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Coffee Startup Ideas

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A browser extension that tracks the cost of your everyday items (fries, cup of coffee, etc.) over time and cross-references this data with the Starbucks menu. In addition to the main purpose of tracking your coffee expenses, the tool also allows users to find out if they are spending more than they should and how to cut back.


A company that makes high-end reusable coffee cups.


A startup that allows you to hire a dog walker for the same price as a cup of coffee.


A smart fridge that automatically orders more milk for your coffee.


A startup for baristas to easily create and share coffee recipes


A tool for distribution of food and groceries to people in need, in the form of a vehicle equipped with a fridge, a microwave, and a coffee machine, and that can travel down the street from a central hub. The startup’s founders are veterans of the American military.


A platform that helps small businesses manage their coffee orders online. It’s free to use for customers, but the company hopes to make money by turning the system into a recurring subscription.


Hoping to use the same playbook as the coffee industry to grow their subscriptions to their platform, Hopin.


This startup is building an app that allows people to find people to meet up with in real life, like at a coffee shop or party.


A startup that helps people pay for things, whether it’s a ride or a cup of coffee. The startup charges a fee of $5.95/month to charge and pay for things, and there’s an option to opt in for free.


A $30,000 investment in a machine that turns raw coffee beans into a beverage.


A remote meeting solution for companies that want to meet where people are, like coffee shops or bars. The startup is currently focusing on a few dozen US and European locations, but plans to go global in 2018.


This is an in-app payment system for coffee shops and diners.


A new way to find great local coffee.


A company that connects retail stores with talented baristas. The startup offers the ability to get coffee from the comfort of one’s own home, and pay with a credit card.


A coffee delivery service in San Francisco that is “delivering a new experience” to the coffee industry. The startup is a joint venture between a coffee roaster and a delivery service like Postmates.


This company is a cloud-based loyalty program that rewards users for everyday purchases, like a cup of coffee or a movie ticket.


This is an app for getting around the price and quality problems of a typical cup of coffee.


Drip is an app for business owners to create and manage their drip coffee business.


Kava is building a tool for people who own coffee shops to pay their baristas via mobile payments.


This is a startup that makes hardware that makes it easier to pick up and carry your coffee without scalding yourself. The company is currently only selling to the US, but they’re looking to expand internationally, and have raised $1.3M in funding from DFJ.


This startup wants to make the world’s most durable tablet, one that can withstand a drop from a boat in the ocean, or a puddle of coffee.


These compostable cups are meant to help coffee shops reduce their packaging waste. They can be full of coffee or tea or soup and you can recycle them, but they don’t break down in landfills.


A company that lets you use the internet to buy and sell everything from iced coffee to air mattresses to motorcycles.


A company that helps restaurants, bars and coffee shops optimize their ordering process. The startup’s platform lets customers search for locations, get delivery options from there, and track orders.


This startup is looking to automatically generate and sell weekly email subscriptions to people based on their buying habits. The email service is for people who want to make sure they get email notifications for products they purchase frequently, like coffee or a subscription service, like Gilt or Birchbox.


A tool built for the hospitality industry that allows them to better manage the labor they have on-hand. The tool can track labor in real-time, and when it’s time to restock the fridge or refill the coffee machine, the software can alert the staff to take action.


A subscription-based loyalty card company that helps people earn reward points and redeem them for real goods and experiences (like $20 off your next coffee)


A provisioning company that allows for free lunch, coffee, and snacks for employees.


 This is a company that has done a lot of research on the best way to get a message across to people in different places. They decided that one of the best ways was to create a system that is both language and location-agnostic, and designed to be culturally sensitive. They’ve put that system to work for a variety of companies, including a hotel chain, a coffee company, and a plastic surgery center.


A startup that partners with local retailers to curate a handful of in-store activities for users to enjoy. These “experiences” are curated by the user’s location and can be anything from a free cup of coffee to a free library book.


A remote control for your coffee machine, allowing you to brew the perfect cup every single time.


A social network for the small, independent coffee shops that serve as anchors for a neighborhood. The startup wants to help coffee shops grow with a social network and start-up accelerator.


A startup that builds a point-of-sale system for all sorts of retailers, including restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. The startup aims to make the process of opening a business as simple as a phone call.


A startup that is building a “frictionless” way for people to pay for coffee via a smartphone.


Autopilot is building a device for the visually impaired that lets them use their phones to control devices like lights, coffee machines, etc.


A mobile app that helps make better coffee. It’s a big problem, which is why the startup has already raised $5 million to date from investors including Andreessen Horowitz.


A startup that lets location-based businesses — like car wash and coffee shops — personalize their promotions. The startup has raised $1.5M in funding.


A startup for organic, fair trade or locally-sourced coffee beans. The startup is targeting the $1 billion coffee market in the US, and has raised a total of $1.1 million in funding.


A startup that sells a product where you can buy a jar of coffee beans, put it in your own personal coffee grinder and then it keeps the coffee fresh for up to 1 year


Idea: A platform to bring great coffee to everyone, everywhere The startup is building a barista-grade coffee brewing system using the Nespresso capsule format The company says it has $8,500 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A platform for getting the most out of your coffee. The startup offers three products: a coffee subscription service, a coffee maker that brews a single cup at a time, and a French press. Their subscription service offers 12 different types of coffee every month.


This is a system that allows people to buy more of their favorite brands of coffee by placing their order through a barista at a local coffee shop.