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Concierge Startup Ideas

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Groceries are a necessity for many people, but the process is often expensive and frustrating. The startup wants to simplify the process of ordering groceries and delivery by offering a concierge service and integrated ordering platform on their website.


A startup that provides a concierge service to help people who are traveling to figure out where to eat and what to do


A startup that’s looking to build a chatbot that can serve as a digital concierge for your home. The startup is already working with a few dozen home service providers to offer its AI-powered service.


A wellness concierge service for wellness and fitness enthusiasts.


A concierge service to help investors source private capital.


A travel concierge platform that serves travelers who want to visit the same places. It is designed to connect travelers with similar interests and save money by helping them make a booking at the same time.


Real-time prayer concierge that helps you keep track of your prayer times and schedule them into your calendar. It helps you incorporate prayer into your life and keep it on track.


A startup that offers a platform for digital nomads to rent out their homes in a peer-to-peer fashion. It’s in the early stages of development, but the founders say it will be “like Airbnb, but also a concierge service and protocol for renting out your home when you’re away”.


A startup to help people find and book their next hotel room. The startup is currently building a network of people that are willing to be hotel concierges.


This startup wants to use its data to help people decide where to vacation, and where to live. It’s a bit like other startup like TripAdvisor — but it’s also a concierge service that wants to help show people the best places to vacation and live.


A “high-touch customer service concierge”, providing inbound customer support and on-demand service.


PetMD is a vet-tech startup that helps pet owners with a range of services, from consulting to pet care. It has a “pet concierge” service to help owners with questions like what to feed their pets when taking them to the vet, and what food to pick up on the way home.


A personal concierge service that helps people book events


A digital concierge that helps individuals connect with and plan services for their pets.


A home services marketplace that helps users coordinate with contractors and service providers to make repairs and renovations. The startup also offers a concierge service that lets users put the app on a desk, and it works with home services companies to help them grow.


A “digital concierge” that helps users personalize their own homes. Instead of searching around for different products, users can ask their digital concierge to come up with ideas and send them to the user.


A new kind of restaurant reservation platform that works across telephone, mobile, and web. The company says it’s building a “digital concierge” that can quickly answer questions on the fly and will be available in 6 languages.


A B2B company that helps companies manage and find service providers. Like a concierge, it helps companies build a list of vendors, and then makes those vendors available to companies on demand.


• A startup that wants to sell a concierge service that helps people with their health and fitness, like a personal trainer


A startup that allows you to get access to a private concierge while you’re in a public place. The app wants to make it easier for people to get private help when they need it.


Combining the ease with which inter-city carpooling apps like UberPool and Lyft Line can be found with a new approach to making the rides more affordable, by adding a personal concierge to the ride to help with navigation, scheduling and other tasks.


A digital concierge that helps people find the best options for a variety of services, including the best hair stylist, the best car service, or the best restaurant.


Building a virtual concierge service connecting influencers with brands.


A startup that wants to take on the role of the concierge, with a live human who can help you book a ride on Uber, book a hotel, or find an event.


A personal concierge app for hiring and scheduling personal trainers. The company takes a 20% commission on all sales.


A digital concierge for shoppers in Mexico. The startup helps shoppers throughout Mexico, the US, and other countries find the best way to buy a product that’s in demand.


Thoughtful home services that provide concierge services, cleaning, and other household issues. The company has $10 million in funding from investors including Michael Moritz.


This startup is building a new brand of “personal concierge” for the rich and famous that will help them choose the right house to buy, which groundskeeper to hire, and which type of vacation to take.


A virtual concierge that offers transportation, meals, and gifts for you or your team.


A shopping service for large retailers that serves as a “digital concierge”, helping shoppers find everything they’re looking for, and ensures they get it, including delivery and returns.


A company that helps employees work remotely, and helps more companies add remote work options to their benefits. It’s a “digital concierge” with a team of 100 employees.


A remote health care provider that provides “one-stop care” for patients. They’re building a platform that connects doctors to patients and other medical professionals for appointments and referrals, and serves as a concierge for other medical services like supply and delivery.


A student travel concierge service.


A startup that’s creating a digital concierge service for everyday tasks. The company hopes to expand into household services, driving their business model with the same $1 per month fee they charge for their concierge service.


Catch a Yacht is building a service that acts as a virtual concierge for wealthy travelers — it helps them book travel and manage their money. The company’s founders are former Facebook employees.


An AI-powered “digital concierge” that helps companies manage customer interactions. The B2B startup has a client list that includes Netflix and IBM.


A startup for health care professionals offering concierge medical services, including home health care, mental health care, and the provision of medical equipment.


Idea: This startup is helping to launch a product called “Tinder for travel” where users can pick and choose flights, hotels, transport, etc. and then a concierge arranges the trip for them.


A digital concierge service that connects users directly to local service providers for personalized service.


A startup that sells tickets for exclusive events They also offer concierge services for people who want to attend but can’t afford the tickets


Idea: A “digital concierge” for restaurants The startup aims to help restaurants better serve their customers, from ordering to logistics, to takeout


A mobile app meant to serve as a sort of concierge for things like travel and activities. The startup is currently working with 1,000 tourists in Buenos Aires.


Idea: A startup that offers large companies access to an internal concierge to help with things like travel, food, and entertainment.