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Company Startup Ideas

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A company that’s building software for restaurants that helps them manage their menus, guest lists and food orders.


A company that sells technology to help the elderly maintain their independence.


A data science company that helps people better understand their personal data.


A company that helps people figure out what kind of insurance they need, and then helps them find the best and cheapest way to get it. The startup says they’ve already gotten good feedback from people who have used their site.


A software company that allows musicians to completely manage their band’s finances, including booking, money management, and accounting.


A company that offers an integrated service that helps businesses manage their HR, sales, and marketing in one place; they don’t say exactly how they do it.


A company that makes “smart” luggage tags, allowing users to track their bags with the app.


A company that is building a compensation plan for teachers, based on productivity and engagement.


A startup for selling and buying used computers from other people. Users can sell their old computers in exchange for cash or trade them in for newer ones. The company provides a platform to help people sell their old computers and also offers a buy credit option.


The company has raised a total of $11.5 million.


A company that works with independent artists to help them turn their music videos into YouTube plays.


A startup for lawyers and consumers that helps them rate and review legal services. The company has raised $3.5 million to date.


A company that helps coaches and athletes turn their personal exercise routines into business opportunities.


A company that sends physical boxes to your home or work after you place an order on their website. The boxes are filled with the product you’ve ordered and then shipped back to you.


A software company that makes a device that allows users to monitor their home energy use and adjust it remotely.


 A digital media production company that creates video for brands, agencies, and large video production companies.


A startup that helps young job candidates get a sense of what’s going on within the company they’re applying to so they can tailor their cover letter and resume toward what’s expected.


A company that provides an API that allows users to integrate and track their credit cards


A peer-to-peer lending company that helps non-profits raise money for their operations.


This is a company that is building a hotel booking app.


An online service for companies that allows them to connect their products to third-party markets. The company’s goal is to allow companies to sell their products in other countries, and also to help them better understand demand.


A software company delivering software to keep track of the world’s trash.


A startup that’s building a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs. The company is working with the Stars Foundation, which helps invest in startups in developing countries, to create an online platform to help entrepreneurs raise funds.


A company that aims to help cities build economic ecosystems, including a marketplace for buying, selling, and renting real estate.


A social network for LGBTQ+ millennials. The company wants to help LGBTQ+ people find and connect with others who are like them.


A startup to find and buy used furniture, which makes the process easier for both buyers and sellers. The company is currently in beta, with the site having been live on a small scale for just over a year.


The company was founded by Ramy El Bannaoui and Chris Curtis, who had previously founded the company in 2007 and sold it in 2011.


A startup that lets users “check-in” to any retail location and receive a discount or free gift. The company has raised $1.5 million in seed funding.


This company is trying to bring the power of machine learning to stock markets. It’s working to create a way to use machine learning to find correlations between stock prices and macroeconomic data, to identify bubbles and create predictive models.


Imagine an app that tells you when all of your favorite brands are offering some new deal. With their tech platform, the company is building a business that runs “brand-specific loyalty programs.”


A company that helps small businesses find tech talent, with a focus on recruiting developers and designers in cities where they are based.


A startup that helps people manage their money, including budgeting and paying bills. The company wants to become a finance hub for consumers.


A startup that wants to help HR executives and their teams manage and track all expenses for their company.


A company that helps users adjust the size of their online image and videography with a simple drag-and-drop tool


A company that aims to create one-click access to the stock market for average investors and let them track stocks in real-time.


A new company, made possible with the launch of the new iPhone X, is developing a smartphone that looks like a watch and can be used to take selfies.


A platform for HR to contribute to a company’s culture.


A B2B company that helps international companies get bank account numbers and routing numbers for their offices in the US.


A company that helps companies find and evaluate potential employees through video interviews. The startup says they’re working with Fortune 500 companies.


A company that helps you get your tax refund faster.


A company that allows companies to file taxes by way of an app. The startup is building a platform that automates the process of filling out tax forms.


This startup is building a digital library for musicians that helps them discover new music and share more about themselves. The company has already signed a couple thousand artists.


Custom holograms for marketing campaigns, allowing companies to create holograms of their logo or product that can be used for promotions, company events, or even as stickers to mark employees in the office


A startup that provides a platform for managing and connecting third-party software for mobile devices The company says it has $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue, mainly from Android


A company that helps retailers manage product returns and make refunds faster, more efficiently, and cheaper.


An online platform for managing B2B relationships, today the company provides a dashboard for sales and marketing teams to manage customer relationships.


A company that helps investors and real estate agents track investment performance.


Company that will help people buy and sell homes using their mobile phones.


The startup is a spin-off of a company called Hint, which was founded in 2015 to help people make better decisions about personal finance. The data can be used to help consumers identify opportunities for savings and investments, and Hint says one in three Americans don’t have enough money saved.


A company that helps companies sell to more budget conscious customers by creating a demand for products that are otherwise hard to sell.


A company with a market cap of $30 million that claims to be the “Uber of dog-walking”.


It’s a licensing company for small businesses to get paid speedily for their intellectual property. The startup has signed up over 300 businesses.


A company that manufactures unique air filters for the home.


A company that builds an online platform for users to create business cards with their company's name and logo.


A startup that’s building an AI-enabled chatbot for legal services. The company has $1 million in seed funding.


A startup that helps small businesses with their insurance needs. The startup is built on the backbone of a large insurance company and offers an online platform to protect small businesses from cyber risks and cyber thefts.


A company that helps teachers who don’t have access to iPads and other education technology tools.


A new, blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending platform that is targeting the global student debt crisis. The company is expanding internationally and looking for investors.


A company that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without having to handle the technical side of it.


A company that helps people get cheap house cleaning services.


A small business insurance company.


A startup that helps big retailers manage a large number of different call center operations. The company says it has been able to save retailers over $100 million a year in labor costs.


A company that provides a platform that connects physical retail locations and other businesses like cashiers, janitors, and other support staff.


A software company that allows people to find the best healthcare provider to treat a specific condition.


A company building a browser extension that adds web-based editing to Microsoft Word, enabling users to do everything from adding images to creating tables and charts.


An online platform for hiring and managing temps. The company wants to be the platform that bring together the world of temp agencies and temps to make it easier for employers and employees.


M-KOPA is a tool allowing developers to create their own specialized hardware. The founders say the company has sold $4M worth of hardware over the last two years, though they’ve only launched on Kickstarter today.


A "smart home monitoring" startup focused on energy efficiency. It's currently in a pre-launch stage, with a device that allows users to remotely turn off lights and lock doors with a smartphone, and the company says it has acquired $2.4 million in seed funding


A team of data scientists comes up with a way to use machine learning to detect fraudulent credit card purchases. The company says it has already helped its clients save $7 million, and expects to save the same amount this year as well.


A software company that helps companies with their landing page optimization, helping them do things like better target their ads to different customer segments and track their content performance.


A startup that wants to make the web more social and connect people. The company is building an ad-free platform to give users more control over how they use the web.


A company that delivers on-demand, personal chef services for customers.


This company sells a chatbot that answers work-related questions. The startup says there is a $22.5 billion market for this type of service.


A company that helps restaurants review their food, and give customers ratings, which they hope will help improve online food ordering.


In August 2014, the company raised $300,000


This startup is building an app that helps business owners track their expenses and productivity. The company recently raised $1.3 million.


A company that uses AI to help people understand their credit score. It’s founded by a former VP of risk at FICO, and has raised $40 million.


A startup that helps small businesses manage their expenses. The company helps businesses track their expenses, and it promises that it can save businesses thousands of dollars in the long run.


A seed round was raised in 2015 to fund development of the company. The company is now looking to expand into India.


A “social network for nurses”, where nurses can connect with each other and patients. The company is currently focused on the US healthcare system.


A company that uses Microsoft Azure to help businesses create and manage online store fronts


A startup that provides a service for companies to help them figure out which employees are likely to leave the company


A company that wants to take stock trading to the next level with an AI-powered app that can trade stocks with the same confidence and speed as a human.


A company that wants to use AI to identify fraudulent texts, emails, and calls before they’re delivered to your phone.


This is a subscription tool for nonprofits that helps them keep track of donations and donors. The company is launching in the US in early 2019.


A company that’s building a “Netflix for fitness”. The company wants to be able to provide “instant-on, personalized, scalable, and effective fitness programs”.


A company that uses AI to offer “the most efficient and effective” treatment for patients with pain.


A company that runs gamified learning programs for employees and helps them retain information.


A technology company that offers remote support for small businesses. It has the potential to impact millions of small businesses.


A company that makes high-end reusable coffee cups.


A company that builds vehicle tracking devices for businesses like car washes to help them better understand their workers’ locations.


A platform that helps businesses and job seekers find and connect with remote teams. Currently, they're working with a company in Brooklyn called Crave that hires people remotely through a third-party site.


The company is building a platform to help startups connect with investors and build a community of backers. The startup is working with Y Combinator and other investors to get more startups to pitch at YC.


This company helps retailers track where their online sales go and find out what parts of their websites are working well or not.


SaaS company that helps businesses with compliance and regulatory headaches like tax reporting, sales tax, employee onboarding, and more


A software company that develops custom software for automotive manufacturers.


A company based in San Francisco that allows retailers to build private brands for their customers.


A tool for recruiting for summer internships. The company has a live product and is working on a B2C version.