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Collection Startup Ideas

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A collection of online educational materials available for free.


A startup for the sale of trading cards that helps you track and manage your collection.


This company is building an app that aims to help cities with data, allowing them to run services like parking and waste collection more efficiently.


A startup that makes the process of digitizing books easier for libraries, allowing them to digitize their collections and search them online.


This startup is building a solution to help agencies automate data collection for their clients.


An online platform that lets users organize their collections of crayons, Pokemon cards, and other “collectibles” in a way that’s easy to search, sort, and share.


A digital store for collectible cards that helps users build a collection by tracking and sharing their collection, and by selling cards in a marketplace.


A startup that sells a collection of various items to help people organize their home


Customer service software that handles client communication, collection and collection automation.


A software suite for managing medical billing and collections. It was launched in July and is offered in the US.


A company that helps people make their own clothes, using a design platform that puts together collections of patterns, fabrics, and accessories.


SaaS marketing platform for e-commerce retailers, with tools for product listing, collection, payment processing, shipping, and customer support. The startup wants to make e-commerce more efficient.


A software development company based in Utah. They’ve built a platform that helps small businesses get paid faster by automating the process of bill-pay and credit card collection.


A tool that helps people manage their rent payments, creating a digital ledger of when payments are made, and of any late fees or collection calls.


A collection of partnerships from the food industry, including:


On-demand software for human resources (HR) teams. It automates the hiring process, removes the stress of finding the right people, and streamlines data collection and reporting for HR teams.


A startup that uses AI to help businesses automate the data collection process, reducing the steps involved in data collection and saving businesses time.


A solar-powered way of tracking crops that takes the heat off of big, expensive satellite and aerial data collection


A way for publishers to advertise a collection of content, not just one article. The startup has raised $1.6 million in seed funding.


"This list of startups is a non-exhaustive collection of the best companies funded by YC. It's not intended to be a comprehensive list of all startups funded by YC. Regardless, we'll be publishing additional startups funded by YC at a later date."


A company that helps people manage their wine collections. The startup is building a wine database and app that lets users track their wine collection in real time, save it to their phone, and save it to the cloud.


A startup that helps patients get more accurate diagnoses of their conditions by providing them with a collection of data from specialists via an app on their smartphone.


A company that’s building a library catalog for libraries. It’s a “meta-library” that’s meant to help libraries keep track of collections and allow users to find books by library, author, or keyword. It’s a local library solution, though it can also be integrated with Amazon and other online libraries.


A company that does data collection for nonprofit events. The company is going to help nonprofits run better, faster, and cheaper events through a better toolset.


An iPhone app that helps users minimize personal data collection on Facebook.


This startup is building a tool that lets anyone create a site where they can create a collection of online videos and share them with friends.


A financial services company that provides loan payments and collection services. The startup is now profitable and has a $4.5 million valuation.


The company is now offering a free version of its software that handles data collection to help the public understand the safety of local honey.


SaaS business that aims to help the “incredibly burdensome” collection of data from online platforms. That data would be shared between the platform and the user, allowing the user to have more control over which data they’re sharing, and what they’re sharing it with.


A startup that helps hotels decide which employees to hire, based on data from a collection of over 100 million guest reviews.


A company that combines data and knowledge to give people a better understanding of their personal data and what they do with it. The startup helps consumers better understand the data collection and usage involved with services like Amazon and Facebook.