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Cash Startup Ideas

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A startup for selling and buying used computers from other people. Users can sell their old computers in exchange for cash or trade them in for newer ones. The company provides a platform to help people sell their old computers and also offers a buy credit option.


A payment system that works with both cash and digital currency.


A company that provides a platform that connects physical retail locations and other businesses like cashiers, janitors, and other support staff.


A mobile application that allows users to earn cash back on their purchases in exchange for providing feedback.


A startup that helps businesses manage their cash flow. The tool helps companies forecast where their cash will come from, and sends automated reminders when it runs low. The startup uses machine learning and AI to help companies forecast how much cash they would have at this month’s end and the next month.


A rewards platform that lets people earn points for doing things with their phones, like taking a photo, following accounts and businesses, and more. Bunch can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, or travel.


A SaaS platform to help companies quickly build and manage apps using public and private cloud. The company is currently cash-flow positive with over 100 paying customers.


A smartphone app that allows employees to find the nearest cash and card-accepting ATM.


a company that helps customers in Europe manage their money quickly and easily. Its first product will be a prepaid Visa card that can be loaded with cash through a debit card.


If you’ve been to a restaurant in the United States, chances are you’ve left a tip. But what happens to that tip What if that tip was shared with the next person who dined at the same restaurant Farbric’s app cuts out the middleman, allowing the restaurant to keep more of that cash.


This company wants to replace the need for cashiers in grocery stores. It’s not just a vending machine that dispenses goods, but a multi-modal platform that handles payment and inventory. The company has partnered with major grocers, including Publix, Kroger, and Albertsons.


A tool for cashiers to easily check if a transaction is considered a cash or credit one.


A cashless system for secure payments


A platform for small farmers that makes it easier for them to sell their crops online, with a cash-back guarantee.


Aiming to make it easier for people to use digital cash, the startup wants to make it easier for people to pay each other without the need to send money through a bank. They’re working to make digital cash as ubiquitous as a credit card.


A new way for companies to pay employees, using a rewards-based system with no cash transfers. The company instead creates a digital savings account for employees, allowing them to track their earnings and also cashing out the money when they leave.


A startup that helps people get their minds around the idea of “a world without cash”


A startup that allows restaurants to become cashless.


A startup for selling used cars online for cash


A text-messaging app that allows people to pay businesses via text message. The startup wants to replace the cashier at your local store.


 A company that helps small businesses manage their inventory using the cash flow and inventory data of a POS system.


A startup that allows people to buy and sell stuff with cash they don’t have. It’s a bit like the Venmo app, but for people without Venmo accounts.


A web-based P2P lending platform that uses the blockchain to ensure the cashflow of the loan, using AI to predict default rates.


This startup wants to help first-time home buyers who don’t have the money for down payments. It’s hoping to help people who have saved for years but still need a bit more cash to close on a home. It wants to take a few thousand dollars and give it to the buyer.


Money does not work like it used to. It’s more like a series of cashier store charges. This company wants to make the experience of using cash for transactions more like the way we use our phones.


This startup is building software to allow retailers to offer a new way to pay for goods and to pay their employees. The software removes the need for cashiers, since customers can just request a payment from their phone.


A payment processor for small businesses that provides low-cost ATM withdrawals and cash-back payments. The company wants to partner with ATMs that have locations in underserved areas that have a high concentration of cash-carrying customers.


A digital “wallet” for rideshare drivers (that’s UberX, Lyft, etc.) to pay expenses like deductibles, gas and maintenance. The digital wallet eventually will allow drivers to take rides anywhere and pay their expenses without having to have cash on hand.


In the middle of April, Lyft announced it was making $1.25 billion in revenue per quarter, with over $1 billion in cash. In the middle of May, Uber announced that it had $7.4 billion in cash.


A startup that allows restaurant workers to accept tips with their smartphones rather than just their cash registers


A company that makes digital wallets for vending machines, allowing users to pay with credit cards and cash.


Helps users find the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. The startup allows you to search for flights, hotels, car rentals and more, and then allows you to filter the results by price, location, amount, and whether you’d like to pay with cash or credit card.


A startup that wants to build a “pay it forward” model, where people volunteer to pay for others’ purchases in the name of “paying it forward”. It’s a bit like the Amazon Dash, but with the automatic donation of the $5 to the cashier instead of the Amazon account.


A credit card with no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, no penalty fees, no cash advance fees, no late fees, and a 0% intro APR for 15 months.


A financial services startup that helps companies and employees track their cash flow and financial status. The company is building a software platform that says can help companies manage their funds, from paying employees and issuing paychecks to buying inventory.


A Square-like mobile payment system that focuses on retail, but with a focus on cashless transactions and no fees for the merchants.


The company is pairing the digital technology used by banks to process payments to the physical elements of a cash machine, such as a keypad and a printer, to create an end-to-end solution.


Idea for a startup to help people who want to stay on top of their money and investments. The company would offer customers a set of online tools and a “wealth coach” to help them stay on top of their investments and cashflow.


A startup that gives away stock instead of cash to startups when they want to accelerate their growth.


A startup that wants to replace the need for cashiers at your local grocery store. It’s a kiosk with a full-sized grocery store inside, with plans to expand to more locations in the future. They’re currently in beta in Philadelphia.


A startup that lets you share blog posts, products, and events with your social network through SMS. It’s free, and as you write you get paid in cash, in dollars or in bitcoin.


A company that helps companies with their cash flow problems by managing their payroll and invoicing.


This is a tool for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint. The company is focused on helping companies reduce their energy consumption, and plans to launch a product that does this by helping them track energy usage and then offset the usage with cash.


A B2B service that helps companies manage their cash, payments and accounts via a single integrated platform.


A company that provides a service that lets customers pay for their groceries using a credit card without having to carry cash.


A new service that lets companies run their own credit card processing, giving them the ability to take cash out of the ATM and sending it directly to a bank account.


The startup is building out an app that helps small businesses with accounting and cashflow. It’s meant to help businesses manage their finances by making it easy to create invoices, track sales, and keep track of cash.


A startup trying to bring payments made through a physical credit card to cash-only establishments. The startup is pitching its service as a way to bring cash-only businesses into the digital age.


A startup that rewards employees for being more productive. Employees can earn points by completing tasks like answering customer service calls or helping with marketing, which they can then redeem for rewards or cash.


A way for people to buy and sell items on Amazon with cash in hand.


Tired of paying hefty overdraft fees, this startup wants to make banks obsolete and hand them over to their customers, who can then pay bills and get cash advances directly from their bank accounts.


 A bitcoin ATM service that doesn't accept cash.


Fintech startup that wants to help small businesses with cash flow and credit management.


An office terminal for cash businesses


Everyone has a friend or acquaintance that they’d like to loan money to, but they have no way to do so. MoneyBroker does just that, pairing people with other people in need of cash with those who have funds to give. The startup has already raised $2.5 million and is currently on-boarding more than 2,000 users a month.


A company that connects stores’ cashiers with our grocery delivery apps. Express Grocer lets customers order groceries from a local store and have them delivered to their door step.


This startup is building a tool to help businesses manage their cash flow. It’s building an app and a platform that helps a business manage its cash flow and make smart business decisions.


A company that plans to create a new kind of payments system that is more secure, transparent, and consistent across the globe. It aims to be a way for the entire world to transact in cash.


A software company that helps businesses figure out how much they’re paying for electricity, and then sets up a cash flow model to ensure they’re using less electricity. The company has a database of over 1,000 utility companies that it uses to calculate the cost of electricity.


A digital rewards program for customers. Customers earn points for purchases, and then redeem them for prizes ranging from gift cards to gadgets and cash.


Shoppers are no longer satisfied with the bulky, slow, and expensive payment options available today. Shift wants to provide the option of paying with cash at local stores.


A startup that makes a credit card that works like a debit card but offers cash back


This startup helps businesses sell their spare computer parts to repair shops for cash.


Service giving people cash for completing tasks through their phones. Bemis has raised $10 million and has already onboarded more than 200,000 people in the US and Mexico.


A cloud-based ERP that helps shed light on a business’s financials and keep control of its cash flow.


A digital tool that helps people manage their finances. The startup is pitching itself as a tool to help people manage their cash flow and manage debt.


 A mobile app that lets you pay for groceries at the cash register using an Android phone, without having to leave the store or wait in line.


A company that wants to help small businesses manage their point-of-sale systems, including software that powers the POS and other hardware like cash registers.


A company that helps retailers in India make money on data they collect on customer behaviors. Currently, they’re using the company’s software to manage their cash desks in stores.


A startup that helps small businesses get more serious cash infusions from investors.


A French startup that wants to bring a more accessible way to access financial services to the unbanked in developing countries. The startup is building a mobile app that connects to the bank account of the unbanked, and then allows them to make international transfers and even cash out to a local currency.


A company that makes a point-of-sale system for bars that doesn’t require a cash register.


A tool that helps fuel station cashiers and shopkeepers make accurate purchases from in-store kiosks, and creates new revenue opportunities for both.


A platform that helps saving for retirement, based on the idea that many Americans’ retirement savings come from old-fashioned and not so old-fashioned vehicles: cash deposits, a Roth IRA, or a 401(k).


A startup that provides merchants with tools to manage their cash flow, including an online platform to make payments. It has over $100 million in transactions, and processes about a million dollars in payments per month.


A $7 credit card that lets you avoid fees for cash withdrawals at ATMs. The startup also partners with retailers like Chipotle to allow you to use the card for online orders.


A payment platform that allows stores to take credit card payments directly from customers. The startup provides technology to stores to collect credit cards and data on customers. It also operates a cashier-less store with integrated technology.


A mobile app that helps walk-ups and other customers to order food from their smartphones without having cash or a credit card on them.


Blockchain-based invoice financing for startups, which uses smart contracts to allow companies to leverage their own cash flow to finance new acquisitions.


One of the most well-known startups in YC, ZestFinance is working on a suite of financial products for the cannabis industry. The company is working to build a platform that will help dispensaries and cannabis-related businesses better manage their cash flow.


A mobile payment system for mobile commerce, which supports pay-as-you-go mobile wallets, cash on delivery, and mobile carriers. The startup has partnerships with mobile carriers in India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


Idea: A cashback service for blockchain payments (eg paying with bitcoin for a meal at a restaurant)


Zulberry is a mobile payments and commerce platform aimed at growing business in emerging markets. The company wants to become a more effective digital alternative to cash.


Magig is a startup that has a new take on how to borrow money. It’s sort of like Venmo, except for the borrower. The startup allows users to send money to their friends in exchange for lending them cash that they can pay back over time.


A tool that helps businesses manage their cashflow. The startup currently has over 100 customers, including Shopify, Stripe, Stripe Connect, and more.


A free social media app that lets you send and receive cash through the app


Winners of the first annual Venture Challenge will get a $1,000 cash prize. The event is being held at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.


A web-based platform for small businesses to better manage their bookkeeping, accounting, and cash flow.


The startup will provide an easy way to buy and sell your old electronics securely. The company will pay you in cash via PayPal or make a donation to a charity of your choice.


A startup that wants to give people a way to share photos and videos via text message, and earn cash for it. It has a mobile app and a web-app.


A platform that helps users keep track of the money they spend in the app. It’s like a cash-flow app that helps you keep track of your money.


A “cash back” app that lets users earn cash back on purchases made in-store.


The company wants to build a global wholesale platform that enables small businesses to trade cash in and out of their digital wallets.


Idea: A startup that helps people in the US save for international travel by converting their credit card rewards into cash. The startup is focusing on helping people who are about to travel abroad in the next three months.


A platform that helps small businesses manage their expenses. The startup has built a cloud-based software system that allows small businesses to run reports and track their cash flow, and handle expenses such as rent, utilities, and business contributions. It offers free plans for nonprofits and businesses with fewer than $1 million in revenue.


Idea: A company that makes it easy for companies to pay their employees with a card that can be used to withdraw cash, make purchases online, or used for ATM withdrawals.


Idea: A software platform for small businesses that makes it easier for them to do cash-flow forecasting


Idea: A social network for fantasy sports enthusiasts, with a “Play Money” currency that allows users to play for fun and for cash. The company launched in Australia in September and has since launched on Facebook in the US.


 A software company that provides a way for people to use their phones to get cash from an ATM, rather than using a credit card, and earn rewards points in the process.


A new mobile payment system that makes it easy for users to pay with their phone at restaurants. Users can make purchases of up to $5 by simply showing a digital code to the cashier.


A startup that helps companies manage their books and finances, including keeping track of revenue, expenses, cash flow, and company financials.


A startup for meeting planners and event services. A software company that helps companies manage their capital, cash, and expense budgets. A SaaS company that provides companies with an easy way to predict how much inventory they will need to order. An online marketplace that connects hotel merchants, small businesses, and other groups with the company’s hotel partners. A solution for real-estate brokers to manage and share MLS data securely.