the US manage their menstrual cycles more efficiently


A company that creates a single platform to manage the entire sales, marketing, and customer support cycle for a product. Zolli currently has a pilot for a new product launch agency.


This healthcare startup wants to help employees avoid the cycle of health insurance premiums and high deductibles. They send a monthly debit card to employees, and can be customized to cover a certain amount of money per month for a certain service, ranging from life insurance to primary care to dental. They’re profitable and growing in the San Francisco Bay Area.


This startup is building a tool that lets cities and companies tag where their waste goes, so that it can be recycled more efficiently.


A startup that sells a plan integrating engineering teams with the design team, managing the product and its entire life cycle, and automating many processes.


The startup wants to help retailers better track and track their products' lifecycles, and increase the shelf life of goods.


A software company that helps B2B accountants manage the entire end-to-end accounting cycle. It currently has contracts with three companies and is looking for more.


Idea: An e-commerce site that sells recycled products, such as old books, smartphones, and art


Idea: A platform for custom-welded bicycles The startup was founded in September and has $15M in pre-orders for its debut bike: the Pista Track


Idea: A platform for managing shared bicycles. Currently, there is no incentive for people to pick up bikes. The company wants to help companies manage their fleet of shared bikes.


A startup that sells toilet paper made out of recycled paper