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Close Startup Ideas

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A mobile app for finding the closest parking spot to where you’re going, with the ability to pay for it with a credit card.


A smartphone app that helps people find the closest restaurant to them based on their proximity


A micro-loan startup that helps small businesses get loans to cover inventory. The company, which was founded in May, says it has already closed $1.5 million.


Using machine learning and AI to optimize the sales process, allowing businesses to close the loop on the sales cycle. The startup wants to make the sales process more efficient and see what works best.


A digital dashboard for people to keep track of their personal and professional goals. The startup is based in San Francisco, and has just closed a $2.5 million round led by former Dropbox executive Adam D’Angelo.


An online marketplace for digital goods and services, built on the premise that a closed loop market can be established within an existing open market (e.g. Facebook)


The company is looking to raise a round of funding that values the company at $1.3 billion. The round is expected to close in February 2019.


This startup aims to help employers and employees find each other on LinkedIn. It’s currently in closed beta.


Spots on the map that help you find the closest ride to your destination. The startup wants to make it easier for drivers to find the best ride deal by letting them mark where they want to be picked up and dropping off.


A startup that helps people find and close the deals for them. The startup is focused on the B2B segment, but it’s already working with companies like Capital One, Intuit, and Salesforce.


A mobile app that helps runners find races and the closest running paths. The startup has raised $4.5 million in funding and is based in Chicago.


A social networking app that allows people to find community, find friends, and meet people close to their geographic location


This startup wants to help first-time home buyers who don’t have the money for down payments. It’s hoping to help people who have saved for years but still need a bit more cash to close on a home. It wants to take a few thousand dollars and give it to the buyer.


A customer retention platform for restaurants, meant to help restaurants close deals with repeat customers.


A wearable that tracks when you’re thirsty, and provides an alert when you’re close to a water bottle so you don’t have to keep looking for it.


An artificial intelligence-powered system that lets businesses see how their employees are performing. The underlying AI platform is able to understand the inner-workings of a company. The company recently closed a $4 million Series A funding.


A startup that provides a service to help people with cleaning up their digital presence For example, helping people close


A free app that helps users find local restaurants, which uses Yelp data. It’s currently in closed beta.


Like Uber, this startup gamifies the concept of a taxi ride, with the user playing a dispatcher for a network of taxis. The app helps users find the closest taxis using data from Yelp and OpenTable.


A startup that uses an AI-based algorithm to build personalized voice bots for e-commerce. The startup is currently in a closed beta and has 3 reports of revenue in 2019.


This is a toolset that makes it easy to integrate artificial intelligence into customer service interactions. They’re close to launching and have raised $12k in seed funding.


The startup is building a tool for companies to search for, compare, and purchase jobs that are close to them.


A food delivery service that takes a cut of each order. The startup’s delivery partners are close to becoming available in Brooklyn, with plans to expand to a dozen more by the end of the year. The startup charges a 20% delivery fee.


The startup is building a service that replaces the traditional sales funnel with a series of interactions that make the process more intuitive for customers. The company’s platform is meant to help small businesses “tap into the power of the digital,” with a product that helps businesses pitch, pitch, pitch, and finally close.


The startup wants to help smaller businesses get a loan through peer-to-peer lending, and has already closed more than $50 million in loans in an eight month period since it launched.


A startup that wants to help you manage your finances with one more simple app. The startup’s app provides an all-in-one dashboard of your money that lets you see a breakdown of your spending, sort your expenses by category, and see when you’re getting close to hitting your budget.


A startup that helps users find the closest public school or charter school that’s right for their family. It’s meant to bridge the gap between traditional public schools and new alternative school systems like charters.


A web-based collaboration platform that helps people brainstorm and write down ideas. The company just closed $1.1M in seed funding from investors like Fidelity Investments and Bain Capital Ventures.


A company that’s trying to make fans of a band a small part of the business. It’s a way to bring the band closer to their fans.


A tool for developers to get track of what’s happening in their app, with a series of reports that show you how many users have opened your app, how many users have closed it, where those users are coming from, and how they’re using your app.


A platform for making tasks, and time, more efficient. The company is working closely with the US military.


A Toronto-based startup that wants to unify and improve the sales process with a sales platform that’s designed to help salespeople find sales opportunities, identify opportunities, and close deals.


A platform for healthcare startups to grow their partnerships, build scale, and get investors. It aims to help sales efforts by making salespeople more efficient and giving them access to sales data in real time, which can help them close deals.


A tool for bringing together the various employees in the supply chain of a product. The platform is meant to help manage the complexity of supply chains, which include multiple suppliers, and to keep a closer eye on the supply chain.


A software platform that helps buyers get quotes for their homes from multiple companies in the same day, while also giving the seller a price for what they can get for the home and how quickly they can close.


A company that makes business software for small businesses. In February 2017, Infusionsoft closed a Series B funding round led by Greylock Partners that raises the company’s valuation to $200 million.


A company that uses a mobile phone app to help you find the closest car service to the spot you are at.


Ideas: The startup wants to make it easier for sales teams to close deals.


A platform that connects hungry customers with nearby restaurants to help them find the closest places to eat.


The startup is looking to help independent restaurants compete with the larger chains. It’s currently in closed beta and is looking for a round of funding.


The startup is building a system that will allow companies to use the power of artificial intelligence to detect fraud. The company is currently in private beta and just closed a $1.2 million seed round, led by Nautilus Ventures.


A startup that makes a mobile app to help people find the closest pharmacy, whose market is worth $68 billion.


This is a platform that brings the benefits of a SaaS program to a closed system, allowing companies to securely deploy and manage their infrastructure on-demand, with a focus on collaboration and integration with existing systems.


A tool that helps sales teams close deals by helping them get more leads into the pipeline.


This startup is building a closed social network for people who are physically or emotionally unable to socialize with others in the same way as most of the world. The idea is that they’ll want to be part of a social network, but they can’t be fully active because of a physical or emotional impairment.


A platform that allows users to select an item to “Buy Now” from an online shop, then get notifications when it arrives. Currently in closed beta in Australia.


A company that helps companies close the loop with their customers, by using a combination of AI and data science to better predict and solve customer problems.


A startup for freelance writers, editors, and translators. The startup is in its pre-launch phase, but has already sold $3,000 worth of services. It’s not a traditional marketplace, instead relying on a closed community of writers and translators who are all working on the same project.


This company is building a platform to help merchants in the UK identify which of their customers are most likely to close a sale. It’s a tool for retailers to get better at selling to their customers.


A startup that helps employers hire and manage employees. The company is looking to get into the $1 billion contract staffing market. It is currently in closed beta. The company launched in 2016.


A platform that can enable businesses to scale their sales in a way that’s closer to conventional brick-and-mortar stores.


A SMB-focused marketplace for small business loans, which has already closed $20M in loans and has more than 10,000 users.


The Parisian startup is building a digital version of a tour guide. The app will help people feel more connected to a place and know more about it than they currently do. The company has already raised €4.1 million and is currently on track to close a €5 million round.


A sales software company that’s built an automated system that helps salespeople close deals. It’s based on a Slack-like platform.


A startup that helps people find the closest taxi service on demand. A company called Taxi Magic will match you up with a cab in under 5 minutes, and if there's not one nearby, you can request a car to come pick you up.


A platform to connect business development teams with software engineers, with the goal of improving software quality by letting teams work more closely together with a smoother onboarding process.


A platform that connects borrowers with financial services and technology to transform the way they borrow and pay. They have a $2.5M seed round and are close to a round of growth.


A 3D facial recognition app that helps you find the closest barbershop or stylist.


A sales collaboration platform that helps companies with salespeople communicate better, run more profitable sales meetings, and close more deals.


A tool that helps businesses find the closest, most affordable and cleanest IT support professional.


Idea: Building a digital platform for real estate brokers to close business deals. The startup is currently working with a group of Indian business-to-business startups to make their onboarding easier.


A digital representation of a physical card game for the internet, replacing the physical card deck with a virtual one. The startup’s founder says they’re close to the top 500 in the iPhone app store. They have a few hundred users.


A platform to help people with a wealth of relationships manage and close deals.


A real estate agency software that helps agents close deals.


A startup that helps small businesses get more out of their social media advertising. Currently has a working prototype and aims to close a seed round and launch in early 2020.


allows companies to create online shopfronts for their products, eliminating the need for physical storefronts. It’s growing quickly, and recently closed a $3.8 million series A round.


A B2B software company that helps hardware manufacturers and distributors sell to retail stores. The company’s founders say that in the past year it’s already signed and closed on 125 deals and has more in the pipeline.


A facial recognition service that the founders say is “unparalleled”, and that has raised over $1 million in funding. The company is currently hiring, but declined to disclose numbers.


A platform that provides a “secure, automated way for businesses to get paid”. It’s currently in private beta, with a minimum of 10 customers, and has raised an undisclosed amount in funding.


A company that offers a closed-loop technology for managing real-time customer service representatives. Unbounce’s system enables companies to manage customer interactions in real-time, and give back control of the customer’s experience to the organization.


A video platform that makes it easier for people to create and share video content. It’s just closed $11.5 million in funding to build the product, which it says is well on its way to launching.


A startup that provides a service for people to have someone go through their closet and suggest items they could donate or sell


Idea: This startup is building a platform for people to have food delivered from restaurants that have closed for the day The company says it has 200 weekly users, and an average order size of $10


Idea: A business that helps with the management side of commercial cleaning services, helping people set up contracts and take care of bookkeeping Has just closed an $80,000 round


Idea: A startup that helps agencies and consultants close deals with more confidence. The startup was founded in India, and is already seeing traction in that country.


Idea: A software solution for service businesses. In addition to helping workers get paid on time, it helps businesses get paid on time by tracking invoices and showing clients how close they are to paying off their balance.