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Compliance Startup Ideas

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A cloud-based application that helps companies manage compliance and legal standards.


SaaS company that helps businesses with compliance and regulatory headaches like tax reporting, sales tax, employee onboarding, and more


A tool for managing and tracking data security and compliance on laptops.


This startup is building an AI-powered platform that helps people manage their relationships with their doctors. It uses machine learning to automatically scan medical records and find patterns that indicate better compliance with doctor’s orders.


A software company that helps government agencies track and report compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines.


This startup makes it easier for companies to decide if they are in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.


A startup that helps fintech companies with compliance work, enabling them to better support clients.


A SaaS platform for audits and compliance for investors.


A B2B company that helps real estate agencies and property managers automate tasks to save time, reduce errors and improve compliance.


A startup that helps businesses manage their risk and compliance exposure with regulatory reporting. The company is currently in “batch”, with plans to launch on March 1, but has already signed up 10 clients.


A technology company providing a way to help companies manage employees’ expenses and track their compliance.


A platform that helps accountants and banks collaborate on compliance, and provides a graphical view of the transaction in real-time.


A company that helps commercial real estate companies manage their data management and compliance processes.


A cloud-based service designed to help teams manage their data and ensure compliance.


A company that aims to be the standard for GDPR compliance.


A company that helps tech companies prevent and integrate compliance with GDPR


A startup that’s trying to make it easier to manage audit and compliance processes, as well as keep up with sanctions and other international affairs.


A “digital arm” inside of other companies that can help businesses deal with regulatory compliance and customer data issues, including GDPR.


A startup that connects companies with enterprise-level solutions for managing data privacy and compliance.


A company that helps companies handle a wide array of different things from HR functions to compliance.


A SaaS platform that helps companies take advantage of the new EU GDPR regulations by making compliance faster and easier. The startup has raised $1.4M.


A cloud-based security management platform that offers enterprise-grade security, compliance and governance.


Idea: A startup that provides a way to centrally manage a company’s information security and compliance in a single platform The startup says they have 15 enterprise customers paying $10,000/month each


 A software company that provides a way for companies to monitor and manage their employees’ compliance with various laws and regulations.


A software company that helps businesses in India manage their compliance with the new goods and services tax.