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Crowdfunding Startup Ideas

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A startup that’s building a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs. The company is working with the Stars Foundation, which helps invest in startups in developing countries, to create an online platform to help entrepreneurs raise funds.


A crowdfunding platform specifically for beginner producers and small businesses.


A tool to help non-profits raise money with an online crowdfunding campaign


A platform that brings the benefits of crowdfunding to the traditional credit card industry.


A startup that provides software for people who want to create crowdfunding campaigns for their own startup


A platform for organizations, including universities and non-profits, to raise money through crowdfunding.


A crowdfunding platform that aims to help startups get their products to market.


A startup that’s bringing equity crowdfunding to the US.


A crowdfunding platform for artists and musicians looking to live off their art after record sales dry up.


A platform that lets people raise money for crowdfunding campaigns via their mobile phones.


A clean water startup that wants to help rural areas access their own clean water. The startup currently has a beta version of their product in the Amazon rain forest and plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for their water technology in 2021.


A startup that offers a platform for building micro-communities online. The company wants to bring the community dynamic of crowdfunding to communities in which people have a shared interest.


A way to sell products with limited supply through Kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites.


A platform that helps writer’s sell their work, producing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.


The company is interested in building a new type of crowdfunding platform for businesses and non-profits.


A startup that makes it easier to get funding from community sources, such as crowdfunding sites.


A new startup that aims to fund, develop and launch new startups through a crowdfunding platform.


A tool that enables anyone to set up a crowdfunding campaign for their startup or product.


A crowdfunding website with a different twist. Currently popular in the UK, the platform allows users to use online loans for funding instead of just credit cards.


A startup formed by former partners of the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.


A startup for running crowdfunding campaigns, granting donors access to exclusive perks and early access to the product.


A crowdfunding platform for healthcare startups. The company is pitching an app that helps prompt patients to schedule appointments and get lab results.


A startup that wants to make it easier for companies to launch crowdfunding campaigns, with tools like interactive video and a toolkit that helps people run their campaigns.


A new startup that wants to create a platform for the sharing of knowledge, data, and expertise in the global marketplace. The startup is also planning a crowdfunding campaign to help build out their platform.


A crowdfunding platform for cities and countries that want to fund infrastructure like clean water, sewer, and roads.


A crowdfunding platform for groceries, with a twist. The startup has built a technology that allows customers to scan the barcode of a product and order it for pickup at a grocery store, then pay via the platform.


The equity crowdfunding platform for startups, which is working on a financial services platform for small businesses.


A community-based crowdfunding platform for artists


A startup that launched in 2009, The Ophelia Project is the original "crowdfunding for women" platform, meaning it enables female entrepreneurs to raise money from female investors. It has raised $133 million since its inception.


A platform that helps with the creation of products, such as through crowdfunding.


A platform that makes it quick and easy for anyone to start a crowdfunding campaign.


They’re building an app for crowdfunding microloans to SMEs in India.


A crowdfunding platform for retired athletes, the startup wants to help people who want to give back to the community while providing innovative ways for athletes to get funding.


A “one stop shop” for startups that want to add a crowdfunding component to their business


A software company that makes it easier for crowdfunding campaigns to get verified by the SEC.


A crowdfunding platform that allows app developers to get funding from users.


A crowdfunding platform for people who have been denied loans from banks.


A platform that connects people with big dreams with the capital to make them come true. It’s an investment platform, and a crowdfunding site at the same time.


An online platform that helps small businesses create and launch crowdfunding campaigns, and do it in one place.


 A SaaS company that connects crowdfunding and equity investors.


This company wants to make it easier for companies to get funding by letting them create a crowdfunding campaign with a single click. As of now, it’s only available in the US.


A tool for crowdfunding on the blockchain, where the funds are held in a wallet, instead of a bank or payment processor, and can be transferred to multiple investors.


A crowdfunding app that helps raise money for popular movies.


Idea: Node is building a microwave that can connect to a smartphone and cook food It's crowdfunding the device on Kickstarter and claims that it can cook a frozen pizza in 2 minutes