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by @levelsio

Crowdsourced Startup Ideas

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A crowdsourced platform for companies and individuals to network and find leads.


In-person job recruitment turned into a crowdsourced game.


A crowdsourced employee handbook for startups in India.


A crowdsourced translation app that lets you leave a comment to help an Italian native translate an English text into Italian.


A startup that provides a crowdsourced network of reviewers to deliver criticism and praise about neighborhood businesses Customers rate the businesses, and the app gives them a network of reviewers to consider


A mobile app that uses crowdsourced data and AI to improve real-time messaging on messaging apps. The startup has raised $6M in funding to date.


A “crowdsourced recommendation engine” that uses a model built on Yelp and other reviews to help people find apps and services that they might not necessarily know about.


Helping small businesses create community-based, crowdsourced events that benefit all the attendees.


A company that offers “crowdsourced data” for “successful” products, like the iPad


A crowdsourced research platform focused on helping companies understand their customers.


A platform that enables customers to rate and review their favorite stores. The startup uses a crowdsourced model to encourage customer feedback and use it to guide the company’s product development.


A platform that helps business owners directly monetize their digital content. They’re using a crowdsourced model of community management to build the best content curation platform.


A crowdsourced shopping website for Indian customers.


A cloud-based platform for crowdsourcing and crowdsourced marketing. The startup is looking to scale by acquiring other startup marketing firms.


A startup that collects data on your phone and then turns it into a map of crowdsourced traffic conditions along major roads and highways.


A “crowdsourced business intelligence platform”. The startup wants to help businesses predict and manage their growth. It launched in May with 1000 customers.


An API for crowdsourced product reviews, allowing brands to run their own polls and aggregate the data.


A startup that connects shoppers with crowdsourced personal shoppers. It has been acquired by Groupon.


A platform that helps people buy and sell single family homes. Currently focused on the UK. The company is using a combination of software and crowdsourced data to help buyers make smarter decisions.


A crowdsourced platform for mail-order brides that lets them communicate with potential suitors.


A crowdsourced design tool that uses user feedback to iterate on the design of a product.


Idea: Use crowdsourced data to build a universal language translation app for developers


Idea: Crowdsourced AI to predict drone flight paths