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Capital Startup Ideas

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 A micro-funding platform for entrepreneurs, reducing the cost of startup capital for high growth startups by providing a mechanism for investors to match their own funds with the startups they care about. The goal is to save startups money on the front end while generating real returns on the back end.


 A startup that uses a “virtual bank” to allow companies to get capital without having to go through a traditional bank. It is looking to extend its service to the UK, Europe and Asia.


A tool for managing and harvesting content from a website’s search and sharing features. The startup has raised $5.2 million from a number of investors, including Google Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Mitch Kapor.


Newfund is building a platform that uses big data to make it easier for companies to raise capital from investors.


A concierge service to help investors source private capital.


The concept of the accelerator is a young one, with the first accelerator programs emerging in the late 1990s in Silicon Valley and New York. In general, accelerators help startups get off the ground, providing capital, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


A startup that enables companies to capitalize on the trend of people increasingly choosing to live with roommates, and helping them find roommates with their companies' benefits.


The San Francisco Bay Area is home to more than 200 companies that have received a total of more than $80 billion in venture capital funding as of Q3 2017.


A platform intended to help companies figure out how to make their processes more efficient. NetBix is backed by some of the biggest names in venture capital: Mayfield, Ignition Partners, and others.


A food delivery service for medical patients. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, and General Catalyst.


A subsidiary of Bowery Capital that helps companies raise capital from private investors. Bowery Capital and its parent company Bowery Labs have raised $32M across six rounds of funding.


As a company, HirePound has raised $1.4 million in capital. But as a company, it says it is on track to make $50 million in revenue in the next year. The company is a job board for the growing gig economy, connecting employers with micro-consultants and other contractors.


A company that helps crews build and launch new apps without a lot of upfront capital. It’s launching with an app that helps small businesses with the software development process—from project definition to iteration on a prototype to launch.


A startup that helps people find and close the deals for them. The startup is focused on the B2B segment, but it’s already working with companies like Capital One, Intuit, and Salesforce.


A startup that wants to solve the “capital management” problem for enterprise software startups. Instead of companies managing all of their own financial resources, they plan to provide a service that helps startups manage their capital, paying for those resources as needed.


A startup that helps large companies find the best capital financing options, and helps them connect with potential investors


As we reported last week, Blue Capital is building a “wage engine” for the gig economy that will help people figure out how to actually pay their rent.


A venture capital firm that invests only in female founders, focusing on early-stage companies that focus on women’s health.


A community that helps students of the University of California and beyond get the finance and career capital they need to start their own business.


This startup is building a platform to make it easier to get access to capital via loans.


A startup that helps people find mentors for their startups, with the objective of helping them raise capital.


In mid-July, the startup said it has already raised $1.5 million from investors including Sequoia Capital and Union Square Ventures. It’s working on a similar product to Facebook’s Onavo.


A team of three has raised $1.4 million from investors including First Round Capital, HLM Ventures, and Mayfield Fund. The company is building an AI-based software platform to help businesses optimize their supply chain operations.


Y Combinator’s newest batch of companies has expanded the YC Network to over 200 companies, including 50 who’ve raised a combined $325 million in capital.


A startup that helps small businesses use big data to improve their operations. The company’s software helps companies make accurate trade-off decisions between labor and capital in order to optimize their operations.


A web-based collaboration platform that helps people brainstorm and write down ideas. The company just closed $1.1M in seed funding from investors like Fidelity Investments and Bain Capital Ventures.


A platform that helps brands get social media engagement from their customers. The company is developing a micro-blogging platform for brands, with a focus on its “Brand Advocates”, who are Instagrammers who are paid to share and promote the brands with their followers. The company is nearing $2 million in funding after raising $800,000 in seed capital.


Blockchain capital management for SMBs, designed to help them access capital from banks.


A free chat app for developers. The company has already raised $5.5M in funding from some of the largest VCs in the world, including Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and more.


A brand new CRM product from Capital One, which boasts a product team of two people. The product is designed to help small businesses manage their customer relationship management, with a focus on helping businesses handle financial transactions and invoicing.


"It’s in the works," said Guy Kawasaki, a venture capitalist who has invested in the company. "We’re thinking about a lot of things that I can’t talk about today."


A company that helps companies and organizations raise money from new and existing investors, including Angel investors, venture capitalists, family offices and more.


This year’s judges were Jason Ho, Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures; Kristi Puller, Founder, and CEO, Techstars; Bill Gaver, General Partner, 500 Startups; and Sanjay Dastoor, Founder, and CEO, InVenture Partners.


A podcast that focuses on the intersection of technology and business, including interviews with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.


A microfinancing platform that gives small businesses access to capital they need to grow.


This startup is building a platform for the fintech industry that aims to help banks manage their lending, investments, and risk. The platform was built to sit alongside the CapitalOne API.


A company with an $8 million Series A led by First Round Capital, Techstars, and Citi Ventures


A software that helps companies raise capital without the need for a CTO.


A tool that helps people create and share their own GIFs. The startup has raised $200K in seed funding from AngelPad, Kapor Capital, and others.


The company’s pitch is that it is building a digital platform to help entrepreneurs raise capital at a much lower cost than traditional venture capital.


A group of “startup veterans” that want to build a platform for startups to raise capital. It aims to help startups raise $500,000 in seed funding, as well as $1 million in Series A funding and $5 million in a Series B. The startup is in pre-launch mode, with a staff of 15 that includes YC alumni.


First Round Capital is one of the earliest and most successful seed stage investors, having backed over 100 companies in the past 15 years.


A blockchain-based invoice financing platform. The company wants to lower the cost of capital for the global invoice financing market. It’s using the blockchain to replace the middleman and make the process more transparent.


Seed funding was provided by First Round Capital and AngelList.


A platform to help patients with diabetes manage their condition and track the progress of their condition. The startup has raised $2 million in seed funding from venture capitalists from Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.


An on-demand, on-the-go learning platform for executives that helps them quickly learn anything from marketing to HR to finance to sales. The company recently raised $1.5 million in venture capital.


This startup is building a tool that helps you connect with lenders who can provide you with capital for your business. Notable for being a woman-founded startup (two of the three founders are women).


A platform for raising capital for early-stage startups, with a $300,000 monthly fee.


A platform that helps emerging market companies and individuals get capital via blockchain.


The startup is building a “social tool” that helps millennials find and connect with one another to “help them grow their social capital”. The social platform has already built a $1.2 million round of funding and has raised another $3 million in a seed round.


A video platform for customers to create and promote their own videos and businesses to find new customers. Currently gaining traction, raised $1.5 million in seed capital in June of 2019.


In August 2018, the company raised a $2.5 million seed round from Right Side Capital, and has since expanded to New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.


A platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The company has raised $1.3 million from investors including Y Combinator, Foundation Capital and Founders Fund. The company has raised $2.2 million total.


The following are notable U.S. venture capital firms that invest in or work with startups in the areas of healthcare:


A startup has built a technology to predict and prevent stock market crashes. The company wants to use its technology to manage the flow of capital into financial markets.


In 2016, SVFI raised $3.6 million from several prominent investors, including Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, SV Angel, and Lux Capital.


A startup that helps companies and organizations manage their resumés and job applications, providing a service that’s currently being used by companies like UPS, IBM, and Capital One.


An investment bank for emerging markets. The startup wants to make it easier for businesses to access capital.


San Francisco-based startups, the city is famous for being “the capital of startups.” However, in recent years, the city has begun to lose its startup scene to other locales in the Bay Area, particularly Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco itself.


A tool for people who want to manage their social media presence. The startup has a global team with offices in the US, UK, and China. It has raised $35M from investors including Sequoia Capital.


A startup that wants to connect freelance workers with jobs through an AI-powered marketplace. The startup is currently working with Capital One to help the bank recruit independent workers.


A company that helps businesses track employees and their movements. Founded in 2009, the startup claims to have raised $9.1 million in venture capital and made it to the finals of Y Combinator's winter 2017 batch.


A SaaS platform that helps companies raise capital more easily. It’s like the Uber of the fundraising world.


A platform for small businesses to access capital. The startup, which was founded in May, is building a supply chain for small businesses to create and manage their own investment opportunities.


A business that sends people to the gym, based on the weather and other data. The company already has more than 40,000 customers in the U.S. and has raised over $2 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive Capital and others.


A tool to help companies raise money at lower costs. It’s a tool for venture capital firms to automate the process of investing in startups.


A platform that connects people with big dreams with the capital to make them come true. It’s an investment platform, and a crowdfunding site at the same time.


Helps companies manage their human capital better by replacing spreadsheets with online tools. Helps companies manage their human capital better by replacing spreadsheets with online tools.


A platform that aims to capitalize on the power of the “frictionless” commerce that comes from services like Uber and Airbnb. The platform will allow consumers to use apps to order groceries, ride-sharing, or take-out, and the company will cover the cost of delivery.


A company that offers a new way to invest in real estate. The startup’s platform offers monthly payments of invested capital with a fixed rate of return on a pool of real estate investments. It’s a p2p lending platform, and its first customers are on a waitlist.


Idea: A web app that predicts the next card in a Magic: The Gathering game The startup raised $35 million in venture capital and says they have 120,000 active users


Idea: A startup that makes a “free” portfolio builder tool for small businesses, which it says can help them raise capital


Idea: A startup that is building a “daily deal for venture capital”. Users pay $10 per month to get access to a curated list of venture capital funds, startups and VCs.


A SaaS company that helps small businesses manage their capital flow. They help companies figure out when to take partners on, and how to best fund their businesses.


A startup for meeting planners and event services. A software company that helps companies manage their capital, cash, and expense budgets. A SaaS company that provides companies with an easy way to predict how much inventory they will need to order. An online marketplace that connects hotel merchants, small businesses, and other groups with the company’s hotel partners. A solution for real-estate brokers to manage and share MLS data securely.


A startup that wants to provide access to early stage equity for founders who don’t have access to the traditional venture capital market


Idea: The first 100% free, open source code collaboration platform The company has raised $47 million in venture capital and has over 1000 users


Idea: A data-driven advisory service for venture capitalists


A startup that helps entrepreneurs and investors with their search for the right venture capital firm