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Charging Startup Ideas

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The company’s first product is a credit card reader that plugs into a mobile device. It’s meant to work with a smartphone’s wireless charging capabilities.


A smart electric car startup that is working on creating a platform that makes battery charging more efficient, using AI to actually learn from the owner’s driving habits.


A company that is creating an open-source platform to track employee time, and then charging employers for its usage.


A phone app that lets consumers track their car and its maintenance. The startup is working on a new charging dock that will operate with a single cable, so consumers can charge their cars without having to worry about cables.


A company that makes it easy for brands to build and launch their own social media accounts, for free. They charge brands for the pages they create rather than charging a fixed subscription fee.


A different kind of charging station for electric vehicles, focusing on the home. Rather than wirelessly charging vehicles, the startup's stations are stationary and have a separate charging port for plugging in phones and tablets.


A startup that allows people to rent their homes to Airbnb hosts on a per-night basis, charging a fee to those hosts.


A startup known as “The Human Body on Demand”, which aims to be the Airbnb of medical testing. The company is currently testing a system which allows you to get a blood test on-demand, with the possibility of charging for the service.


A startup that has invented a new way to charge for electric vehicle charging stations.


A platform that makes it easy for authors to build their own websites from scratch, selling their content to publishers and charging them per view or per download. The startup is also working on a platform to run e-commerce stores.


This startup is building an app that helps people design their own personalized delivery drones. The drones will be powered by the startup’s own solar-powered drone charging technology.


A digital credit card designed to help people pay for things by charging a small amount each time they use it.


A wireless charging pad that looks like a credit card. The company wants to create a whole ecosystem that combines charging stations, wireless charging pads, and a mobile app.


A startup that aims to help US cities build 100,000 solar powered charging stations across major highways to help people get around.


A payments startup that helps merchants accept all major credit cards by charging them the same price. PayMill charges the merchant a flat 2.5% fee for every credit card transaction.


A company that makes solar-powered charging stations for electric vehicles. The startup has built an entire flexible solar panel that can be connected to any car.


As an online continuing education course for lawyers, this startup is hoping to enable higher education for lawyers without charging tuition.


A widget that helps you save money on your phone bill by automatically charging your phone only when you’re near a Wi-Fi network.


A charging station for electric vehicles that includes charging stations for both Tesla’s and Nissan’s vehicles.


A company that is creating a new kind of wireless charger, which takes the form of a lamp with a cable that plugs into the wall and then into the charging device. The lamp can then charge multiple devices at the same time, and with the lights off the lamp can also act as a nightstand.


The startup is building a Wi-Fi device with a built-in battery for charging your phone in the middle of nowhere, allowing for more travel freedom.


A company creating a consumer credit score, charging a monthly fee to help you get a better credit score.


A startup that’s building a “smart” charging station that can tell when your phone is low on juice and automatically deliver a new battery.


A credit app that allows you to save money on your utility bills by charging you for times when you don’t use your home.


A financial app for students that helps colleges accept payments directly from a student’s bank account, instead of charging fees or taking checks.


A new company that wants to make wireless charging more convenient, and aims to make the charging cord no longer necessary.


A solution for companies to provide real-time expense tracking and invoicing from anywhere in the world. The company is currently charging for the early access of its beta, but plans to launch publicly in early 2019.


A company that helps people pay for car rentals by tracking their driving habits and charging them for how much they drive each week


A company that makes a nearly-unbreakable, bendable charging cable. The company says they’ve seen their cables get dropped, stepped on, and run over multiple times by cars and trucks and they’ve never snapped or even bent.


A recruiting platform for seasonal workers, charging $2 per hire.


Ordering dry cleaning on the phone, meeting delivery times, charging for lost items, and tracking returns.


A platform for real estate agents to easily manage multiple listing services (MLS) listings on behalf of their clients, charging a small percentage of each sale.


A startup that wants to help people become more efficient at managing their money. It’s charging people a monthly fee to manage their money for them.


A platform to help people organize their finances, including mutual funds, stocks, retirement accounts. The company makes money by charging a fee for transactions.


A startup that's building a wireless charging system that is more efficient than current options.


A wireless charging pad for your smartphone. The company is working to make the whole process of charging wirelessly faster, and also plans to work on a spot-on version in which a charging pad can be placed on any surface and a smartphone can be placed on top to charge.


A way to monitor and track the usage of a person’s electric car. The startup is pitching their product as a way to accurately track a person’s gas consumption and make sure they’re charging when they’re supposed to.


A startup that helps people find affordable housing and makes money by charging rent (like airbnb does)


Idea: A startup building a chatbot for booking appointments for electric car charging


Idea: A startup that helps companies hire remote employees in an age where “anyone can work from anywhere” The startup claims that it’s already raised $120,000 in revenue, charging $20,000 per month for its services


Idea: A keychain-sized wind turbine for charging phones


Idea: This startup wants to make it easier for people to get matched up with local experts like doctors or lawyers. It currently has 2,200 experts signed up, and is charging $45/hr for up to five hours of work.