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Conference Startup Ideas

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A startup offers a platform for small businesses to rent private offices and conference rooms to employees who work remotely.


A startup that wants to turn every conference room into a training room, and track fitness progress for employees.


A tool to create and manage offline events, like conferences.


A startup that makes it easier for hotel guests to use their credit card on property. The company’s founders came up with the idea at a conference where the hotel they were staying at had a similar feature, and thought there was a better way to do it.


A company that helps people work remotely by building a platform that helps them easily book conference calls, connect with co-workers, and handle all the other technical details that come with working remotely.


A startup that helps companies set up a session-based video conference system that can be used on any device.


A tool for meeting and event planners to help them build their own itineraries for conferences, meetups and other events.


This digital platform is for booking conferences, events, and meetings between companies. It aims to be a “Facebook for meetups” and has already raised $1 million.


A software platform for publishing academic papers and hosting conferences, designed for scientists, researchers, and students.


A tool for helping physicians see patients via video conference from their home office.


A conference in New York City on blockchain in the energy sector.


A startup that’s building a “smart” conference room intercom system, in which conference room intercom speakers can be upgraded to allow different types of speakers, including video.


A platform to help people manage their business-related expenses and activities, such as travel, conferences, and more.


A “cool” conference that focuses on both thought leadership and new technological trends.


A video chat app that also allows group video chat rooms and video conferences, with the ability to draw and annotate on your screen.


A startup that allows people to create and host mini-conferences for up to 20 people.


"Idea 2.0 is a tool for entrepreneurs to help them learn about new technologies in the market and network together. It’s the Uber of technology conferences. The conference is in its second year and has had over 1,000 attendees and 300+ speakers from 45 countries. The conference’s format is based on the model of Airbnb, where the host gets to pick the guests. The guest list is highly curated and the speakers are handpicked by the company’s CEO. The conference has been very well received by attendees and has been named a Top 10 conference in the US in 2018.


A blockchain-based cryptocurrency for conference organizers and sponsors.


A startup that helps people find and book live conferences, and also organizes its own.


An online video platform for conference speakers to share their expertise.


A web-based calendar for professional conference attendees that allows them to arrange and plan their personal and professional schedules.


A video sharing app for events and conferences. Following a seed round, it’s been acquired by Live Nation’s Blink.


A startup that helps companies manage and track the money spent on their branded conference rooms at hotels.


An eco-friendly conference for startups, focused on innovation, sustainability and technology.


This startup offers a platform to help companies and organizations collaborate on content, from making public records to organizing conferences. Its founders describe it as a “LinkedIn for events”.


A new way to personalize a conference that helps you book a room, attend a presentation, and find a new friend.


A startup that offers one of the few ways to sell tickets to online conferences, and tickets to events in the past year, with a 2.8% take rate.


Filling the gap between the limited-access industry conferences it hosts and the online conferences that don’t have as much of a barrier to entry.


More than just a conference app, this startup promises to make it easy for attendees to look for and share information about speakers, panels, and the like.


A company that works with hotels to organize conference rooms, and works with corporate clients to organize in-person meetings on the spot.


A tool that makes it easier for people to sign up for conferences, and track what they need to do in order to attend.


A speaker that allows you set up a conference call, share a screen, and use it like a conference room.


An online tool to help employees track and control the costs of things like conference calls, or to help them split up phone bills.


 A live-streaming app for the same kinds of things that Livestream does, except for video and the focus is on live events such as concerts and conferences.


A ticketing system for events, such as conferences and sporting events


This is a startup that’s building a platform for B2B companies to manage and operate their own branded conference rooms with the help of a private operator.


A few years after launching in NY, the startup has expanded to three conference markets.


A video conference system that’s “a complete, unified communication and collaboration platform that allows companies to securely connect, share and present video, even if an individual is miles away”.


This is a video chat app that can connect users to a live video conference where they can call one another.


Another product for running virtual meetings, this time focused on the enterprise. The startup helps companies organize large-scale conference calls even though they could be anywhere in the world.


A platform for businesses to sell and share content that’s been prepared for a conference or event. The startup focuses on the event marketing, rather than sales, side of events.


A SaaS platform that helps user groups grow by empowering them to manage all of their conference or event logistics.


This is a way for people to show up at an event (like a conference) and automatically get access to the speaker’s slides and notes.


A way to make it easier for small companies to host conference calls.


A library of community and networking events for professionals in the creative and technology industries, including conference and meetup planning, networking and events


A company that wants to help corporations with payments for conferences, events, and other recurring payments.


This company lets you rent an office or conference room for a few hours or days


A startup that lets people host video conference calls in their homes. The company is building out a platform with tools to make VR meetings more accessible.


Idea: Make your next conference call more productive


Idea: A startup that helps companies deal with the paperwork around events. The company’s pitch is that there’s a lot of red tape to navigate for things like conferences, and they’re aiming to save companies time and money.