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Cheapest Startup Ideas

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A chat bot that helps you find the cheapest flights to your destination, set alerts for when prices drop, and handle tons of other travel-related tasks. The startup is focused on helping travelers manage their itineraries and get the most out of their travel.


A company that helps people figure out what kind of insurance they need, and then helps them find the best and cheapest way to get it. The startup says they’ve already gotten good feedback from people who have used their site.


A mobile app that helps people find the best and cheapest public transportation in their city. Called "Uber for Transportation", it's already in beta in New York and San Francisco.


A startup that helps businesses in the UK get the cheapest rates on international shipping


A startup that helps travelers plan their trip, determine the best route, and book the cheapest fare.


A startup to take the guesswork out of buying tickets to events. It helps consumers find the cheapest ticket and compares deals from around the web, thus making the experience of buying tickets simple and convenient.


A travel booking app that helps travelers find the cheapest flights.


A platform that shows you the cheapest electricity rates in your area, saving you money.


A startup that helps you find the cheapest places to go in the US (60,000 restaurants, 2,500 hotels, and 2,500 attractions) and then helps you price-compare them. The startup is profitable and has 75,000 users, and is profitable again after a $2 million round in late 2019.


A product that helps people save on bills by switching to the cheapest energy provider in their area.


This app helps users find dentists, find the cheapest prices for insurance, and a host of other financial services.


A startup that helps you plan your trip to the beach, from finding the cheapest flight, to finding the best hotel.


A startup that wants to help users find the right parts at the cheapest price. It’s currently in testing with parts retailers.


An AI-powered personal assistant that finds the cheapest ride for the user. The startup has over 500,000 rides booked since launching in April, with a 2% take rate.


A way to find the cheapest flights by comparing travel prices in real time.


A company that wants to improve the way people pay for airline tickets. The startup is building a new online travel booking platform that they say will help travelers get the cheapest and best seats, and even get upgrades.


A smart phone app that makes it easier to find the cheapest airfare for travel on Facebook. The startup has already seen success with the app, and says they’ve seen a 150% increase in the number of people in India who use it on a daily basis.


A mobile app that helps users find the cheapest price for goods they're buying online.


A platform that helps people find the best and cheapest healthcare, based on the best information available on what treatments are effective, and what providers are best. HealthMap is targeting big cities in the US that have good healthcare options and are currently underserved by them.


This is an AI-powered service for finding the cheapest flights online. The startup currently boasts over 1 million users, and has built a complex machine learning model that it says can find you the cheapest flights.


A travel planning app that helps users find the cheapest flights from A to B, with an average savings of over $100.


A startup that uses your location to show you the cheapest gas stations near where you are.


A digital assistant for travel planning, to help you find the cheapest flights, hotels, and car rentals. The startup has raised $2.5 million.


A tool that allows people to find out the cheapest way to drive to a particular location.


A fun app for finding the cheapest car rental when traveling abroad.


A startup that wants to show you how to easily find the cheapest prices on stuff you buy regularly.


A startup that allows you to track flights and hotels so you can find the cheapest prices.


This is a mobile app that uses facial recognition to help you find the cheapest gas in your area.


A startup that allows users to find and book the cheapest flights to any city.


A startup that uses artificial intelligence to direct users to the cheapest and most reliable oil prices offered at the pump.


Ideas: A chatbot for Slack. A bot for Slack that helps you find the cheapest flight to a destination, among other things.


This is an app that helps you find the cheapest prices and delivery times for your favorite vendors.