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Coming Startup Ideas

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 A company building a weather app for iPhone that tells you what’s coming up next in your area.


A tool that helps companies change their online customer service experience, and makes it more welcoming and less expensive.


Helps you find out if your favorite podcasts are coming back for a new season


A food delivery service that takes a cut of each order. The startup’s delivery partners are close to becoming available in Brooklyn, with plans to expand to a dozen more by the end of the year. The startup charges a 20% delivery fee.


An on-demand gig service that pays users with gift cards to merchants. The startup currently has two pilot customers in the UK, and plans to expand to the US in the coming months.


This is a chatbot that’s designed to help you work remotely. It’s currently working with one client in the US, but the company plans to expand to Europe in the coming months.


This startup uses voice recognition and artificial intelligence to understand the emotions that are being expressed by voice (like “I’m angry”) and determine if this voice is coming from a human or machine.


A project management tool that keeps track of project progress, allowing users to see who is working on what, and which projects are coming up next.


The company, founded by two former Facebook engineers, is building a way to take existing and upcoming blockchains and enable them to be built and used easily across different platforms.


A tool that helps companies build and test landing pages, which currently have over 70% of their traffic coming from mobile.


A new way to search for your favorite podcasts, and a way to see when your favorite shows are coming out.


A startup that makes a service for people who are coming back from retirement to help them figure out what they want to do in retirement


This is a SaaS startup that aims to help small businesses with their marketing and branding needs. The company says it has over 700 customers, with the majority of those customers coming from the tech industry.


In March 2017, Y Combinator moved its operations to the United Kingdom, becoming a British Limited Company.


A tool for developers to get track of what’s happening in their app, with a series of reports that show you how many users have opened your app, how many users have closed it, where those users are coming from, and how they’re using your app.


In the coming months, we will be sharing more great ideas across a variety of verticals.


A company that helps companies manage their supply chain. The startup helps companies manage their supply chain by providing visibility into where their goods are coming from and how they’re being shipped, and manage their logistics.


A free app that helps people keep track of coming up with ideas, with the goal of helping them get their ideas out of their heads and into the world.


A startup that helps you find free and cheap parking in NYC, Baltimore and Los Angeles. It’s already live in NYC, and will expand to LA and Baltimore in the coming months.


A startup that helps consumers track their bills, get alerts when bills are coming due, and pay off them early with interest.


A B2B company created to help dog-walkers and pet sitters book their customers’ pets online. They’ve completed a $1.5 million seed round, and plan to expand to the UK and Australia in the coming months.


A company that makes small, affordable homes from shipping containers. The company has built “a new kind of modular home that can be made in as little as one week, on site”. The first models are coming out in October.


A tool that helps you manage your courses and courses of study, along with the borrowing and loan information for each. It’s currently available on the web, but will be coming to iOS and Android.


A startup for finding and booking travel that uses a bank of 5,000 itineraries to provide personal customization. It’s in the phase of becoming a booking site, with a desktop app in development, and a plan to open it up to all users.


A platform for low cost college housing. The startup is now working with one university, and plans to expand to many more in the coming years.


Data is the new oil, and the oil of the future is data. And with the rise of AI, the data is becoming more valuable. The startup is meant to help companies extract value from all that data.


An analytics tool for sports teams that helps them understand where fans are coming from and how their fanbase is growing over time.


A startup for crowd-sourcing, developed by the founders of Yelp, to help providers compete for customers. It’s currently a beta app, but the founders say it will be available for businesses to use in the coming weeks. If it catches on, it could disrupt the way users find and book services by grouping a person’s needs in front of a provider that has been vetted by the community.


This startup is building a system that uses a connected smartwatch to alert people to incoming packages and ensure they receive them.


The startup is building a tool that helps people visualize and share data from video clips. The startup has raised $4.5 million to date, with most of that coming from Y Combinator.


A platform that helps companies sift through tons of data coming from various automation systems to get to “actionable insights”.


A digital platform for designers to sell their work to customers, with most of the revenue coming from a subscription model.


A company that helps companies better understand their user base. They help companies understand where their users are coming from and how they’re interacting with their product.


The startup wants to build an app that allows your phone to act as a touchscreen monitor for an iPad, letting you run apps on one screen and videos on the other. Coming soon to Android.


A company that provides a platform for artists to share their work and connect with fans. They currently have over 400 artists, and plan to announce a partnership with a major US publisher in the coming weeks.


A tool that helps schools schedule their special events. The idea is simple: it’s a calendar for schools, which students can access to find out about upcoming events.


This is a company that makes a "Budgeting for Beginners" app for parents, helping them get a handle on their bills and make a plan for the coming months.


A startup for performers, producers and fans to book shows, buy tickets and track transactions. Users can buy tickets from a personal dashboard, and can also receive emails from artists about upcoming gigs.


Becoming a New York City taxi driver is a good way to make good money, but only if you have a clean record. The startup, which has a number of New York City employees, wants to make the process of getting a taxi license more efficient, and safer. They’ve gotten a lot of traction in New York City, and have promised a monthly income of $1,000.


A way to organize the “real-time” data that’s coming out of sensors on your phone. The startup has raised $850,000 to date.


A startup that texts college students details about upcoming events, based on their interests.


A visual calendar that lets you view data from your company, including upcoming events, meetings, and tasks, all in a single place. The startup’s app seems like a mashup of Google Calendar and Trello.


Customer support chatbot that helps support teams take care of incoming support requests.


Idea: A home security system that leverages a camera that’s focused on the door to see when someone is coming in.


A tool that helps developers by allowing them to see exactly where their users are coming from and what they’re doing on their site.


This startup is building a software platform for companies to manage customer support in their apps, helping them to answer incoming support requests, negotiate with agents to resolve problems in real-time, and chat with customers.


Idea: A software company that’s building a consumer-facing interface for the up-and-coming world of automated vehicles The company is meant to help people understand how to interact with driverless cars


Idea: We all have a hard time picking a restaurant to eat at in busy cities like New York. The startup is coming up with solutions to make that experience easier.