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Calendar Startup Ideas

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A way to organize shared teams, with shared calendars, instant messaging, and more.


It’s a Chrome extension that helps you create a to-do list and also adds a new to-do item to your calendar. The startup has raised $2.2 million so far.


A startup that helps people who are going through a divorce by providing a calendar of all the things that need to be done


A tool for business owners and employees to take meetings together, with a calendar view and comments feature.


A text message-based calendar that lets you schedule events and reminders, with a calendar interface. The app is available for iOS and Android


A smartphone-based contact management app, offering a built-in phone book, calendar, and a way to manage contacts.


A company that wants to help hospitals build better technology. It's building cloud software that allows nurses to prioritize patient care, use a shared calendar, communicate with doctors, and more.


A way to help people share their calendars with family and friends and collaborate on events. The company has already raised $2.5 million in seed funding.


It’s a digital calendar that allows users to have a “someday” calendar in addition to a “today” calendar. The startup wants to help people plan more efficiently.


A business calendar app that helps employees in a company collaborate on project updates.


A startup that helps small businesses build their own custom calendars from a free, online template


Real-time prayer concierge that helps you keep track of your prayer times and schedule them into your calendar. It helps you incorporate prayer into your life and keep it on track.


A startup that helps realtors and agents manage their listings more effectively, by allowing them to create a calendar of appointments, and turn it into a marketing tool.


A startup that helps manage your personal and professional life by managing your schedule, email inbox, calendar, contacts and workplace.


A way of organizing a person's social life through a calendar. The startup is backed by Y Combinator, and the company is currently focused on the enterprise market, but plans to bring it to consumers soon.


6,000 employees worldwide use this company’s service to connect with, and manage, their boss’s calendars.


A digital drawer that provides a digital photo frame, calendar, diary, and address book. It’s designed for the elderly and visually impaired.


A startup that wants to build a platform for managing and organizing your entire digital life. It’s a way to keep things organized on all your devices, including a “calendar of everything” that can be accessed from any device.


The company wants to create a “next-gen” version of a CRM that integrates with your email inbox and calendar.


A startup that integrates with Slack to create a team chat and calendar like interface that helps people stay on track with their goals.


A goal-oriented task list app that helps you achieve your goals by tracking your progress and mapping it to a calendar.


A calendar for video producers that allows them to plan their schedules and keep track of what they have planned.


A “social network for club members” that lets you save the best events in a club’s calendar for your friends to see.


A startup that lets you sync your Microsoft Outlook calendar to your iPhone.


This startup makes a workplace calendar that automatically syncs with a company's online calendar, and is integrated with Slack.


A web-based calendar for professional conference attendees that allows them to arrange and plan their personal and professional schedules.


A platform for personalized digital health, a healthcare app that uses AI to help users think more about what’s good for their health and less about how to check off boxes on a calendar.


A tool that helps team members at any level of an organization stay in touch, with tools like group video chats, a team calendar, and more.


A startup that helps users sync their calendars and contacts in the cloud with their phones.


A communication and collaboration tool that compiles everything from your calendar into a single location. It’s meant to help an employee manage all their communication and project management needs.


A solution for people who don’t have easy access to email, with email as an optional extra. The platform allows people to manage email by using a calendar app.


A startup that offers the ability to schedule meetings with anyone through Facebook Messenger. Social Calendar is an iOS app that aims to make scheduling meetings easier, with features like a calendar widget and a back-and-forth messaging system to make scheduling a breeze.


A road trip app that helps you find activities across the country, put them on the calendar and remind you when to go


A task management app built for startups. Some of the features include social sharing, time tracking, and a calendar that can push notifications to the phone.


A tool to help users manage their work hours, with a built-in calendar to help users schedule their time off.


A SaaS-based application for meeting and event planning that includes an online calendar, interactive maps, and invitations.


A startup for planning a family trip that you can then sync with your calendar.


A digital alternative for physical notes and calendars. The startup says it’s a better way to organize and share calendars with family and friends. They charge $5 per month for a calendar with unlimited notes.


Allows users to create a “smarter” calendar, with a focus on things like highlighting “no shows”, removing “redundant” events, etc.


A startup that syncs up different types of personal and professional calendars.


The app is an automated interactive calendar that helps people stay organized.


A social media calendar app, aimed at people who want to take control of their social media schedule.


A startup that offers a cloud-based productivity service that syncs with users’ calendars.


“A social life-tracking app for the digital age.” Users will be able to share and manage their social calendars as well as their personal goals and activities.


A workplace chat solution that syncs your calendar and files from your desktop or mobile devices to your corporate network.


A startup that helps people find a house cleaner and then manage their appointments on a calendar


A dashboard for your company’s email and calendar


Wekan is a calendar with a twist: it’s a shared calendar that can be used by teams or groups.


Idea: A platform for real-time chat software for businesses, with a focus on making it easy to build bots and integrate with other tools (like Google Calendar, Salesforce, and HubSpot)