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đź’ˇ Converting ads into in-game currency, which can then be used to buy items in the game


A tool that helps companies convert web traffic into revenue. It’s an example of a promising tool that will help democratize data.


A computer science startup that builds simple, cheap, and fast hardware for India’s unconnected. One product, called the Laptop Bridge, is a $35 device meant to plug into an electrical socket and convert it into a computer-like device that can run basic programs and connect to the internet, so that farmers, students, or anyone else can use it.


An AI-powered product that converts music into a format that sounds good on all of your devices.


A Chrome extension that converts your clipboard to a URL, allowing you to share it as a link.


A startup that will take any video and allow its creators to port it to any of the top 30 mobile phone manufacturers, using a digital-rights-management-free model. The company has already built an app that allows anyone to convert any video to any phone.


A startup backed by Sequoia that helps developers monetize their apps by converting them into subscription-based services for consumers.


A startup that aims to help nonprofits better track donations, gain more funding, and convert their biggest donors.


A way for companies that accept cryptocurrency to convert it into fiat currency.


A startup that converts a paper invoice into a digital one


A tool that raises money from investors from your current bank account, and then converts it into a hedge fund.


A tool for managing lengthy Google Docs doc versions, and for converting them to a Google Docs file format.


A SaaS tool that created a “human editor” that helps users write emails, convert PDFs to text, and make other edits to the text


A company that helps charities and nonprofits raise money through online platforms. The company’s current product allows organizations to create an online presence, convert and store donations, and use the data to build and optimize their online marketing campaigns.


A platform that converts digital media into physical objects, like posters or t-shirts, to increase sales.


This startup is building a financial tool that helps companies manage all of the money they spend on advertising. The startup converts all of that data into digital marketing reports and services.


A text-to-speech service for the blind that uses the Amazon Echo to convert written words to audio. WordBlind uses a technology called "on-the-fly" speech synthesis to convert text to audio that sounds like the original.


A startup that has built a platform that converts paper-based resumes into digital versions that can easily be shared via email.


A tool to help businesses convert old school paper invoices and receipts into digital ones.


A data science tool that automatically turns data into “actionable, knowledge-rich insights” about any given user, looking for insights like “which users are most likely to convert to customers, or which users spend the most money”.


A tool that converts your tax returns into a report for the government. It’s built for people who do not have access to a tax professional.


a global digital health company. The company’s platform is designed to convert health data into insights that can be used to improve health outcomes.


This startup is building a digital revolution in the world of trash. Trash2Use converts waste into useful products, and gives you the opportunity to pay for the items you use.


A tool that lets users convert any type of PDF into a markdown file for use with Notability, an iPad note-taking app.


 A mobile app that helps real estate agents find and convert properties. The startup wants to help agents increase their sales.


A tool that makes it easy to create software exports from a website into the code the developer needs. It’s like a “convert code to source” tool for web developers.


A startup that converts your expense reports into a simple, accurate, and painless monthly report that your boss will actually read.


A company that wants to automate the process of converting a crypto wallet into a standard bank account over the phone.


Transports data around the world in under a second and converts it into a visual format for users.


A wearable for the visually impaired, which uses machine learning to convert a video of the world, like a restaurant or a landscape, into an audio guide.


A project management and time tracking app that allows users to track time from multiple devices, while also converting time tracking data into a single, searchable spreadsheet.


A group of engineers building a simple way to convert between different styles of engineering drawings.


An online platform that gives users and companies tools to manage and convert their email marketing, and ultimately ROI on that email marketing.


A micro-loan company that converts energy into cash for the poorest people in the world.


This startup is building software that converts all the photos you take on your phone into a web app that can be shared with others.


A startup that claims to make it easier to convert your product ideas into real products. The company takes your idea, converts it into a product design, and then orders the parts they need to turn it into a real product.


A platform for users to buy cryptocurrencies in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Users can then convert their coins to other coins or cash out.


The software allows users to create a digital portfolio from their website, which is then used by employers to screen candidates. The startup also has a product called Jobvite that allows candidates to create a resume from their site and the company then converts it into a PDF.


A tool built on the team’s experience as a “data scientist” at a large online travel agency. The startup lets users enter a credit card number, and then the app instantly converts that into a coupon that can be applied to a hotel reservation.


A “bottom of the funnel” growth platform for B2B companies. Based in Vancouver, the platform helps businesses identify leads and convert them into paying customers.


A mobile app that allows users to convert their voice recordings into text


Idea: A startup that helps people in the US save for international travel by converting their credit card rewards into cash. The startup is focusing on helping people who are about to travel abroad in the next three months.


A startup that helps people clean up after their pets by selling an all-in-one tool that cleans up pet waste and then converts into a bag to carry it


Idea: A startup that helps businesses convert their customer service tickets to helpdesk tickets, which can be edited and


Idea: A solution for helping people buy and sell used items on Craigslist easier, converting the site into a full-on marketplace


Idea: A startup that offers live video transcription services, using a team of freelance transcribers to convert in-person events into written content.


Idea: A company that converts real estate listings into interactive videos to help people better envision what a home would look like in person.


xtractor is a platform for helping publishers convert their subscriptions into recurring revenue, which is often more profitable. xtractor’s pitch is hyperfocused on their customers’ business needs, like improving reader retention and increasing subscription and recurring revenue.


A startup that helps brick-and-mortar retail businesses grow online The company used a SaaS model for their marketing platform, which helps companies attract and convert online customers


A tool for automatically converting your app idea into a Github pages.