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by @levelsio

Certain Startup Ideas

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A tool for helping people find a ride within a certain time frame.


When you have a startup, you can’t just find some random engineer to join you — it takes a certain amount of money to build out your team.


A mobile app that helps people donate blood when they’re within a certain distance of a blood donation center.


Delivery service that promises to get an item to you after a certain interval, following a route that minimizes driving, and lets you pick up items from a store.


A startup that aims to take the power out of microgrids and put it into the hands of consumers. The startup is working on a battery pack with solar panels that can be installed on the rooftops of homes and offices and be used to supply electricity for a certain period of time, much like a powerbank.


A company that uses artificial intelligence to help investors avoid certain stocks


A company that helps companies provide more services in-house. The startup helps companies go from outsourcing certain tasks to doing them in-house.


A startup that gives you a free credit card (with no annual fees) when you sign up for a certain amount of money back when you shop online


A tool for buyers to find sellers of certain items, like appliances or cars, and get a quote from several sellers at once.


A way to create a custom electronic “recipe” for how to do things, so you could, for instance, create an app to play a specific video file, or need to know how to cook a certain dish.


A fingerprint-based unlock system for phones. The startup is trying to make fingerprint sensors more secure by having users open their phones in a certain way and secure them. This is a startup that has been around for a while, with a version known as SnapLock, but it is now rebranding itself as Fingerprint Lock.


A social media tool that allows users to upload selfies and then tag them with certain details. The startup wants to make it easier for people to tag a photo with information, whether it be the date or a description.


A subscription-based service that allows people to get their medical records from their primary care physician to a specialist at their choice for a fee. The company also claims that it can help people find specialists within a certain time frame.


A learning platform that helps people learn how to do certain things through a variety of different means.


A company that integrates with the payroll system of a company to let employees pay certain bills with a single click.


A platform for hiring contractors in the U.S. The startup wants to make it easier for companies to find and hire freelancers for certain jobs.


A tool to help recruiters identify the best candidates for each job. For instance, if an ad says a certain job is in Chicago, the tool can look up the average salary and job openings to determine if this job is a good match.


A decentralized marketplace for content, where users can enter their own videos and get paid for them after a certain period of time.


A startup that pairs a user’s phone number with a set of features that are only available during a certain time of day. It’s meant to help users fill out surveys faster by making the process more convenient.


This little wearable sensor makes it easier to find your phone when you lose it. The device is supposed to vibrate if it’s within a certain radius of your phone.


A startup that posts interesting things to read in a certain category, or a tough topic like “How to be a good parent” with articles like “How to get your kid to go to bed.”


A company that uses a personalized approach to help a person change a habit by writing a custom program to help an individual cut down on a certain behavior.


This startup helps companies by helping them automate the tedious processes in their call center. The company helps companies “automate the pain” by making it easier for workers to handle certain tasks in the call center, such as making customer greetings, answering simple questions, and transferring a call to another agent.


A platform that helps find the best rooms at a hotel for a certain guest based on their profile. The company says it’s a “nudged recommendation” system using AI and machine learning.


A tool that enables employers to give workers a percentage of their salary for a certain period of time, allowing them to build a sustainable business.


Sends a reminder to a person’s phone to take a pill at a certain time, and also tracks how many pills they take. The startup is planning an update that will include an app that will help people keep track of what they’re supposed to be taking.


A startup that tracks the value of your car, and sends you a text message anytime the value of your car has depreciated by a certain amount


A startup that provides a service for picking up groceries for you at a certain time every week


A startup that provides a service where people can find a real estate agent who is interested in the buying/selling of a home in a certain price range


A startup that helps people with their resume if they are having a hard time getting one above a certain number


Idea: A startup that wants to help you manage your money The company is building a tool that lets you track your spending, set goals and budgets and get alerts when you go over a certain amount


Idea: A craft brewery with a subscription model — you can buy a membership which gives you a certain number of free beers per month, or you can pay for a certain number of beers per month.


A startup that provides a service where people can hire a personal trainer to help them meet specific health goals in a certain time period