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Button Startup Ideas

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A company that wants to let people borrow a car with the touch of a button. The company is working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to get insurance to work with the app.


A platform that allows you to make a purchase with a single click of a button, using a variety of cryptocurrencies.


A company building advanced text messaging technology that turns your phone into a series of touch buttons and sensors. It’s supposed to help you take advantage of the latest machine learning and sensor technology.


It’s a “smart” alarm clock that can only be used once, so it only has to wake up once. The company also has a “smart” alarm clock that can only be used once, but it also has a mute button. The company also has another alarm clock that can be used instead.


The startup aims to create a fan base for sports teams by allowing fans to access stadium seating locations at the touch of a button.


A startup that is trying to build a platform for real-time user testing. Users browse a website, click on a button, and record their experience. The startup has raised $1.5 million to date.


A platform that offers a simple way to buy and sell items at the touch of a button.


A veritable “central command center for your business”, which allows you to purchase new products, manage your inventory, and more. It’s like Amazon’s Dash button for your business.


An online marketplace for gym memberships. It allows users to book time at a gym with the click of a button.


A tool to help marketers build email lists with the click of a button.


A startup that wants to let you automate your living room with the click of a button.


A machine that makes custom items, like a couch or a table for sale with a click of a button.


A ready-to-mix drink company that makes simple, high-end cocktails at the push of a button. The company is currently in the process of raising seed capital.


A platform that documents the human factors that go into the design of things, like adding a button for “Delete’ and a “Save” button to a plastic toothbrush. The startup is currently working with startups and designers to build out its product.


The idea is a really simple one — it’s like a smart pen to help you remember the answers to your phone-based quizzes and tests. The pen has a button that acts as a button to the app, and the app has a button that acts as a button to the pen. The pen vibrates when the app thinks you have answered the question wrong, and the app vibrates when you get the question right.


A startup that allows users to create, share, and modify virtual instruments with real-time feedback in a push-button environment.


Idea: A startup that is making a new type of surface that feels a bit like paper but is actually a plastic material This material can then be molded to make all types of different things, like a fridge that can be rolled up The surface is also programmable, so it can be made to change color or texture when a button is pressed


Idea: A tool for creating an “instant button” for a webpage, which lets a user add a button to a site that makes a purchase or opens an account. Also has a free tier for testing your button.


Idea: A startup that is building a “better” version of the Amazon Dash button to make it easier for people to interact with their smart home.


Idea: A text messaging app to help women in Afghanistan stay safe from abuse. It works as a “panic button” that calls a preselected list of family and friends when pressed.