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The startup is building an app that connects car owners with mechanics who can fix broken cars.


SITU is building a messaging app to help people connect with their local government. It’s meant to make government more approachable and transparent to the public.


A B2B startup that seeks to help companies manage travel and expenses. The startup is building a booking tool that works for all travel types, from flight and hotel to car and rail.


A company that’s building software for restaurants that helps them manage their menus, guest lists and food orders.


A data-driven tool that helps companies build better websites by looking at the user journeys they’re taking across the internet.


The startup is building a digital platform to enable farmers to monitor and manage the health of their crops.


A startup that helps people draw up plans for their dream home and then helps them find contractors to build it


A startup that is building a network of solar power microgrids, allowing users to self-generate their own power.


A startup that’s building a new kind of shopping cart that lets buyers seamlessly buy products at multiple sites without leaving the online store.


A company that is building a compensation plan for teachers, based on productivity and engagement.


A startup that collects data on the world’s 4.5 billion-odd cellphones and builds a giant map of their locations with all the phone data available.


A startup that helps nonprofits build a social media strategy for their causes


Build a database of every tree in the world, using satellite imagery.


A startup that is building a consumer-facing app that’s essentially a data-driven diary. The startup wants to help people understand what they’re eating, how much they’re exercising, etc.


 Grow is building a set of tools for restaurants, enabling them to manage their menus, design their menus, and automate their ordering and delivery processes.


A fintech startup that is building a platform that will let users import financial data from different platforms and create a financial dashboard that can be integrated with other platforms.


A toolkit for schools to build and maintain their own websites.


This is a company that is building a hotel booking app.


This startup is building a tool to help brands find the best influencers for their products. They have $1.5 million in seed funding.


Vertex is building an online marketplace for the construction industry, providing a way for contractors to sell their services through a web portal.


A company that aims to help cities build economic ecosystems, including a marketplace for buying, selling, and renting real estate.


A startup that wants to sell insurance to people who own property, and who want to protect it in the event of a fire. The startup has already built a platform for homeowners to claim their coverage, but needs to raise $5 million to build out a back-end system and additional products.


A startup that’s building a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs. The company is working with the Stars Foundation, which helps invest in startups in developing countries, to create an online platform to help entrepreneurs raise funds.


A startup that’s building a social network that connects strippers with clients


People love their pets, but when it comes to veterinary care, there’s a shortage of vets, and a high cost. PetMeds is building a subscription service that integrates with veterinarians to deliver pharmaceuticals and supplies to pets at home, where they can get better care and less expensively.


A highly customizable online resume builder that sorts out what information is relevant.


Imagine an app that tells you when all of your favorite brands are offering some new deal. With their tech platform, the company is building a business that runs “brand-specific loyalty programs.”


This startup is building an API that connects users to doctors via text messages and video calls.


A tool that simplifies the process for people who are building their own websites to get paid.


A startup that is building a platform for companies to better communicate with their customers


A startup focused on the creation of multiplayer games on mobile and web, building on the success of multiplayer games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.


This startup is building a digital library for musicians that helps them discover new music and share more about themselves. The company has already signed a couple thousand artists.


This startup is building an artificial intelligence-based platform for hiring, where customers can create a job description and AI will do the background check, find the best candidate, and schedule an interview.


A company that allows companies to file taxes by way of an app. The startup is building a platform that automates the process of filling out tax forms.


A startup that is building an AI-powered inventory management system for retailers. The startup is working with retailers like Nike and H&M.


A platform that allows brands to build mobile apps for their business and for consumers to find them.


This startup wants to build a new type of credit card for the underbanked, especially in developing countries. It takes the form of a prepaid card and is available in any currency. Given the lack of banking options in many such countries, the startup sees a lot of potential for growth.


A platform for fashion creators to build and sell their own fashion lines online.


A startup that helps you learn to code by making you build a simple tool that you eventually turn into a real product. The startup’s co-founder saw a need for the same kind of bootcamps in the area, and created the site to fill it.


A company that builds an online platform for users to create business cards with their company's name and logo.


The startup helps companies build their own security products using AI, drawing on data from many different systems.


A startup that’s building an AI-enabled chatbot for legal services. The company has $1 million in seed funding.


A team on a mission to build better and more accurate algorithms to predict the future of the US presidency.


A company building a browser extension that adds web-based editing to Microsoft Word, enabling users to do everything from adding images to creating tables and charts.


A startup that wants to make the web more social and connect people. The company is building an ad-free platform to give users more control over how they use the web.


A freelance platform where contractors can build websites, mobile apps, and other digital products.


A tool that will help you build your own e-commerce site within minutes.


A b2b cloud-based platform for building and managing customer relationships, helping businesses to better interact with their customers and increase customer loyalty.


A startup for people in retirement who want to retire overseas. The startup helps people in their 50s and 60s with this goal, by building a financial blueprint for a person’s retirement and then matching them with an appropriate country.


A startup that is building a way to measure how well your music sounds in the club.


A startup that creates a dating app focused on building meaningful relationships


A toolkit for companies to build their own digital marketing and content strategies.


A platform that connects employees to various services via mobile apps and an API. The startup is building out a platform that lets companies grant permission to employees to use their mobile devices to access services and apps.


This is a startup that sells the parts needed to build a 3D printer.


This startup is building a system to help engineers understand the best ways to program to particular chips.


A startup that is looking to build a new type of gaming platform that will provide a more social experience for gamers.


Idea: A virtual reality startup for the e-commerce industry It wants to help online retailers build VR ads and other virtual experiences


A startup that’s building a “digital lab” for large pharmaceutical companies, helping them scale their research with AI and speed up their drug discovery.


A startup that helps teams build and market their products, with free tools to get started.


A startup building a software platform for retail that automates product returns, credit, and refunds on all e-commerce sites


The company is building a platform to help startups connect with investors and build a community of backers. The startup is working with Y Combinator and other investors to get more startups to pitch at YC.


A company that’s building a “Netflix for fitness”. The company wants to be able to provide “instant-on, personalized, scalable, and effective fitness programs”.


A startup that builds tools to help developers build mobile apps for small businesses.


A toolkit to help non-profits build and manage websites. Its pre-built themes include a person-powered fundraising site, an environmental website, and a donation-based site.