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by @levelsio

Cant Startup Ideas

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A tool that connects education with job opportunities in the US and India, by matching employers with vacant jobs.


 A startup prototyping a platform for helping companies recruit non-employees without having to pay to recruit a job applicant, which would be a win for the applicant and the company. (This is similar to the above Idea.)


An API for companies to post job openings and filter through applicants.


A software platform for remote companies to manage their recruiting processes and gain a more effective applicant tracking.


A startuplicant tracking platform for online job applications. The startup wants to scale to support large recruitment events like the YC Demo Day.


A startup that provides a service to people who are looking to make a significant career change and want to do a 6 month stint to get a taste of what it’s like to be in a new industry


A company that wants to streamline the hiring process for employers, letting them post jobs and give applicants a chance to respond. It’s been used by companies like Lyft and Warby Parker.


The six-episode series is written by the late Blaine Capatch and directed by his brother, Daniel Capatch, and is produced by Blaine Capatch's company, Significant Productions. It stars Marla Sokoloff, Kyle MacLachlan, Taye Diggs, and Kathleen Quinlan.


An AI-powered chatbot that will guide buyers through the home buying process, with an interface that is designed to make the experience very similar to that of a real agent. The startup believes that this will lead to a significant increase in home sales.


A startup that provides a service to help companies cut down on the number of questions they’re sending to job applicants


This company wants to make it easier to sell people's old cars for them. The startup uses a site to sync with a person's social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and then finds their car on VIN-based sites like CarGurus and AutoTrader.com. Then, they'll take a significant cut of the sale price to buy back a car.


A startup that helps students decide what college to go to, by matching them with data on schools’ average SAT scores, average AP scores, average graduation rates, and more. The company uses algorithms to draw on this data to match applicants to schools.


An ad tech company that’s building a new technology that they say has the potential to significantly change the way digital advertising is purchased and sold. The company’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the digital advertising market by giving advertisers complete control of their ad campaigns, directly from their desktop and mobile devices.


A tool that helps employers find candidates that can fill a vacant position. BuildVac has built a market of more than 300,000 candidates in the US and Canada.


The startup is developing a product for companies that want to conduct on-demand interviews with applicants and potential employees.


A platform that helps local governments make decisions about vacant properties. It's similar to other services like Airbnb, but for rentals.


This is a recruitment tool that centralizes applicant data. The startup makes it easy to manage applicants, including uploading resumes, tracking dates and scheduling interviews, and then acting on the results.


This startup aims to make the process of hiring software engineers easier for smaller teams, and to do so by merging multiple applicant tracking tools. The startup offers a single dashboard for recruiting, applicant tracking and talent management.


An artificial intelligence applicant tracking system for healthcare IT jobs. It helps companies find the best candidates for healthcare IT jobs.


A startuplicant tracking system for connected companies that helps with recruiting and onboarding.


A platform for recruiters to manage and find candidates from social networks. They charge companies by the number of applicants they get, and are already working with Y Combinator.


A tool that helps recruiters find the best candidates for a job. They’re building a team of recruiters, who can make the company’s pool of applicants appear highly qualified.


A startup that helps businesses manage their payments and invoices, which the founders say is significantly more effective than spreadsheets. It aims to be a full-stack solution for companies in need of a better way to manage their accounts receivable.


A tool for automating the hiring process in small businesses, with a focus on matching applicants with job openings.


 A startuplicant tracking/HR SaaS company.


a service that allows employers to find and track jobs from their website, and have job applicants apply through their site


A company focused on helping clients with growing their presence in Asia. Its app helps people navigate Asia’s credit card market, which is significantly different from the US market.


Idea: Software that helps large companies find new job applicants


Idea: A software company that helps job boards and applicant tracking systems manage the recruiting process


A team of engineers have built a product that lets homeowners control their home’s lights, AC, and thermostat via a smartphone — without the need for smart locks. They’re pitching the product as a way to bring smart home technology to more people, and without the need for a significant investment.


Idea: A startup that provides data to help companies find and recruit new employees. It’s a SaaS product that helps companies with both applicant tracking and employee referrals.