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Creative Startup Ideas

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A tool to make it easier for small businesses to find creative professionals in their neighborhood.


A tool for sharing your portfolio of creative work with the world


A startup that is a search engine for the world's best creative work.


A platform for creative people to collaborate, post, and publish designs, images, and video.


A startup that helps creative teams work together on building their ideas.


A startup that is building a platform to help brands create branded merchandise with the help of creatives.


Mainly a podcast company with a new focus on music and creative content.


This startup wants to provide users with a platform to create personalized content across different platforms. The company describes it as a Snapchat for creative expressions.


A company that’s exploring augmented reality for the creative industries, by allowing artists to create art using a simple 3D app.


A startup for a variety of creative professionals, including photographers, graphic designers, videographers, animators, and other creative types.


A content management system built on a social media platform, designed for agencies, PR professionals and creative entrepreneurs


A digital platform that provides what its founders call a “dynamic ‘recipe’—a step-by-step process that guides users through every step of the creative process from start to finish.”


A startup that serves as the “Netflix for creative work” for businesses, featuring music and video as well as online-only courses.


A startup that is developing a platform that helps creative agencies, brands and agencies capture and broadcast videos with social media. The idea is to help brands showcase their work and have the material distributed through a variety of channels.


A platform for creative agencies to aggregate and manage data on their clients, and for the clients to see how their creative is doing.


“A platform that allows artists to share their work, collaborate, and invite fans to join them in the creative process.”


A way to let people crowdsource their ideas (like Kickstarter) from the comfort of their home, where they can focus on the creative process without having to deal with logistics.


A podcast network with a focus on “unscripted” storytelling, by people who are not professional journalists. It’s designed to free creative people from the pressure of telling stories they’ve been told to tell.


A platform that answers the question of how to ensure that your employees can always access the files and tools that they need to be creative and productive.


A company that aims to be a “creative marketplace” for artists to sell their work.


A collaborative digital design tool for creative entrepreneurs.


A company that helps online businesses with online marketing by targeting their customers with specific video ads and other creative content


 A social network for creatives and photographers, where users can discover, follow, and search for work by the same criteria.


A tool to help creatives manage their store from anywhere using an app or website.


A platform to make it easier for creative professionals to collaborate with clients. Both parties can share and comment on the project, and get feedback/input from others in the community.


A technology company that takes photo and video content, and makes it into a product that can be resold as an image or video stock. They’re also developing a platform to enable photo and video creatives to get paid for their work


A platform for automating the creation of creative briefs and campaigns.


A startup trying to make the creation of a new app as simple as asking a friend to help you. The idea is that creative people will be more likely to give their own time free to help others who may need it, and the startup hopes to eventually help with getting new users on their apps.


A software company that helps creative teams work faster by way of music and sound design.


This is a startup that wants to help people find creative ways to pay their bills.


An exclusive networking event for digital creatives.


A tool for designers to get more out of their creative process, by letting them “mix, match, and remix” colors and patterns in their Photoshop library in order to create new looks.


This startup is building a professional marketplace for graphic designers and other creative professionals


A platform for artists and creatives to sell their products, using a very similar model to Etsy. Artist can make money by selling physical or digital products of their original artwork.


A social network for people working in the creative industries.


A startup that aims to make it easier for marketers to get their wares in front of creative people, and for creative people to get paid for their work.


Drawing on the insights from the most-read articles on Medium, this startup is building a toolset that lets writers and other creatives see who’s reading their work and how.


An API for the U.K.’s government’s Open Data platform, which is released under a Creative Commons license. It allows users to interface with the data in a variety of ways, including filtering by utility.


This startup is building an app that helps creative professionals manage their network, including connecting them with designers and engineers.


This startup is looking to help creative agencies manage the growing number of creative teams, with a service that helps clients manage their work flow, manage their expenses, and manage their teams, all in one place.


A online marketplace for graphic designers and freelancers offering creative services and access to a community of experts.


A new startup that builds tools for freelancers in the creative and tech industries to help them get paid faster.


A technology company that helps to keep track of the creative process for artisans.


A platform for advertisers to creatively display ads to users based on their interests.


A platform for the creative community to share their work and have others critique it.


An online marketplace for creative professionals. The company focuses on product photography, videography, and design.


A digital marketing startup that wants to help creatives build brand


This startup is building a platform that allows creative teams to manage and share ideas, manage workflow, and collaborate.


A way for artists and creative types to share and sell their work using a blockchain-based platform.


A platform for helping creative teams organize and track their work.


A startup that aims to create an app that lets people create, share, and curate content, with the goal of making the creative world more accessible.


A startup for creative services that allows for a more efficient use of a person’s time, billing for services performed by the time they’re completed.


A startup that’s building a “book-making app” for creatives and writers, with a focus on lifestyle and self-improvement.


A library of community and networking events for professionals in the creative and technology industries, including conference and meetup planning, networking and events


A startup founded by several ex-Adobe employees to develop a creative suite for mobile and tablet devices. It has raised $26 million in funding.


A group of professional marketers and designers with a background in creative agencies and marketing startups.


A payroll system for freelance workers, primarily in the creative industry. The startup is a bit like a freelance equivalent to a temp agency, but it’s helping freelancers avoid the large fees that the average temp agency charges.


"We just let people be creative, and it's worked out so well." The company has partnered with the DoD to create geospatial maps for military personnel.


A startup for creative workers, including photographers, videographers, and designers. It’s a bit like Upwork but without the middle man — and is looking to expand nationally.


A startup-based system to create, share, and discover content, letting people license their creations for commercial use. Based on the use of the open-source Creative Commons licenses.


Idea: A startup for the creative community to buy and sell design content from the world’s best designers


A startup for freelance designers. The startup has plans to expand to include a wider variety of creative services including programming, video and audio production and web design.