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by @levelsio

College Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps colleges and high schools provide students with career and technical education.


A company that helps colleges and universities offer affordable, online classes


A startup that wants to combine the accessibility and fun of YouTube with the technical accuracy and depth of a college course


A platform for young adults to take a break from college and earn money.


An online platform that helps students get into college by providing information about scholarships, programs and financial aid.


A platform for school districts to help coordinate transportation and other services. The startup wants to help school districts, colleges, and universities navigate a complex system of transportation and other services that can be hard to keep track of.


A startup that helps people make decisions about education and careers before they go to college


A “family-friendly” social network for college students.


A startup that provides credit to college students based on their predictive ability of their future grades


A startup for students and recent graduates to find jobs. The company is targeting recent graduates in the US who lack jobs experience, but are in the midst of college.


A team from Stanford University’s Computer Science Department is building an app to help college students study and stay on track. The app is meant to help students learn by learning with others, while also helping the company recruit more students.


A peer-to-peer lending company that only focuses on college students.


A startup that helps you set up a study abroad or exchange program at a college in the US. The startup is currently focused on China and has a pending partnership with a college there.


A startup that’s building an end-to-end GPS-based tracking app to help college students stay safe when they’re out on the town. The founders say that they’re already working with a number of colleges on their app, and that it’s been saving students from dangerous situations.


A peer-to-peer lending company that focuses on college students. The company says it’s in talks with a few large consumer finance companies and would like to see itself included in student loan refinancing programs. They’re based in Delaware.


This is a platform for students to sign up for courses at their college. The company offers an online service through which students can track their courses and take them at their own pace.


A platform that helps colleges and universities manage their relationships with alumni who have given money.


A software company designed to make college affordable by allowing students to pay for it with credit.


This startup offers an “unbiased” way to tell which colleges are the best for a student based on his or her preferences. The company uses data from the U.S. Department of Education to compare institutions based on various metrics like peer competition and graduation rates.


A streaming TV app for college students that manages a library of TV shows.


A startup that aims to make a service for college students that helps them find and pay for housing, then pay it off through a loan.


A platform to help college students compare programs and prepare for graduation.


An online course marketplace that delivers college-level courses online, for a fraction of the price of on-campus courses.


This startup is building a platform for college students to manage their finances. It was built for students at a New York university, but the startup is raising a seed round to expand into more campuses.


A platform for helping students better understand college loans, with an interactive quiz that helps students create a personalized repayment plan.


A San Francisco-based startup in the education marketplace space that wants to help lower-income students afford higher education. The startup tells me it’s had over $200,000 in investments, has more than 10,000 students, and has been used by more than 3,000 colleges and universities.


A startup that helps students decide what college to go to, by matching them with data on schools’ average SAT scores, average AP scores, average graduation rates, and more. The company uses algorithms to draw on this data to match applicants to schools.


This startup helps students compare a college’s financial aid package to other colleges.


A company aiming to expand the college degree market by making an alternative to the traditional college experience.


A startup that helps students and parents collect donations for their college education. The startup, which was founded in September, has raised $35,000 to date.


Recruiting a new generation of workers for the tech industry by creating an online platform where college students can learn how to code and get jobs.


A startup that provides online courses for students in Africa to help them get college credit


A startup that provides software for college students to help them manage their grades and schoolwork


A startup that helps people find a way to pay for college that is better than what they are paying now, provided they can handle the debt on their own


Data analytics and visualization platform for high school and college level teams and departments.


A startup that is building a SaaS platform for young people to find jobs on college campuses. The company is using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help students and employers connect.


A startup that builds software for managing technology and data for colleges. The company claims to have over $6 million in monthly recurring revenue, and counts Dow Jones as one of its customers.


A financial service for college students. The company is building a lending service for students.


The startup wants to democratize the hiring process for college graduates, using Facebook to find job candidates.


A startup to help people choose a college that fits their personality. The app is a resource for students and parents looking for information about schools.


A platform that helps colleges and universities manage and share course-related data. The company claims to have over 300 clients, and at present has over 10M enrolled students.


A platform for college students to learn how to code with their peers, without being in the classroom. It did not qualify for YC.


A startup for college students looking for blue-collar jobs. The company is currently in its beta stage.


A platform for connecting friends in real life with people they want to meet. The startup was founded by a former college roommate.


A startup that aims to help college students get answers to their questions about their health. There are an estimated 1.5 million students with health questions and a very limited number of resources to direct them to.


A startup to help people seeking jobs at colleges make the best decisions about which schools to apply to.


A startup that helps students with their college funding by letting them save for it in a way that’s much easier than applying for a loan.


A startup that brings the “higher education experience” to students by connecting them with tutors. Notable alumni include Sarah Lawrence College, Harvard, and the University of Michigan.


A team of data-driven analysts that helps colleges and universities answer difficult questions about their data.


A “co-living” startup focused on the business side of student housing and aiming to become the Airbnb of college housing


A tool that helps college students and professors create, collaborate, and grade assignments.


The summer school is for students interested in learning programming and fundamental knowledge in computer science, with the intent of helping them be successful in college.


A platform for in-person recruiting stops which helps companies scale their college recruiting efforts.


An on-demand recruiting platform that targets college students who are also looking for jobs and put them in touch with employers.


A company that helps colleges with their insurance needs


A mobile app that generates income for the user - a college student who buys cheap phone cases from China and resells them at a profit.


A digital marketplace for students to buy and sell classes, with pricing based on student demand. The company has piloted the platform with 500 students, and will expand to other colleges and universities next year.


This is an app for recruiting on-campus for colleges and companies. The company says that it’s already working with over 500 colleges and 100 companies.


is a platform for selling used textbooks and keeping college students accountable for their books.


A way for students to learn about the world’s best universities while earning college credits.


A tool for students that helps them track their progress and see how they’re doing in class. The company’s founders say they’re already working with a variety of colleges across the country.


SaveUp is a one-stop shop for college savings plans in the US, Canada, and the UK. It works to save people money with a tool that automatically sends pre-tax contributions from employer to student's 529. The company has raised $1.5M in funding.


A platform for meal delivery to college students. Currently in a pilot with 40 students.


A platform for low cost college housing. The startup is now working with one university, and plans to expand to many more in the coming years.


A startup that helps businesses advertise to college students, as part of a bigger initiative to build a community of college students for businesses.


A social network for college students with over 20k students currently enrolled. Its founders are looking to build a student-focused influencer platform that’s optimized for mobile, with a focus on gaming and video content.


A platform that helps universities and colleges create personalized online learning programs for students and teachers.


A company that makes software to help colleges manage student enrollment and completion of classes via a single online system.


A company that helps students pay for tuition with a prepaid debit card, available to any in the US. The startup has built a “pay to school” system that works with any college, university, or trade school. The startup doesn’t operate in Brazil.


A financial app for students that helps colleges accept payments directly from a student’s bank account, instead of charging fees or taking checks.


This startup wants to streamline the college application process by letting students manage their entire application through a single portal, with the goal of making the process easier and better for students.


The company is working on building an AI-powered chatbot that can sort through all your different college degrees and track your progress. The idea is that college degrees can be tracked in a way that makes them useful for future employers or graduate school applications.


A food delivery service for college students. The startup is building a delivery service that allows students to order food in advance and save money.


A college student loan refinancing startup, which connects students with investors who can refinance their loans.


A technology that helps lower-income people from taking out loans to pay for college


This startup is building a chatbot that helps college students with their college applications, applying for aid and paying their bills.


A startup that makes the process of making a college application more streamlined and effective, by providing free tools and support to students.


Similar to DoorDash, but focused on delivering food to college campuses.


A startup that helps college students decide which courses to take and which ones to skip. They’re currently building a prototype app with over 5,000 students and 300 universities.


The startup wants to build an in-person recruiting marketplace for corporate campuses. The company has already built an app to help visiting college students find housing.


A startup that helps college students get a better idea of their financial aid package.


A pizza delivery startup focusing on the college market.


 The startup offers a platform for students to share data on their college essays with professors.


A startup that texts college students details about upcoming events, based on their interests.


 This startup aims to build a platform for college students to simply and easily get internships.


DesiRad is a college group for Indian students in the US that makes it easier to find events and connect with others in the local community.


A platform to help colleges teach students how to code. The startup will teach students how to code using the Drag & Drop interface, which is more intuitive compared to using more traditional programming languages.


A platform for college students to start a video production or podcast company, with a free online course for budding producers.


A startup that helps people make the most of their work time. The product is currently live but their first product is a planning tool for college students to plan out their time.


A digital tool for US colleges to create and manage their course management systems, from scheduling to tracking enrollment.


This startup wants to take the pain out of the process of creating a resume for a job, turning college transcripts into a resume that can be shared across the internet.


The company works with college campuses and universities to provide the service to students and faculty, and uses machine learning to match students and prospective jobs.


College employment data is hard to get, and many prospective students are unaware of job-seeking opportunities in their region.


A startup that works with colleges to help students get jobs.


A recent engineering graduate who landed his first job at Airbnb after dropping out of college. He’s building a startup that helps homeowners manage the process of selling their homes after leaving their landlords. Clients work with Clew to clean out their homes, give professional photos, publish their listing online, and receive bids.


This startup wants to help students pay for college by cutting out the middleman. With EnrollMe, students can set up online accounts at their schools, then buy the school's textbooks, pay for the school's dorms and student meal plans, and then transfer those funds directly to their school.


A college prep app for high schoolers.


A startup that wants to replace the tedious process of filling out financial aid forms in the US. US students and colleges can apply for aid with a form that automatically pulls in their data.


A group of four college friends who decided to start a company to help create a more efficient way to source and manufacture electronics. The company wants to be the first company to completely eliminate the middlemen of electronics manufacturing and create more manufacturing in the U.S.


A company that wants to help students learn the benefits of a college degree and the costs associated.


Idea: A more sustainable and affordable apartment building for college students


A startup helping people sign up for their tuition. Similar to the popular site, College Ave. helps users manage their college applications by automating the application process.


A startup that provides tutoring services for students so that they can get better grades and get into better colleges


A startup that will help people who are applying to college find the best fit by using a questionnaire, test scores, and personality assessments to evaluate colleges based on their interests


Idea: Mobile App that shows students what colleges are like


Idea: A job search app for college students and recent grads in the US It takes a gamified approach, with a focus on making the process of finding a job more fun


Idea: A startup that’s building a tool that lets you share your high school student’s grades and progress with colleges


Idea: A personal finance management startup for college students. The startup helps students budget their expenses with the intention of graduating debt-free.


Idea: A software company that makes a platform for college admissions officers to make their application process more efficient.


A startup that provides a service to help students prepare for college


A startup that provide an online platform for alumni of specific colleges to meet and build connections