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by @levelsio

Complex Startup Ideas

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A business process management tool that helps companies deal with an increasingly complex global business environment.


A platform for school districts to help coordinate transportation and other services. The startup wants to help school districts, colleges, and universities navigate a complex system of transportation and other services that can be hard to keep track of.


A full mobile app, including complex Web and SMS APIs for processing payments.


A company that helps people get their taxes done on time. The startup, which is looking to launch in January, wants to eliminate audits for clients with simple returns but complex returns, and is getting help from Y Combinator.


A platform for developing mobile apps that connects clients with developers. They’re not looking to compete with big agencies, but trying to fill a gap between startups and agencies. They’re currently attracting interest from small businesses with a few employees who are looking for a way to get high-level visibility and technical support to manage the complexity of building apps.


This startup promises to bring a more human element to AI-based design. Their app takes the complexity of designing AI and makes it simple by using the color wheel to explain how a particular neural network works.


A startup that wants to be a digital platform that helps clients navigate the tax benefits of charitable donations. The startup is building an app that works with local charities and nonprofits that helps donors navigate the complexities of taxation. After its successful Kickstarter campaign, the startup raised $248,000 from angel investors.


A platform for managing the complex relationships between buyers and sellers in the modern supply chain.


An enterprise application integration (EAI) platform for managing complex API integrations.


 A tool that helps journalists make sense of complex data sets.


A platform for enterprise scale, complex transactions on the blockchain.


This company, which is now a subsidiary of software giant IBM, is trying to make enterprise software simpler for smaller organizations. They have a new product called “Navigator”, which is designed to help organizations of all sizes (from a startup with 3 people to a Fortune 100 company) navigate the complex technology stack they have today.


A tool designed to help remove the complexity of planning and managing your next vacation


A tool that lets you explore the world of retirement savings without having to read financial statements or do any complex math. As a nudge to get you started, it’s free.


A company that provides “a complex API that enables companies to identify the right type of person for a job”, based on digital data. It currently has $1.6 million in the bank.


A tool for bringing together the various employees in the supply chain of a product. The platform is meant to help manage the complexity of supply chains, which include multiple suppliers, and to keep a closer eye on the supply chain.


A new kind of “under-the-radar” startup that creates and maintains “micro-cities” for renters, like Uber for apartment complexes.


A robo-advisor that focuses on people with complex portfolio needs


This is an AI-powered service for finding the cheapest flights online. The startup currently boasts over 1 million users, and has built a complex machine learning model that it says can find you the cheapest flights.


As the problem of health data for consumers becomes more complex, the company is building a tool that can help people view and manipulate their own health data.


A startup to help people navigate the complexities of the US healthcare system.


A tool that helps your developers move from a single-page app to a more complex multi-page app.


A software-as-a-service platform that allows companies to send automated payments to contractors, freelancers and consultants. Work Hub is designed to help B2B companies with the complexity of payment processing.


Helping small businesses balance their books with simple, intuitive accounting software. It’s like Quickbooks, but with less complex features.


This startup is building a tool that breaks down the complexities of taking a picture of your receipts for tax purposes, as well as breaking down the process into a series of steps. It also aims to help you automate the process.


A startup that’s working to bring mobile-first design to the web. The company’s founder says that on desktop, responsive websites are too complex and hard to work with. On mobile, the opposite is true: sites are too simple and often hard to use. Sway is working to change that with a product that uses all the same features on mobile as it does on desktop.


A start-up focused on making it easier for individuals to invest in real estate. It wants to take away the complexity of investing in real estate and building an investment portfolio.


A financial services system for the unbanked, intended to be much cheaper and less complex than existing options. The startup is building the product for users in India and Nigeria.


A game of strategy that’s similar to the popular board game of the same name, but with all of the complex rules of video games. Players will compete to collect the most points by trading, farming, and battling each other.


A startup that helps small businesses use their phone to do basic accounting. The company is working with complex micro-payments, inventory management, order-taking, and invoicing.


A startup that aims to make it easy to order up food delivery in an apartment complex or office building. It’s like EatStreet, but with a focus on commercial buildings.


Idea: A startup that lets you buy, hold, and sell Bitcoin, without having to deal with the complexities of the cryptocurrency world


A startup that provides a platform for thinking about how to invest in startups based on complex data


Idea: A B2B company that helps companies deal with the complexity of managing multiple languages, and the translation of content.


Idea: This company is building software that helps marketers create better visual content, including more complex templates and more advanced photo editing features.