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Bulk Startup Ideas

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A startup making it easier to buy and sell wholesale, for companies that want to buy in bulk.


A startup for buying and selling items in bulk. It’s like Amazon Prime, but for businesses.


A startup that sells Android phones in bulk to the developing world


A platform for employers to send out offers in bulk, targeted towards a group of people.


A platform that connects buyers with sellers, allowing users to sell used items like books and DVDs, or purchase new ones in bulk.


 This app helps you manage your Twitter presence by allowing you to post Tweets in bulk with an interface that helps you organize and schedule your posts.


A platform for creating individualized content in bulk. It helps small businesses create advertising campaigns through its machine learning based technology


 A new type of meal-kit delivery service that aims to save consumers money by offering discounts when they order in bulk. The startup already has a few thousand customers in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The goal is to build a B2B marketplace for e-commerce retailers to sell their products to other retailers in bulk.


A startup that buys household items in bulk for consumers, and delivers them in bulk After shipping the products, the startup makes money by selling those items on the secondary market


A market for the world’s farmers, specifically those who want to start selling their excess produce in bulk.


An online marketplace for e-commerce merchants to sell their products and services in bulk. The startup is currently focused on the US, but has plans to expand internationally.


This startup is building a vending machine for the financial sector. It’s an open source vending machine that lets banks and credit unions buy and sell financial products in bulk.


A C2C marketplace for buying and selling used furniture. There’s a big market for people looking to buy used furniture but no good way to find them. The startup’s website shows a few beautiful tables and chairs, but the bulk of the site features the items for sale.


A solution for small businesses that want to order in bulk and ship it out all at once. The business is backed by Y Combinator.


A startup for sending and receiving bulk SMS messages to groups of people.


Shoppers are no longer satisfied with the bulky, slow, and expensive payment options available today. Shift wants to provide the option of paying with cash at local stores.


A platform for selling buying and selling goods with a focus on organic food, with a focus on helping companies that want to sell in bulk get it in the hands of customers.


A way to get your office supplies in one place (and in bulk, if you’re buying in bulk.)


A company that is creating a platform for content creators to sell PR services. The startup aims to create a marketplace for PR services, in which companies can buy packages of services in bulk to save money.


A platform for companies to buy and sell goods in bulk. Users can create a freight order, then use the platform to buy and sell the goods.


A startup for designers and developers to buy and sell development services in bulk.


A startup that lets you ship almost anything to almost anyone in under one day. It’s kind of like Postmates but it’s for people who are buying in bulk.


A supply chain startup that helps retailers buy in bulk and sell to consumers at a lower price


A startup that provides a service where you order a bulk order of food from restaurants and the startup delivers it to you


Idea: Companies sell gift cards for customers to use The gift card company buys the gift cards in bulk from the companies


Idea: An online marketplace for wholesalers and small businesses to get access to low-cost goods in bulk.