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Corporate Startup Ideas

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A startup that makes it easier for employees to access corporate benefits like insurance, vacation, and retirement plan.


A startup that uses a combination of machine learning, chatbot technology, and artificial intelligence to provide real-time intelligence for corporate clients.


An online marketplace for teaching corporate employees to code


A company focused on corporate software for the cannabis industry. The founders say they’ve already secured $2m in funding.


Real-time prayer concierge that helps you keep track of your prayer times and schedule them into your calendar. It helps you incorporate prayer into your life and keep it on track.


A company that lets the corporate legal department take direct control of hiring, firing, and training new employees.


A patent-pending technology that allows companies to build a “firewall” between their corporate networks and the internet, to protect data from unauthorized access.


A startup that automates corporate retirement plan contributions for small businesses.


Centrify Corporate Services is a cloud-based managed services provider that helps enterprises bring their on-premises Microsoft-based services into the cloud.


A startup that helps business owners and entrepreneurs set up corporate accounts and work with their bank from anywhere.


A corporate-owned, decentralized, fair-trading platform with a ton of data and insights


The startup is looking to build a marketplace for corporate travel expenses. It’s a platform for companies to connect with people who can manage their travel arrangements, from managing flights to booking hotels.


A desktop app for managing and monitoring a corporate smartphone fleet.


A startup that helps hotels in Europe and the Middle East book rooms for corporate events with Fintech companies, using their own websites, without the need for a native reservation system.


A company that tries to get people over the old corporate fence by transforming talent management into a more human experience.


A company that works with hotels to organize conference rooms, and works with corporate clients to organize in-person meetings on the spot.


This company is building software that helps companies identify and manage their corporate gifting needs.


 A Berlin-based startup that aims to replace corporate travel with virtual reality


A startup that offers personalized workouts based on how your body moves during those activities. The startup’s first clients are in the health and fitness sector, but they hope to expand to other sectors like education or corporate wellness.


A startup that helps employees streamline their use of corporate IT resources.


A platform for tracking and understanding the health of small businesses. The platform incorporates data from disparate sources like patient feedback and third-party surveys to provide real-time insights into the health of a business.


A solution for loans that are backed by corporate stocks, allowing their holders to be traded like stocks.


A workplace chat solution that syncs your calendar and files from your desktop or mobile devices to your corporate network.


Trello is building software that makes corporate meetings easier to follow.


A company that helps companies incorporate as S-Corps. In October, the company raised $10 million in funding.


A tool for corporate recruiters to pitch job candidates to companies directly, cutting down on the time spent managing the process.


A company that helps your corporate phone number be your personal cell phone number.


The startup wants to build an in-person recruiting marketplace for corporate campuses. The company has already built an app to help visiting college students find housing.


A fintech company that is developing a platform that enables an automated corporate bond issuance.


This startup wants to be the Airbnb of the hotel industry. Its mission: to make corporate events a lot more social.


The company aims to become the “Amazon of corporate travel”. They currently have 2,000 users.


This startup wants to make it easier for people to create their own videos, with the goal of helping them share their stories with the world. The platform can be integrated into other services or used standalone, and has a number of corporate customers including the likes of Airbnb.


A startup that provides an accounting service for businesses who want to incorporate in Hong Kong


Idea: A startup that helps developers build native apps for their companies It provides a development framework that can be incorporated into other software


Idea: A tool for managing corporate rewards programs, like corporate credit


Idea: A cybersecurity startup that’s building a tool for identifying and removing rogue access points to corporate networks.


Idea: A startup for corporate knowledge. The startup wants to help companies brand and market their internal expertise.


Idea: A startup looking to bring the concept of “swag” from concerts to corporate events — employees are given a “swag bag” of items to take home with them in lieu of a company swag bag. The startup makes money by selling the items in the swag bag.


Idea: A company that’s building a suite of products around an app that takes and edits photos of sales receipts, making it easy for companies to collect and incorporate visual data into business intelligence.


A software company that makes it easy for businesses to track their corporate and personal expenses.