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Collaboration Startup Ideas

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A platform to help companies build working group meetings that promote collaboration and shared understanding.


Another startup that’s building a video conferencing tool with real-time collaboration features.


A company that helps companies manage highly distributed teams. It provides a toolkit for companies to build chat, file sharing, and collaboration tools.


A platform for communication, collaboration and information sharing among small and medium-sized businesses.


A project management and collaboration platform for teams organized around the creation of online content.


A product that creates an open collaboration platform for teams and professionals to find and share jobs, regardless of location.


A collaboration platform for interior designers to access other designers’ portfolios.


A platform for making and editing 3D models and rendering them in real-time, with a cloud-based service for sharing and collaboration.


A company creating a cloud-based service that helps businesses and employees collaborate in real time. It’s a visual collaboration app, allowing teams to see their work in real time, with live video, polls, comments, and tasks. They’re currently in beta.


Built on Python, Dropbox for Business is a collaboration and file sharing platform that works with Dropbox and Google Docs. The company was acquired by Dropbox in late 2018 for $100 million.


A collaboration platform for photographers and artists, built for the Chinese market. They have a service called “A.P.I.S.” where artists and photographers can upload art and photographers can upload photos to sell.


This is a project management platform with two components. The first is the product, a team collaboration tool that connects members to the other tools they use for project management. The second is the company itself, which focuses on building software to help teams achieve their goals.


This is a collaboration platform for business teams to share resources.


A web-based collaboration platform that helps people brainstorm and write down ideas. The company just closed $1.1M in seed funding from investors like Fidelity Investments and Bain Capital Ventures.


A way to help users create, host, and share videos in collaboration with other users. Users can choose the location and theme of the video, and add their own music and video.


A “collaboration platform for freelance workers,” allowing them to find one another and take advantage of their “world of expertise”


A platform that helps build and scale communities. It’s a collaboration tool for teams to publish and share their ideas.


A software company that helps companies build better CRMs. The startup wants to be more like CRM-as-a-service startups, with a focus on collaboration between people and customers.


A B2B company that provides a “social-first” approach to business, simplifying the process of team collaboration and business communications.


This networking platform enables real-time communication, collaboration and creation of new products.


A platform that allows for distributed teams to negotiate, ensure a project is on time and on budget, and track progress. They’re working on a cloud-based solution with a feature set that includes project management, time and labor tracking, and collaboration.


A collaboration platform for teams to work on the same code at the same time, without worrying about affecting each other's changes.


This is a messaging platform that works with Slack and Google Apps so you can talk about deadlines and collaboration from any device. The startup says it has already helped over 250 companies and is looking to scale.


A visual collaboration tool that helps people determine what they want to do, where they want to do it, and what they want to work on next.


A collaboration and messaging app for the music industry. The startup has built a service where musicians can share edits and production notes with each other.


This is a platform that brings the benefits of a SaaS program to a closed system, allowing companies to securely deploy and manage their infrastructure on-demand, with a focus on collaboration and integration with existing systems.


A communication and collaboration tool that compiles everything from your calendar into a single location. It’s meant to help an employee manage all their communication and project management needs.


This company is building a platform to help companies build internal tools that foster collaboration and the sharing of information.


A startup for recording and sharing gameplay footage, enabling faster, more accurate collaborations between developers and players.


A file sharing and collaboration tool for veterinarians, with a focus on recording and sharing patient data. They’ve already secured $3.2 million in funding.


A startup focused on virtual reality and augmented reality wants to make it easier to create and share 3D models on the web, allowing designers to upload their 3D models into its platform for sharing and collaboration.


A three-year-old company building a real-time communication and collaboration platform for businesses and teams. It’s a tool that helps teams stay on the same page, and communicate as they work.


A platform that brings businesses together with other companies in similar industries for collaboration and support.


A tool that helps programmers craft their apps and websites faster. It’s built as a collaboration tool that allows developers to work on the same app idea at the same time.


This company is pitching a “collaboration hub for teams”, with tools to help teams track what they’re working on, manage their work schedules, and review their progress. The company currently has 3 contracts.


An e-commerce marketplace for the European market, which relies on a collaboration between sellers and manufacturers.


A cloud-based content platform for creators in collaboration with the National Digital Publishing Center.


A sales collaboration platform that helps companies with salespeople communicate better, run more profitable sales meetings, and close more deals.


A workplace collaboration tool that seems to be built to compete with Slack, while building on the instant-messaging functionality of Riot.


A startup that aims to bring editing and collaboration tools for video to mobile phones.


A video conference system that’s “a complete, unified communication and collaboration platform that allows companies to securely connect, share and present video, even if an individual is miles away”.


A collaboration platform based on Slack and messaging, but with real-time polls and tasks, and the ability to set deadlines and budgets.


A collaboration platform that encourages group work.


A mobile app designed to allow teachers to pair student collaboration tools with social media.


A real-time collaboration tool that allows teams to casually or formally review work in progress.


A collaboration between the MIT bionics lab and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology that means that patients can be fitted with robotic prosthetics.


Idea: A startup that helps people go into business together Say you have a friend that's a lawyer and another that's an engineer A collaboration tool could help them communicate, share files and bill clients more smoothly The company is currently bootstrapped, and has a 10-person team


Idea: A platform for video collaboration, for example to make a video call with a bunch of people at the same time, along with a tool for editing the video together.


Idea: The first 100% free, open source code collaboration platform The company has raised $47 million in venture capital and has over 1000 users