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by @levelsio

Customizable Startup Ideas

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A highly customizable online resume builder that sorts out what information is relevant.


A company that makes a customizable app to help employees manage their personal finances, with tools like a budgeting planner and a personal finance tracker.


A startup that sells laser-cut, customizable paper for planners, journals, planners, notebooks, and more


A small, customizable device which records and analyzes what you do and how you move to help exercise optimally.


The startup behind Pachube has expanded into the market for connected devices that allow users to collect and share data. The company has launched two other products since the acquisition: the Pachube Watch, which is a customizable wristband that can be paired with smart devices to collect fitness data and share data with other devices, and the Pachube Photo, which is a way for users to capture and share their photos with other users.


A platform that uses machine learning to create customizable Google authentication for access to services, using the logins of all your Google accounts.


A digital personal assistant app that helps users build a list of people and things they want to do. The startup wants to use the platform to build customizable travel itineraries.


This startup wants to build a customizable, flexible, and affordable credit score.


This company is building an app called “MyBeds” for homeowners to create a “bespoke bedroom” for their home. The app lets you create a “dream room” from a set of customizable, curated items.


A startup that sells a “customizable, open-source video doorbell”.


A startup that builds a new kind of chair, with the goal of being the first chair in the world to help with back pain and to be completely customizable.


A tool that builds customizable online guides for listing services like Airbnb and Etsy.


A line of 4-foot tall furniture made of wood that uses a patented process to create a wooden frame that is filled with foam and then wrapped in fabric. The product is meant to be customizable and customizable.


A way for team leaders to keep track of the progress of their team with simple checklists. The app is a free to share checklist and the team can customize the checklist with be customizable.


Music-streaming service for small independent bands and musicians. The startup is looking to be a competitor to sites like Pandora, but with a more customizable sound. It’s currently in beta.


A company that helps users make the most of their commercial parking spaces with a customizable experience that includes payment and, uniquely, a concierge-like experience for their visitors.


A customizable, female-friendly skincare brand that uses AI to make products that are good for the skin.


A company that builds a software-as-a-service platform that helps people manage their wealth.They provide a way to create a savings plan that’s customizable based on the user’s specific needs. They also provide a digital portfolio that allows people to manage all of their financial accounts in one place.


A tool for building custom, customizable, 3D models of things.


A startup where users can create and sell customizable AR apps. The startup is currently working with partners in the Middle East to help them get started.


A tool for creating customizable branded email templates, with themes and templates for emails for all sorts of businesses.


A software company that wants to build a “one-stop shop for out-of-the-box, customizable content”. The startup wants to make it easy for brands to create and distribute custom content.


A company that makes customizable “smart” athletic apparel.


This company wants to power the next generation of music distribution, allowing artists to sell directly to fans through a customizable iOS app.


This app lets users create customizable timelines for their future, with the goal of helping people make decisions about careers, relationships, health, and life.


A tool for users to create and manage unique, customizable, animated GIFs by picking from a set of templates. The GIFs are then published to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Idea: A customizable, machine learning-driven planning engine for autonomous vehicles


Idea: A customizable webmail service, which aims to be a ‘safer’ alternative to Gmail. The startup has seen over $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue since launching in April 2019.