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Career Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps colleges and high schools provide students with career and technical education.


A startup that provides a service that helps people in their 20s and 30s with their career transitions


A startup that helps you get your career from idea to reality


A startup that helps people make decisions about education and careers before they go to college


A startup that provides a service to people who are looking to make a significant career change and want to do a 6 month stint to get a taste of what it’s like to be in a new industry


A startup that helps women and men work together to grow their careers, by helping them find each others’ LinkedIn connections.


A tool that helps people evaluate their careers in a way that has real-time feedback from their managers. It’s currently used in early rounds at Y Combinator.


A company that helps users and companies find jobs. The startup’s platform helps users apply for jobs in their area, helping them break into new industries and find careers.


A community that helps students of the University of California and beyond get the finance and career capital they need to start their own business.


A community for young adults that wants to help them get into finance and grow their careers.


An online dating platform for young people that focuses on their education and career. The company wants to normalize youth dating by making it easier and more attractive to have a career as well as a dating life.


A startup that helps people find a mentor or a coach to help them make career decisions and take them from idea to reality


A SaaS-based app that helps employees manage their career, health, and wellness.


A platform where people can ask questions to experts, and get answers and advice. The idea is that millions of people can use it to get help with anything from career advice to questions about their own health.


This startup is a “personal budgeting solution” for freelancers. The idea is to make it easier to see how much money you’ve made and how much you’ve spent over the course of your career and to make it easier to plan spending.


The software lets employers manage the careers of anonymous employees. The startup is using the data to help companies recruit talent from candidates who have the best qualifications.


A startup that provides a service to help people who are looking for a new career find one that is a better fit


A startup that is building a platform to allow high school students to build a career in technology.


If interested, please send us an updated resume to [email protected]


A platform that helps people connect with people who can help them with their career


A career search platform that helps employers find local talent.


A platform that helps comic book creators and artists manage their businesses and careers.


A tool for helping people find their next career move, which is focused on helping employees change jobs within the same company.


A platform for managing the career of a single individual. The company’s goal is to give a platform to employers to manage the career of a single individual. The platform is particularly interesting because it would allow a company to manage the career of a single individual.


A company that advances the careers of aspiring opera singers, giving them a place to record, rehearse, and perform their music.


A company that offers career services to people in the fashion industry. The startup wants to help people get job interviews, find mentors, and improve their careers.


A platform for digital content creators to manage their careers.


A virtual assistant that helps people run their businesses. The startup’s job board is unique in that it’s also a full-service platform that helps users manage their careers, including job-seeking, interviewing, and salary negotiations, among other things.


Founded in 2012 by Joshua Williams and Mark Wascura, the company develops and sells a platform that allows companies to build and manage their own travel and expense management platforms. Williams and Wascura began their careers as software engineers and spent 13 years at Oracle and HP respectively, before deciding to start the company in 2012. They raised $5 million in 2014 and $12 million in 2017.


The startup is building a platform that tracks a driver’s career, optimizing the way companies hire and manage their drivers.


A tool for building personalized career/life plans, with a focus on the intersection of business and spirituality.


A startup to help employees make better career decisions.


A startup that wants to “be the go-to destination for students and professionals to discover, apply, and begin their careers in tech”.


A platform that brings together employers and job seekers, helping both sides stay informed of opportunities and manage their careers through an online dashboard.


A startup to help people find and keep jobs. It’s like Monster and CareerBuilder, but built for the millennial job seeker.


A platform that helps actors book their jobs, manage their careers, and get paid on a per-performance basis.


This app lets users create customizable timelines for their future, with the goal of helping people make decisions about careers, relationships, health, and life.


Building a company that helps people and companies track and run their careers and careers better.


A 3-day conference for both founders and investors. It’s a conference for people who have acquired startups at some point in their career and want to learn from others.


The startup will use AI to match individuals with the right job or career match for them. The startup will also conduct “academic-style job fairs” for employers.


A startup that wants to help people make the transition from a traditional job to a freelance career.


Idea: A coaching platform that helps software engineers achieve their long-term career goals


Idea: A Better Way to Find the Right Career for You


Idea: A platform for professional athletes and teams to organize their finances and manage their careers from a digital dashboard


Idea: A startup that provides students with an online forum to help each other figure out what career paths they should take.