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A company that aims to create one-click access to the stock market for average investors and let them track stocks in real-time.


A startup that wants to simplify the process of buying insurance, allowing people to compare prices, read reviews and buy with a few clicks online.


Using AI to help brands reach their customers with the most relevant ad campaigns. The startup offers a “personalized” message algorithm that’s meant to deliver ads that are more likely to be clicked.


A startup that does a “one-click” on-boarding process for new employees, and integrates with Slack and Google Docs.


This startup is working on a platform that helps app developers understand how users click, swipe, click, and tap on their apps.


A “one-click” platform that helps businesses create, edit, and schedule funnels. The platform is focused on making it much easier for businesses to digitally market and promote products and services.


The startup’s app, which is currently in beta, allows people to buy and sell used electronics by clicking between old iPhones and iPads. People can even keep track of the item’s age and condition which allows them to make smart purchases.


A payments company that lets users of services like Stripe and PayPal process recurring payments like car insurance or mortgage payments in a few clicks. It has raised $2.9 million from investors including Y Combinator and is currently in private beta.


Idea: This startup is building a new productivity tool that lets users scroll down a page to view content, rather than clicking from one page to another The startup currently has a prototype and has already been featured in TechCrunch


Caringo is a startup that is building a new category of Internet of Things (IoT) device – a SaaS platform that lets you create a device of your own with a few simple clicks, and then deploy it into the world as a service.


A company that helps employees track the time they spend on work with a click.


A company that mentors startups on how to make a video pitch, and then helps them make a video that will get people to click “buy.”


A digital platform that helps make purchasing music more convenient. A user can choose a song and buy it in a few clicks, or use its app for group buying. The company has raised $3.2 million in funding.


A SaaS tool that aims to help companies send out invoices and payments quickly and easily, with just a single click.


Sunlight is an app that allows media companies to schedule video to go out live on their website with a single click. Sunlight’s CEO says that the app has already helped his company grow by up to 30%.


A portfolio website for freelancers, where people can comment on each other's work, hire one another with a single click, and get paid in bitcoin.


This startup wants to make it possible to order food and drink delivery from your phone, via 1-click on an app.


A payment app that allows users to scan QR codes with the phone’s camera and pay the bill with a single click.


A startup that helps people choose and set up online advertising campaigns, including cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand (CPM), cost-per-action (CPA), and cost-per-install (CPI).


A company building a tool for sites to accurately measure page views and clicks, as well as help them gain better insights into user behavior.


Not just a one-click solution for saving and transferring contacts, but a true platform for managing them. It allows users to create branded groups of contacts, and then schedule calls among them. It’s ad-free, secure and can be used on both iOS and Android.


A tool with a very simple interface that can help designers create landing pages, sales pages, or purchase pages. The company says they’ve already seen 40,000 clicks on their landing pages.


A tool that helps people add a photo to their LinkedIn profile with a single click.


A company that creates one-click, easy-to-setup landing pages that look just like search results and are indistinguishable from them, except that they’re optimized for conversions.


A startup that wants to help designers build out physical prototypes for their apps, giving them a way to interact with features and functionality of their designs with a few clicks


A machine-learning software solution to optimize customer experience by identifying and removing unproductive clicks.


A travel booking tool for people who want to book a vacation with a single click.


A company that integrates with the payroll system of a company to let employees pay certain bills with a single click.


A tool for finding and hiring independent contractors, allowing companies to outsource tasks to independent contractors with a single click.


This startup is building a cloud-based tool to help small businesses create and manage their websites. It allows companies to create and update their own websites with a single click and without having to buy a domain.


A program that provides “one-click” access to patent information.


A platform for advertisers to manage pay-per-click campaigns for digital media, including banner ads, video ads, and native ads. Its founder, Michael Poulsen, says he’s brought in $10,000 in revenue since its inception in May.


An alternative to the pay-per-click model of web advertising that’s based on a subscription model rather than a pay-per-click scheme. It’s pitching itself as a way for both marketers and consumers to get the information they want.


A startup that lets you add multiple PayPal transactions into one. Called “one-click-pay”


It’s a credit card and a debit card rolled into one, and it’s meant for frequent travellers who want to pay for travel expenses with a single click.


A startup aimed at making buying groceries online much easier, including one-click checkout.


The app lets you make money when your friends want to buy stuff from you. The app creates a “payment” link when you post a photo of an item. When a friend clicks the link, they’re charged a commission on the sale.


A “one click” app that helps you quickly and easily create a personal financial budget. The company has raised $1.5M to develop a web and mobile app to help people budget and save more.


This company wants to make it easier for companies to get funding by letting them create a crowdfunding campaign with a single click. As of now, it’s only available in the US.


Idea: A startup that allows you to make a game with your friends with a few clicks


Idea: A tool that allows users to run a “one-click market research” poll on their website, allowing them to see a sample of their users’ opinions