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Construction Startup Ideas

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Vertex is building an online marketplace for the construction industry, providing a way for contractors to sell their services through a web portal.


A startup that’s building a 3D printing platform for mixed-use buildings. The tech allows for 3D printing of 3D models to be used in building construction.


A startup that connects businesses with local people to help them do things that require a lot of hands-on labor, like construction or gardening.


A startup that’s building a marketplace for the sale of unused construction equipment.


A startup that uses an app to manage the construction project of building a house


The startup is building a teaming platform focused on the education, construction, and manufacturing sectors.


A B2B Internet of Things platform for the construction industry that offers a platform for construction companies to make products that can be automated, from construction vehicles to buildings. The company is building a “smart factory” that offers a low-cost manufacturing model that can be automated, allowing construction companies to run on lean manufacturing principles.


An AI-powered solution for the construction industry. It’s a predictive maintenance platform that helps maintenance staff fix machines before they break down.


A startup that helps the construction industry build faster and more efficiently.


A startup, built for the construction industry, that helps manage suppliers’ payment terms


A company that builds flexible, adjustable shipping containers that can be used for housing, shipping, and construction.


A platform to help companies hire contractors, with a focus on the hospitality and construction industries.


A digital platform for the entire global construction supply chain. The startup is building a software platform that allows construction companies and construction service providers to manage the entire supply chain.


A web-based service that aggregates and provides access to public data about real estate, letting people search for information and data about everything from price and listing inventory, to property tax rates and construction information.


A BoxCar is an online marketplace for buying and selling used equipment and supplies, including furniture, construction equipment, industrial machinery, and vehicles.


A digital tool that helps small construction companies forecast and manage their construction budgets.


A health and safety service for construction workers


A startup that builds construction management software, allowing builders to track and keep track of project progress.


A way to help small-scale construction companies get paid faster. The company hopes to reduce the average settlement time from 25 to 5 days.


A company that helps small businesses hire painters, carpenters, and construction workers. The startup currently has 3 campaigns running in the UK.


Helping homebuyers locate the perfect home, and helping buyers work with builders to negotiate the best deals on new construction.


A platform for small-time home contractors to bid on large construction jobs. The startup is being incubated by Y Combinator. This startup takes a relatively new concept, the gig economy, and applies it to construction, which is a relatively old concept.


3D scanning of objects, with a database for maintaining 3D models. With the help of the database, the company wants to build applications for things like digital signage, construction, art, and even retail.


A platform for businesses looking to build and scale operations in India, for instance for construction and logistics.


A platform for the construction industry that helps contractors communicate and source and track materials


Idea: A desktop software platform that helps companies design and build enterprise apps. The startup’s first customer is a large construction company, and it’s currently building a SaaS product that helps developers quickly build enterprise apps.


Idea: A technology company that’s building an API to automatically match parts of a building’s structure with subcontractors. The idea is to help construction businesses better manage manpower.


Idea: A third-party application for managing the construction process of a home. It works to help management companies coordinate the flow of work on a building site, and help architect firms coordinate the flow of work on a construction site.