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Creation Startup Ideas

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A video creation tool for real estate agents, meant to allow agents to “film, edit and upload videos in minutes”.


A tool that helps people collaborate and streamline the creation of digital content.


A startup focused on the creation of multiplayer games on mobile and web, building on the success of multiplayer games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.


A platform for the creation of community-driven training videos.


A partnership that facilitates the creation of credit scoring software.


A way for the user to design and customize his or her own Lego creation.


A startup that automates creation of video tutorials using machine learning.


A blockchain-based protocol that allows the exchange of medical data, and allows for the creation of a "decentralized healthcare marketplace".


A content creation platform for retailers. The startup wants to give retailers a better workflow for creating and managing content, and to give them tools to manage their content on the site, like promotions, offers, and reviews.


Online content creation and distribution company that has helped over 250,000 artists and entrepreneurs connect with brands like Nike, Dell, Mercedez-Benz, and Amazon.


A messaging app focused on messaging and group creation.


A project management and collaboration platform for teams organized around the creation of online content.


A startup helping small businesses create their own, more profitable, online marketing campaigns. The company helps small businesses with organic content creation, on-page SEO, and paid advertising. It’s currently looking for top-level talent.


A company that wants to fund and manage the creation of new content in the form of online videos or podcasts. It is backed by former CNN president Jonathan Klein and has raised $7 million from investors and is already active in several markets, including the UK.


A startup creating a platform for the creation of customized, AI-powered marketing mailers


A platform for music-lovers to share their musical creations


It’s a video creation app that allows users to create, share, and monetize videos.


An API for the creation of short videos to be distributed across social media platforms.


A company that helps businesses start their own blog, with tools for handling content creation, editing, and publishing, including a content management system.


A digital incense burner that allows instant customized incense creations, with options to purchase pre-made incense packs.


A platform for automating the creation of creative briefs and campaigns.


A startup that provides a platform for the creation of high-end products that helps you collaborate with other artists to create custom products.


A tool for creating quick videos, working as a companion to other video creation tools. It’s been used by over 1,000 brands, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Taylor Swift, and Anthony Bourdain.


An AI tool that helps teams design their next product. The startup’s first product is the “customer journey” creation tool. It aims to speed up the product design process by automating the creation of user journeys.


A startup trying to make the creation of a new app as simple as asking a friend to help you. The idea is that creative people will be more likely to give their own time free to help others who may need it, and the startup hopes to eventually help with getting new users on their apps.


This startup is building a tool that helps small businesses create and manage their own marketing campaigns. It’s called “marketing automation” and helps businesses automate the creation of emails, landing pages, and other marketing materials.


This networking platform enables real-time communication, collaboration and creation of new products.


A software company that works with small businesses to help them automate the creation of their websites based on their business needs.


A startup that aims to simplify the creation of email marketing campaigns. A typical campaign might include dozens of email addresses, personalization, and a list of recipients. The startup empowers marketers to create a single email campaign, and include as many personalized variables as they want.


A startup that supports the creation of virtual reality apps.


A tool that is meant to simplify content creation and take it to the next level.


A platform that allows people to track their spending habits and budget. It also allows for easy creation of budgets and goal tracking.


A content creation platform for companies looking to build branded content. The company has already built out a product with a few clients.


is a software platform that offers professional services that help SMEs. The company helps companies use software to automate processes like invoicing, proposal creation, and accounting and to attract and retain customers.


A tool for managing and tracking expenses for small businesses. The app facilitates the creation of invoices, expense reports, and other business forms.


A platform that helps with the creation of products, such as through crowdfunding.


A “SaaS-based accounting and finance tool for SMBs”. The company offers integrated accounting, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, bank account linking, invoice creation, and expense tracking through its cloud product.


The company’s vision is to make the process of creating a video game “as simple as making a PowerPoint presentation”. It wants to make video game creation accessible to non-programmers, and today’s software for that is too difficult to use.


This startup is trying to make content creation a more accessible experience for anyone.


A platform that helps collaborate with content creators and video editors so the team can focus on the video editing, rather than the content creation.


An API that allows for the creation of smart homes, with data on energy consumption, temperature, and light.


Idea: This startup is building a content-creation platform for podcasts Users can record a podcast right from their web browser, and the startup’s AI will do the rest The company is currently working on a feature that will let users easily subscribe to podcasts by just typing in their email address — much like the way that users can subscribe to YouTube channels by just entering their email address


A startup that helps companies that need help with their hiring process, including resume creation, interviewing, and HR processes.


The Specialized Technology Fund (STF) is a $25 million venture fund hosted by the University of California, Berkeley, where it was founded in 2011. The fund is meant to facilitate the creation of new technologies that can improve the lives of people in developing countries. It is the first university-backed venture fund focused on developing technologies for developing countries. The fund is run by the university's Haas School of Business.


A network of startups working together to build a new ecosystem around distributed ledger technology. The goal is to build a platform that spurs the creation of startups that can power an ecosystem built around blockchain.


An online platform that allows for the creation and development of bespoke, custom language translations


Building a video platform for small businesses, allowing them to make videos and upload them to YouTube and Facebook. The startup has deals with such companies as CafePress and Personal Creations.


Customized content creation and curation for brands, with a focus on video and on-demand content. Its tools include a library of pre-made videos, on-demand content library, and a set of tools to create and share your own custom videos.


This startup is building a platform that supports the creation of “lifestyle podcasts” by giving creators a way to get their own podcasts up and running in just a few hours.


A startup-based system to create, share, and discover content, letting people license their creations for commercial use. Based on the use of the open-source Creative Commons licenses.


Idea: A startup that wants to get people off the couch and get them playing table tennis. The startup’s primary focus is on what they call “casual players” — people who play recreationally, but don’t want to spend a lot of time practicing to get better. The startup offers lessons on how to play the game online, as well as in-person lessons in San Francisco.