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An online platform that asks you to rate products and services before you buy them, allowing you to compare them on the same scale as Amazon or Consumer Reports.


A startup that wants to simplify the process of buying insurance, allowing people to compare prices, read reviews and buy with a few clicks online.


A platform for people to share, compare and book air travel with friend and family,


A startup for parents to easily compare the top pediatricians in their neighborhood


A SaaS company that offers a platform for managing employee benefits. It provides a software dashboard for insurance providers to compare health plans and find the best benefits to offer without having to communicate directly with consumers.


A social network for home improvement contractors to compare and rate each other’s work.


A startup where people can sell their surplus electronics. The startup has 15,000 users, compared to 7,000 for charity.com.


A tool that helps you compare credit cards and other features.


This startup is building a marketplace for health insurance plans, allowing people to search and compare plans.


A digital platform for apartment hunters to compare various apartments in a specific city.


A startup to take the guesswork out of buying tickets to events. It helps consumers find the cheapest ticket and compares deals from around the web, thus making the experience of buying tickets simple and convenient.


A digital platform to help consumers compare home loans at a low cost


A platform to help college students compare programs and prepare for graduation.


A platform for sharing home services and letting customers compare costs and quality.


A free database of all consumer credit cards, available online and allowing users to search for cards, compare them, and see where they’re used.


A company that helps people understand how their salary compares to others in their industry.


A startup that helps people get the most for their money and give them a way to compare and learn from each other


Builds a platform for businesses to share and compare information about their products, services, and employees. It has partnerships with companies like Linkedin, Mailchimp, and Stripe, allowing employees to upload their resumes, manage their accounts, and receive paychecks directly within the platform.


A platform for managing your entire spend, tracking your bills, managing your expenses across different payment systems, managing your accounts, and making it easy to compare everything against each other.


A startup that helps people understand their finances by helping them compare their spending to income, spending history, and trends. The startup wants to make people more aware of their personal finances.


A startup that allows travelers to easily access and compare the prices of flights from all major airlines in a single interface.


This startup is trying to make it easier for people to compare different shopping carts online to find the best deal, without having to explain what they’re looking for to a salesperson.


aims to aggregate all the deals and coupons for a given region or city. Users can search, compare, and subscribe to the best deals in their area, then get updates on new deals, or even unsubscribe.


A startup that builds tools for businesses that can track and compare sales leads and email campaigns.


This startup helps students compare a college’s financial aid package to other colleges.


A startup that helps you find the cheapest places to go in the US (60,000 restaurants, 2,500 hotels, and 2,500 attractions) and then helps you price-compare them. The startup is profitable and has 75,000 users, and is profitable again after a $2 million round in late 2019.


A platform that helps people find apartments and buy houses, allowing them to compare prices, amenities, and neighborhood reviews.


This is an app that helps consumers find an apartment for rent by allowing them to search and compare all listings in San Francisco and beyond.


A B2B company that helps companies compare artificial intelligence and machine learning data.


People are still not taking advantage of the benefits of peer to peer lending in the US, so Peervest is trying to change that through a marketplace that compares the best rates at peer to peer lenders in the US to traditional bank rates.


A travel booking app to compare prices and book flights to various destinations.


A product that helps customers compare different financial products to understand which is best for them.


A startup that focuses on helping companies compare rental car prices based on their specific needs, and then makes the process as painless as possible.


A startup that compares the costs of different lenders, which is what launched a year ago. The company aims to be a one-stop shop for people looking for loans, saving them time and money.


A new platform that allows big companies to help their employees get better at sales by offering real-time feedback on their pitches, and to see how they compare to others who are similar in their industry.


The startup is building a tool for companies to search for, compare, and purchase jobs that are close to them.


A startup that offers a tool for consumers to use to shop for and compare real-world products. The startup says it is the only shopping service that allows users to buy online-only products, while also allowing customers to see products in person and try them for free.


A startup that makes it easier to hire freelance workers through a platform that allows managers to post jobs, and then compare candidates based on credentials, previous work, and social recommendations.


A platform for businesses to aggregate and simplify their data, and for customers to find and compare services.


A fintech startup in the Philadelphia area that has a platform that lets users compare loans to see the best deal


A platform for lending and borrowing money with a goal of reaching 1 million borrowers. Users will be able to search for and compare loans online.


A startup that helps you find out exactly how much your home is worth. It’s a handy way to compare properties in your area.


A way to help people make better decisions in healthcare, by making it possible to compare the cost and effectiveness of different treatments.


B2B companies are more likely to use YC-backed startups as employees, as compared to one where the founders are located in the Bay Area.


A platform that allows people to see how their city compares to others in terms of access to safe drinking water and sanitation. It’s currently in beta and launching in San Francisco.


A platform that helps people find the best energy deals, and helps them compare energy prices in their area.


A startup that helps parents compare health care and childcare providers.


A startup that provides all-in-one software for shoppers who want to compare prices on goods. It’s an Amazon-style price-comparison engine, but with a focus on regional stores and local prices.


 A startup that compares and recommends providers of childcare, school, and daycare based on the cost, quality, and convenience of the care. Looks like a better version of Nannybook.


A startup that makes it cheaper and faster for online businesses to choose the best suppliers. It’s essentially a marketplace for business to compare suppliers.


A medical biller that gives users a way to compare healthcare costs across providers.


A simple online platform to measure and compare ratings, recommendations and reviews for restaurants, bars, spas, salons and more.


A platform that lets people input their achievements and challenges in life to see how they compare to others.


A startup that helps individuals quickly compare their credit score with other credit scores


A way to evaluate programming languages and compare them to one another.


A company that helps people save money on their energy bills. They’ve built a web app that allows people to compare energy providers to find the best deal.


A platform that helps customers shop for and compare products, and integrates with their CRM, and has already integrated with 10 major CRM providers.


Idea: A startup that provides a full-stack CRM for nonprofit organizations. The founders claim the product has a 3x conversion rate compared to other major players, and is focused on helping nonprofits do more for less money.


A platform that allows users to purchase and sell data. For instance, a third-party could use the API to compare the cost of an Uber ride in different cities.