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A visual way to understand what your network of friends and contacts are doing, which the startup says will eventually include things like board games, sports, and other group activities.


A smartphone-based contact management app, offering a built-in phone book, calendar, and a way to manage contacts.


A startup that helps manage your personal and professional life by managing your schedule, email inbox, calendar, contacts and workplace.


 A tool to help you do a better job of selling. You can either search for people to sell to, or build a list of your own contacts. The company charges $3 per lead, $10 per contact, and $10 per sale.


A platform that helps people manage their contact lists. The startup says it’s dealing with a half-billion contacts with 70% of the world still not connected.


A startup that provides a platform for people to share their contact information so they can help each other during emergencies


A startup that provides an in-app chat function for websites, intended to replace contact forms


A two-sided marketplace for recruiting, with employers and job seekers trading feedback and contact information. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but also has offices in Los Angeles and Philly.


Bizion is a network of companies that provide more than $1 million in annual revenue. Bizion enables companies to have a single point of contact for funding (usually a bank) for their entire business, saving a lot of time and money.


This startup wants to make a better platform for finding local business in your area by combining location data from your phone and the location data of your contacts.


A mobile app for finding parking and other services near your destination, with a built-in contact list to save you time. It’s inspired by Uber’s surge pricing and lets you set your own price and availability as well.


An enterprise-grade dashboard for managing customer service. It’s for in-person contact with a customer. It will be a hybrid of a self-service solution and a dedicated service.


A platform that integrates translations into a contact form. They are also working on a social integration for translation between users.


A startup that makes it easier to manage and find all of your email contacts from a single place. It works with Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, iCloud, and Yahoo Mail.


A company that makes it easy for small businesses to get in touch with consumers. The startup is making it easier for companies to market to a large, specific group of consumers by creating a one-stop resource for companies to find and contact consumers.


A startup that helps users sync their calendars and contacts in the cloud with their phones.


A company that allows people to make “tweets” from their phone, or a software program that’ll be able to take a list of contacts and create a list of tweets to send to them.


A platform that will let you export your LinkedIn contacts to Slack.


Not just a one-click solution for saving and transferring contacts, but a true platform for managing them. It allows users to create branded groups of contacts, and then schedule calls among them. It’s ad-free, secure and can be used on both iOS and Android.


 A startup that helps companies manage their customers from a customer relations perspective. It’s a CRM for customers and employees as well as a way to manage a directory of contacts.


An email marketing service built to help small businesses, startups and freelancers grow their email lists and boost their sales. It offers a free plan for businesses with up to five contacts.


Startup that allows users to send secure messages from the popular messaging app WeChat to their friends, family, co-workers and other contacts.


A tool that enables you to create custom groups of contacts on your smartphone and send targeted messages to them.


A startup that helps companies manage their contacts more efficiently, allowing them to sync up with people they already know in different industries.


A contact management app for people who want intuitive, easy-to-use tools to manage and keep track of contacts.


A LinkedIn-like tool for securing your network of contacts.


A database of contacts and leads for real estate agents.


A startup that lets users share status updates with the press and other stakeholders. The startup wants to become a single point of contact for journalists and other stakeholders, allowing them to build relationships with journalists, send them updates, and more.


A company that provides a central point of contact for parents to reach out to teachers. It’s not a replacement for the school but rather helps parents stay in touch with the teacher.


A company that helps medical professionals and their patients stay in contact by integrating messaging and digital health features.


A tool for scheduling meetings with those who have been approved as a relevant contact


A software platform that helps companies create an online presence. It helps businesses manage their websites and online marketing campaigns while making it easier for customers to contact them.


A tool for small businesses to create and manage their own customer data (such as contact info and payment data) without having to purchase it from a data broker or risk running afoul of data licensing laws.


A startup that helps people stay in contact with their family and friends, with messaging, calling, and video calling.


A “smart” contact lens that tracks glucose levels in real time, sending alerts to users’ smartphones. It’s currently in the clinical trial phase, but the founders are working on a commercial version that will be released in 2020.


A health care startup that creates a doctor-patient relationship before a doctor is ever contacted.


A platform for managing your life with a CRM, contacts, calendar events, and tasks.


The app sends automated, human-dictated emails and text messages to your contacts to keep you updated on all the things that matter to you.


A startup that makes it easy to follow the progress of people on your contact list.


A product that provides a single point of contact for all of the different companies that an individual might work for.


A startup that provides a service where you can post your resume and will be contacted by recruiters who are interested in you


Idea: This startup is building an app that allows you to wirelessly sync your phone’s contacts with your computer.


Idea: A way to buy and sell phone numbers, with the team saying that a lot of people are talking about retiring their phone numbers because of changes in the current contact system.


Idea: A startup that connects coaches and athletes, giving athletes a way to contact coaches and coaches a way to get paid for their advice. They’re currently working with a number of teams in the Philadelphia area, including the Philadelphia 76ers.