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Coding Startup Ideas

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A startup that allows companies to create virtual reality/augmented reality experiences with their employees (no coding required)


This startup wants to build a “database of experts” that help companies with a variety of tasks, from research to coding.


A school for coding that’s also a game development school.


This startup is building a self-learning platform to help teach people the fundamentals of coding. The startup’s founders say that the product they have built is already powering over 20,000 students in 300 schools.


This is an app that allows users to create and deploy content without the need for coding. The idea is to make it easy for anyone to create a website and get it live quickly.


A new school for students to learn coding, with a curriculum that mixes online and in-person instruction.


A startup builder that lets you create beautiful, interactive, mobile-friendly websites for your business, with no coding required


This startup is building a tool to help software engineers write more efficient code. The startup partners with teams to sit down with engineers and review their coding, helping them improve their efficiency and the quality of their code.


This startup is building a tool that anyone can use to build a mobile app without coding. The tool is a drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to create a mobile app from scratch.


A company that makes software that allows people to create and host websites without requiring coding expertise.


A platform that provides a way for designers to build HTML5 websites with no coding knowledge.


An AI-enabled accounting platform for the travel and hospitality industries. This startup is taking a hybrid approach, using AI to make the process more efficient, and also manually coding the interface so it’s more intuitive.


A company that’s building a voice recognition tool for coding and machine learning.


Creates software for small businesses to create and manage their own online store. The company is offering a cloud-based platform that gives businesses a set of tools to create an e-commerce store without any coding knowledge.


A platform for building apps for the iPhone that doesn’t require any coding experience.


A platform that allows open-source developers to connect with potential employers and learn about paid coding opportunities.


A platform for people to get their credentials verified, backed by a “verified badge” for each user. The company wants to help people get into cool things, like coding bootcamps or startup events.


A mobile application that helps companies create new products. The app helps companies create new products without any coding knowledge.


A startup that wants to automate the intake process for new users in an app, removing the need for manual coding.


Idea: A company that eliminates the legacy process of coding in a proprietary language by using a visual language


Idea: A startup for people who want to build websites but have little to no coding experience


Idea: A startup that aims to help people learn to code through a combination of chatbots and online courses The company’s founders say they’re currently working on an AI-powered chatbot that can make coding exercises more interesting


Idea: An education platform for coding. With an estimated 1.5 million job openings in the next 5 years, the founders say they’ve got an opportunity to help provide the next generation of developers with


Idea: A startup building a “dynamic web app builder” which gives users the ability to create mobile apps using nothing but templates and a version of visual block-based coding. It also promises users the ability to import existing HTML/CSS sites into its app builder.