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Customize Startup Ideas

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An AI-based chatbot that helps you with your fitness goals. The bot offers customized workouts based on your goals, goals, and history.


A platform that lets people customize and sell their own tickets to events, with the potential to give artists more control over their work.


A startup that helps people create customized holiday gifts for their loved ones


Food delivery with the option to customize your order


A company that wants to help companies customize payment plans for their employees


A startup that allows users to create and control their own online profiles, with the ability to customize their LinkedIn and email using a drag-and-drop interface.


A way for the user to design and customize his or her own Lego creation.


A customized AI-powered chatbot that helps you optimize your online dating experience.


A chat-based budgeting tool that lets users instantly customize their budgets in real-time


A startup that sells phone cases where the back of the case can be customized to show a picture of your child


Deliveroo is a food delivery service that allows restaurants to use their app to take orders for their customers, with the option to customize the meal or package it for individual delivery. It already has 2.4 million users within the UK and a service that is growing more than 100% year-over-year.


A hospitality company that provides standardized guest rooms in a hotel, either customized to the needs of a customer or a group of customers.


A platform for building 3D objects where you can customize them to get the exact look you want.


A company that makes customized, local, dog treat recipes. The startup is making a recipe book for pet owners.


A platform for small to medium size business owners to create a customized email marketing campaign that can be send to their customers.


Allows teachers to create lesson plans for their students, and customize them to their unique needs. The founders are hoping to recruit teachers to be the company’s first customers.


A $1 billion startup that sells customized health insurance plans for startups and entrepreneurs.


A software company that offers a software-as-a-service product that combines a CRM and enterprise resource planning system. The company works with clients to create customized software packages.


A startup that is launching a new kind of retail store It allows customers to customize the fit of


A startup creating a platform for the creation of customized, AI-powered marketing mailers


A team at the Harvard Business School is building a tool that can automatically tell the difference between the various types of ads you’re seeing on the web, and craft personalized, customized ads based on that data.


A San Francisco-based startup that wants to help you build your own customized products, from custom business cards to custom furniture. The startup is building a catalog of products, and shipping internationally.


A company that is building a business on a platform that allows people to create their own customized set of emojis.


The startup wants to make it easier for people to customize their dog’s collar, so that they’ll show up on your phone, with special notifications, etc.


A platform that enables users to customize their phones with accessories like stands and cases.


A venture-backed startup that builds customized video games for e-commerce, boutiques and retail.


A digital incense burner that allows instant customized incense creations, with options to purchase pre-made incense packs.


A platform for helping people build and sell customized products. They’re currently focused on building a platform for small businesses to access to the manufacturing supply chain.


A startup that lets users select a theme for their home. It’s a web-based app that lets users customize their home’s look and layout via a user-controlled interface.


An API that gives developers access to a database of all the restaurants in a given area, with frequent check-ins and comments, and the ability to customize the menu.


The app allows you to identify and customize the songs you hear in stores.


A real estate startup that’s building software and hardware to provide renters with a customized lease agreement that’s “as easy as sending a text message”. The startup is building a suite of software to provide leases and automated service agreements.


A tool to help companies build and manage training programs. The startup wants to compete with other SaaS solutions by giving companies the ability to customize their programs.


A tool for businesses to create a customized API for their website. It’s like writing a custom XML feed for a site, but with an API.


A platform for customers to customize the fit and feel of their clothing, the startup was founded in October of 2018 and has an iOS app that launched in November of 2018


Inseego is building a tool to help people build and customize their own online shop, a platform to help builders show off their work. The company is working with several builders and has built a custom shop on Shopify for a client.


A company that powers the chat experience in messaging apps. It allows users to completely customize the appearance and behavior of their chats, especially with respect to things like changing background colors and fonts.


A B2B company that helps companies create customized schedules, invoices, and proposals.


An online insurance platform that helps people customize their coverage based on their health needs and desired cost.


A startup that aims to integrate payments into customized retail experiences. The startup helps retailers connect with shoppers, and it’s already in a few pilot programs.


A tool for managing the data on a small to medium sized business. It’s a white label product that is available to be customized by either a third party or a business owner.


A startup that’s developing a software platform that lets retailers design and sell customized products, like clothes and accessories, and then sell them via social media marketing.


This startup is building a platform for brands and agencies to build and customize mobile games with the goal of making it easier for brands to leverage the power of mobile.


A “SingTel Moments” app that lets groups of people share photos, videos and text and then customize the product with different filters.


A startup for flowers that lets customers customize bouquets. The company is trying to eliminate the need for in-store shopping.


A way for team leaders to keep track of the progress of their team with simple checklists. The app is a free to share checklist and the team can customize the checklist with be customizable.


A startup that’s built an online platform for booking training sessions. The company wants to help companies get more customized training for their employees.


A group of startups that wants to build a more flexible alternative to the more common SaaS model. The startups want to build tools that let people customize their solutions into “custom apps” that can be sold to customers directly.


A startup that wants to build a streamlined enterprise mobile application. Its platform lets businesses choose from pre-built mobile apps or customize them from scratch. It’s built on the Salesforce Chatter API and is targeting the C-Suite.


An online marketplace for customized makers’ goods. It’s also a marketplace for more traditional products, like fuel.


This is a software platform for building customized software. The startup claims to have more than 1,000 clients worldwide, including HP, AT&T, Nest, and Dreamworks.


A company that allows people to create customized “banking services” for themselves, from getting their paychecks directly deposited to arranging overdraft protection or making payments online.


This startup is building a platform to help users build their own phone cases. Its mobile app lets customers customize the case, and a 3D printer can then print it out.


A platform that helps you build and save customized travel itineraries for your next trip, and then allows you to share them with your friends to help them get a head start on planning.


A standalone browser that integrates with the Slack team chat app. It allows users to create polls, polls that can be used in other Slack channels, and even polls that can be customized to display a specific emoji when they’re answered.


This company is working on using AI and data to customize pricing for businesses. The founders say they’ve already signed up hundreds of businesses, and are looking to roll out an API and dashboard soon.


A platform that helps businesses create customized shopping lists. It’s free for early users, with a premium option available.


The startup is building a service that helps companies like consumer goods companies like L’Oreal, Unilever and Nestle create products that can be customized for local tastes. The startup works with companies to create their own version of the company’s product that is customized for the consumer by taking it to market.


A more personal way to pay back student loans. The startup helps students manage their debt by putting on an income-based repayment plan. It’s a platform for students to create a customized plan and manage their debt.


A tool for creating ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It allows you to create an ad from scratch and customize it.


A web service that uses machine learning to find sales and discounts around you. Users can build customized lists of products to save money on, and the service sends them notifications when they’re on sale.


A startup that lets you build a customized daily workflow to automate tasks on any platform.


A startup that allows for a smarter way to select or customize an outfit for a formal event.


Builds a platform that allows companies to create and sell customized virtual reality experiences to consumers.


A platform that provides a white label 'platform for mobile apps' which can be built up by businesses and customized for their needs.


A startup that provides a platform for building customized wellness programs for employees.


A platform that allows users to customize the color of their sleep masks with a wide range of colors, patterns, and even images.


The company’s idea is to create a service that helps re-integrate people with mental illnesses into the workforce. The app employs standard HR practices, but is customized for people with mental illness, offering support in the form of a personal guide for each person.


In a blog post, the company announced a new product called “Individual Plans”, which allow you to customize your coverage and how much risk you’re willing to take.


Customized content creation and curation for brands, with a focus on video and on-demand content. Its tools include a library of pre-made videos, on-demand content library, and a set of tools to create and share your own custom videos.


Idea: A machine-learning service that helps companies build products that are customized for their users. The company says it’s built for high-touch, high-volume businesses like ticketing, travel, and e-commerce.