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Communication Startup Ideas

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An email marketing service that’s looking to help people automate their email communications and save time.


This startup aims to make communication between teams more efficient and fluid by allowing them to send messages, files, and other content between each other, instantly.


Twilio, a company that provides cloud-based communication and telephony APIs, is one of the most well-known startups at YC. Their newest project is a tool that helps call center agents manage multiple languages.


A platform for employees to communicate with each other, share files, and review client work. The company uses Slack as a communications platform, and has raised $1.5 million in funding to date.


This startup is building tools to enable communication between teams and individuals across companies, using a unified interface.


A new way to handle team communication. People can write, send, and schedule emails from a single platform. The startup has raised $2.5 million to date.


A platform for communication, collaboration and information sharing among small and medium-sized businesses.


Customer service software that handles client communication, collection and collection automation.


This startup is building a web-based company-wide communication platform that helps people quickly share information via email, Slack, and Trello.


A startup working on a new communications protocol for decentralized networks. The company aims to build a network of devices that can communicate without relying on centralized servers.


A software company that helps brands with crisis management. They want to simplify crisis communication through their application, which allows users to create a plan of action, rally staff, and engage with customers.


A messaging app, with a mobile web client to allow for SMS-based communication without a smartphone. The company is working on a browser-based client for non-mobile devices and has raised $3.5M in funding from Y Combinator.


A tool that helps deep dive into the conversations happening on social media. The startup helps companies to gain insight into their customer communication.


A “Mobile-first enterprise” platform that offers “one-to-many communication” for companies. It’s meant for companies with a “live, real-time workforce.” The startup has raised $150MM in venture funding.


A startup that helps restaurants track their daily expenses using a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC) and wireless data.


A startup for nonprofits to support their membership, fundraising, and communications via an API.


A tool to help users manage their personal data and communications in one place. The startup is currently working with 2 enterprise pilots.


A startup that wants to compete with the likes of Yelp and Uber with a streamlined, all-in-one platform for restaurants and small businesses. It’s a one-stop shop for everything from customer scheduling, to sales and marketing, to communication between staff and owners.


A tool to help event producers manage their social media posts, customer service, and other communications. It’s an ad-free, content-focused social media management tool with 15,000 paying customers.


A communications platform for contractors, with a focus on job seekers. The startup is trying to bridge the gap between the way the information is shared on the job market and how it’s received by recruiters.


This startup is building a tool for Google Docs to integrate with Slack, email, and other communications tools.


A platform for communications between students and their professors, where students can ask questions and professors can respond.


A messaging platform that supports human-to-human communication in machine learning. The startup is building a chatbot, but is also selling a tool that helps businesses gauge their customer service conversations.


A company that makes satellite communication easier for small businesses, in particular those whose suppliers are overseas.


A platform building bots for messaging platform Slack that can automatically detect and respond to communication needs.


An online translation service that enables online support and communication with patients. Pronix has raised over $4 million to date and has clients in the UK, Canada, and the US.


The startup offers a single, secure online platform for business to communicate with customers. It allows for quick, real-time communication to be channeled into a customer’s inbox.


A company that’s building a platform for group communication. It’s building a way to easily voice chat and share information with groups. It’s a product for big companies that want to communicate with internal teams, but it could also be used by small startups to communicate with teams.


A software company that helps companies manage their customers' email communications. The startup is currently working on products for the US government, and hopes to launch an SaaS version of the product later this year.


A B2B company that provides a “social-first” approach to business, simplifying the process of team collaboration and business communications.


A startup that aims to improve the quality of communications by helping teams improve their efficiency via group chat and video.


This networking platform enables real-time communication, collaboration and creation of new products.


A startup that provides messenger services for SMBs that want to have a single app that integrates all of their communication tools.


A startup that takes on the issues facing small and medium sized companies in the industry with a cloud-based platform they say is “built for the employee experience”. The platform hopes to give employees more time and flexibility to be productive, with features like the ability to manage and access workers from any device, a “private” chat room, and an inbox for all communication.


A real-time communication platform for companies that want to grow.


A company that creates community management software for small businesses to help them with customer acquisition, customer service, and communication.


A B2C company for connecting a business’s different channels of communication and marketing.


A communication and collaboration tool that compiles everything from your calendar into a single location. It’s meant to help an employee manage all their communication and project management needs.


A B2B service hopes to help companies with electronic invoices, payments, and better employee communication.


Helps companies manage their customer relationships, including payments, strategy, and communication.


A three-year-old company building a real-time communication and collaboration platform for businesses and teams. It’s a tool that helps teams stay on the same page, and communicate as they work.


 A startup that brings together the digital and physical worlds to make sure you’re prepared for any situation. Exos is a communications platform that will help you be ready before an earthquake hits, a hurricane hits, or a tsunami strikes.


A tool for patient-doctor communication. The startup was founded by a Harvard MD who saw a need to improve communication between patients and physicians. The company is already collecting patient data in some markets, and will be bringing the product to the US in the next couple of months.


A startup that’s building an “open-source” virtual network for computer-to-computer communication


A pitch for a health insurance platform that enables users to use a smartphone to view their health data, make payments, and receive regular communications from a doctor.


An internal recruiting software and communication solution for companies.


A messaging app that is meant to make communication with people in your network easier. The app’s ability to create a personal map of people in your network helps you build relationships with the people you interact with most.


A company that makes a tool that helps small businesses hire full-time help, with help in categories like marketing, communications, sales, and design.


Ira is a tool that helps people manage and communicate with their business partners and suppliers. The business development team can use the platform to find and get to know new partners, and the sales team can help handle communication, relationships, and resources, all in one place.


A software-as-a-service solution for HR teams that automates the onboarding process for new hires, improves communication between teams, and helps HR with employee onboarding.


A “hybrid” of Google Docs, Slack, and Dropbox. It’s a platform for teamwork and communication that’s meant to be secure and easy to use. Available on iOS and Android.


This is a company that looks for freelance copywriters, and then trains them to be better at communication.


A company building a unified communications automation tool for companies to help streamline messaging and reduce paper. The product aims to make messaging easier and more effective.


 A company that helps teams improve their efficiency and communication, and a company that helps teams improve their efficiency and communication, and a company that helps teams improve their efficiency and communication.


A startup that wants to do for Amazon’s Alexa what Slack did for communication.


The startup is looking to build a “messaging platform for restaurants” designed to simplify restaurant communication. The platform would allow customers to share photos of their meals with each other, and track the progress of those meals through their restaurants.


A startup that helps business development teams build and maintain their relationships with customers by offering a direct line of communication that is always available.


This startup is building a platform for digital security and distribution of secure communication apps through a mobile browser.


A video conference system that’s “a complete, unified communication and collaboration platform that allows companies to securely connect, share and present video, even if an individual is miles away”.


The startup is building an app for employers to create a job and track its progress. The startup charges employers to host the app, and uses it to help employers track the progress of their job postings and manage employee communication.


Outsmart is building a data communication network for businesses to monitor and control their communication resources. They currently have $12,000 in monthly recurring revenue.


A visual communication app for professionals in real estate. Clique uses an algorithm to guess what type of room a person is looking for and suggests people they might want to work with.


A solution for quick communication between remote employees, allowing communication through video calls, screen sharing, and file sharing.


A non-profit that is building a strategic communications and social media campaign to help bring clean water to the world’s poorest people.


A data startup that wants to help companies manage their employees’ communications and personal information.


A software company that provides a visual tool to visualize and understand communication flows.


The startup is building a Slack-like team communication platform aimed at the healthcare industry.


A digital communications company based in New York City. Their software is designed to help companies interact with their employees via phone, email, or chat.


Idea: Notification-Based B2B Communications


Idea: A software company that helps enterprises retain their most valuable employees, by providing a third-party system that handles internal communications across teams


Idea: A B2C startup that helps companies build custom two-way communication platforms


Idea: A tool for financial advisors to help them build stronger relationships with clients. The startup helps advisors keep track of how they’re spending time with clients and helps with communication like text messages and phone calls.


Idea: This startup is building an application that helps call centers handle chat/chatbot conversations with customers. It’s a way to help them navigate inquiries that come in via different communication channels.