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by @levelsio

Clothing Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides a service to help people make their own clothing (picking the fabric, selecting and combining patterns, etc)


A startup that sells a service where they take your clothing and make it in to new pieces of clothing


A clothing company and platform that allows users to create and sell custom-fitted clothes online.


A platform that turns any physical object into a digital token, like a phone case or a piece of clothing. The idea is that these tokens are collectible, to help people get the most out of their physical possessions.


A tool that helps you get all sorts of things done, like a virtual grocery store, virtual or actual clothing store, or virtual or actual license plates.


A platform for connecting borrowers with investors, allowing for investments in anything from clothing and food to cars and real estate.


A fashion marketer that sells online clothing at $20 per dress. It’s already sold over 5,000 dresses and is on track to make $10 million in revenue in 2019.


A discovery platform for specialized high-end clothing that’s based on the feedback of customers


A startup that helps people create and sell custom clothing through a web browser without having to design the entire garment from scratch. Loom wants to help consumers sell their clothing as a service — it’s essentially an Uber for fashion.


Unisex clothing brand that envisions a future in which energy consumption is decentralized, and you can just charge up your clothes.


A company that markets and sells “performance” clothing for men. The startup is trying to make sure that the clothes it sells are comfortable and high quality.


A platform for customers to customize the fit and feel of their clothing, the startup was founded in October of 2018 and has an iOS app that launched in November of 2018


7thSky is building a startup that provides customtailoring services for clothing, aiming to offer the best fit possible and to deliver like a boutique shop, and charge less.


A company that creates digital prints from the images of people, who upload their own images and the company’s prints are then rendered by using a computer vision. The prints can be sold as prints, clothing, or art.


A company building a marketplace for providers of clothing, accessories, and home decor. The startup aims to eliminate the middle-man and help customers find the best deals, no matter if they live in SĂŁo Paulo or Seattle.


A platform that facilitates local sales of used clothing. It allows users to post their items, and then lets a user who is looking to purchase an item find an appropriate buyer.


This is a Shopify-like app for online clothing stores. It’s available in the US and Canada for now.


This is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of vintage clothing, with the goal of helping both sides find more efficient ways to do business. The startup is working with a brick and mortar store in Amsterdam.


A company that makes a men’s clothing line and allows customers to create their own tailored suit


A startup that creates a digital trail of products for consumers to track and manage, from an item of clothing to a car. The founders aim to make it easy to track your life’s possessions.


An ecommerce-focused startup selling T-shirts and other clothing. The app is powered by a backend API that makes it possible for retailers to integrate their offline commerce into their online platforms.


The idea is to offer a place where you can order custom-made clothing, and have someone else choose your colors, fabrics, and patterns.


The startup is working to make the task of maintaining and protecting clothes easier and more efficient. The company’s app helps users scan clothing into the app at home, and then sends them to a “laundromat” where they can drop off their clothes for washing.


A startup to help people sell their used clothing and get a fair price. The company has a partnership with a charity that helps needy people in India.


An online clothing warehouse delivering to local boutiques and independent stores in the U.S. A recent move into the UK has brought in $100,000 in sales in their first month, while they say they’ve already received interest from other retailers.


A platform for buying, selling, and exchanging secondhand goods, like clothing, furniture, and toys.


Idea: A software company that enables companies to sell their products through women’s clothing retailers


Idea: A startup that makes it easier for people to sell or donate their clothing. Users take a picture of their items and it’s automatically listed on a number of different online marketplaces.