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A startup that helps people choose where to live based on what is happening in their life, not just on what they can afford


A startup that provides a service where they go through a library and choose books that they think you would enjoy


A B2B platform for local businesses that helps them find and choose the right contractors for the job.


A video platform that chooses the best pieces of footage from a video to create a GIF. The startup, which was founded in May 2014, says it has been offering GIFs for free since last year.


A startup that lets you take a selfie and choose where you want it to appear – like Facebook’s ‘Camera Effects’ – in an Instagram-like interface that’s meant to show you how you look, not what you look like. The company has raised $2 million in seed funding.


Not sure what accelerator to choose for your startup Here are some things to consider:


This startup is building a platform that allows users to book tattoos online. The platform will allow clients to view their tattoos in 3D and choose designs, colors and sizes.


A platform that allows groups to set up private social media accounts and run them as a group. The teams you’re a part of can choose their own rules and restrictions, so it’s a sort of Slack with a self-controlled community.


The app lets users choose what they want to see, and filters out content they don’t want to see.


A “one-time” payment service for reviews, where customers only have to pay once and then don’t have to pay again unless they choose to.


A startup that helps you find a ride share for a trip by using a variety of technology to help you choose a car that’s right for you. The startup has raised $3.5 million in two rounds of funding.


A digital platform that helps make purchasing music more convenient. A user can choose a song and buy it in a few clicks, or use its app for group buying. The company has raised $3.2 million in funding.


A tool that lets you specify what you want your account to look like, and it will provide you with a variety of templates to choose from.


A startup to help people choose a college that fits their personality. The app is a resource for students and parents looking for information about schools.


A way to help users create, host, and share videos in collaboration with other users. Users can choose the location and theme of the video, and add their own music and video.


A startup that allows users to choose their own fitness programming based on their own goals and schedule, with an emphasis on strength training.


An alerting service for people with disabilities, allowing them to choose the channels they want to receive alerts and receive tailored notifications.


A startup that helps people choose and set up online advertising campaigns, including cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand (CPM), cost-per-action (CPA), and cost-per-install (CPI).


A startup that helps you create customized “sampler packs” of music. The startup wants to build an algorithm that lets users produce personalized mixes, or albums, without the need to upload music. Instead, users create a “profile” of songs and artists they like, and the system then chooses other songs the user likes and creates an album, including tracklists. The service is currently free, with plans starting at $5 per month for premium features.


A 1-click home insurance quote app that combines pricing from multiple insurance carriers, and provides a risk assessment to help customers choose the best policy.


A startup that helps you choose, prepare, and deliver food for people who are ill, elderly, or disabled


A tool for teams to choose which cards in a deck to use.


A subscription box service that lets you pick and choose which items you want in your box.


A startup that makes it cheaper and faster for online businesses to choose the best suppliers. It’s essentially a marketplace for business to compare suppliers.


This company wants to build a mobile app that allows parents to choose what type of diaper they would like for their newborn, like chux or a prefold diaper.


A mobile app that lets users choose from a curated list of brands of choice, then gets them rewards when they spend money with them.


This startup is looking to replace the insurance model with a “personalized protection plan” that will cover an individual’s insurance needs over time. The startup will help consumers assess their risks and choose the best coverage.


A startup that connects women to special events and activities around the world, such as virtual tours, culinary classes, and pop-up shops. Women can choose from a list of events and activities and be notified when they’re ready for them.


A startup that wants to build a streamlined enterprise mobile application. Its platform lets businesses choose from pre-built mobile apps or customize them from scratch. It’s built on the Salesforce Chatter API and is targeting the C-Suite.


A startup that turns the web into a better form of research and analysis. The company choose to focus on medical research, where the company is seeing a huge benefit to using the web to perform medical research. It’s using machine learning to turn the web into a better research tool.


This startup is building a digital way to help consumers choose the right hospital for their family member.


A chatbot-based shopping assistant that helps people choose products based on their needs and wants.


A software platform that helps determine the most efficient way to train employees. It’s a web-based platform that lets employees log in and choose their training options, which are then ranked by an algorithm to find the most efficient way to train employees.


This startup is building a new brand of “personal concierge” for the rich and famous that will help them choose the right house to buy, which groundskeeper to hire, and which type of vacation to take.


The startup is bringing online education to the masses with a platform for on-demand classes, live courses and video tutorials. Users pay via Paypal and can choose between monthly and annual memberships.


A company that provides software that helps choose the best video compression settings and then uploads videos to YouTube or Vimeo.


A B2B company that allows banks to choose between an AI/ML-driven platform and a human-driven platform for OCR, fraud detection, and other similar tasks.


A startup that wants to build a ‘truly open’ product stack so that any business can build apps for their customers. Using a pricing plan that forces a company to choose between building an app on their own platform or using a third party.


The idea is to offer a place where you can order custom-made clothing, and have someone else choose your colors, fabrics, and patterns.


A startup that helps people choose a health plan and helps them avoid surprise medical bills.


A tool to help people choose the best type of mortgage for their specific needs.


A startup that builds an AI-based tool to help companies choose the best computer users for their job roles.


A platform that allows people to choose the best time of day to start a workout, with a built-in coach to guide them through their workout session.


A platform to help people choose between different jobs, then find the one that’s the best fit for them.


Idea: This startup is helping to launch a product called “Tinder for travel” where users can pick and choose flights, hotels, transport, etc. and then a concierge arranges the trip for them.


A startup that aims to make it easier for employees to get reimbursed for travel expenses by letting them choose the best options for their business.


A messaging app where users can choose the color of their notifications.


A platform for home cleaning services that allows customers to choose a maid, book a cleaning, and track the progress of their order.


A startup that has built an app for companies to manage remote workers. It works as a virtual call center. The client can choose to pay the workers via a direct deposit or via their bank account. The startup says that their product is like a landline, meaning that a worker can use it even if their employer doesn’t pay for the service.


A platform that helps people find a stylist to help them choose a style that fits their personality and lifestyle, while helping them find and book a stylist.


A company that helps you choose the right storage system for the needs of your business.


A company that’s building a platform for “unbundling” smart home devices so that you can choose from a wide range of products made by different companies.


A company that helps people choose the right credit card to use. It’s based on the premise that most people don’t realize that the card they already have is probably the right one for them.


A tool that helps content marketers find the most effective ways to promote their work. The startup wants to make content marketing cheaper by removing the middleman and letting companies choose what works best for them.


This business is building a system that allows buyers to choose and track the most reputable and reliable retailers, and helps them avoid fraudulent sellers.


A tool that helps startups choose the best insurance


Idea: A startup that lets you hire a life coach or choose from a bunch of vetted life coaches and mentors


A startup that allows people to browse a map of the world to help them choose where to go on their next vacation