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by @levelsio

Browser Startup Ideas

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A browser extension that tracks the cost of your everyday items (fries, cup of coffee, etc.) over time and cross-references this data with the Starbucks menu. In addition to the main purpose of tracking your coffee expenses, the tool also allows users to find out if they are spending more than they should and how to cut back.


A company building a browser extension that adds web-based editing to Microsoft Word, enabling users to do everything from adding images to creating tables and charts.


An India-focused, browser-based online marketplace for real estate.


A startup that’s building a web browser with a “no-keyboard” feature, simulating a “touchscreen” experience for people who can’t use their hands.


A startup that has built a tool to help legal professionals create an agreement and execute it without ever leaving the browser.


A company building a browser extension to help you organize your e-mail inbox.


A software business that helps companies build software that can be delivered through a web browser.


A Chrome extension for user engagement with online content by “pinning” content to the top of the browser.


This startup is building a browser for the startup world. Its goal is to create a simplified version of the startup experience with tools for research, fundraising, and community engagement.


A browser extension for Google Chrome that allows you to search for and filter in-app ads.


A messaging app, with a mobile web client to allow for SMS-based communication without a smartphone. The company is working on a browser-based client for non-mobile devices and has raised $3.5M in funding from Y Combinator.


A JavaScript library that makes it easier to use React Native in the browser.


In this article, Rob writes about the startup’s plan to make a video service that lets you edit and share video from an iPhone through a web browser. A few months later, the startup pivots to focus on video editing and distribution.


A tool that can show you how your website will look on different devices and browsers.


A startup that helps people create and sell custom clothing through a web browser without having to design the entire garment from scratch. Loom wants to help consumers sell their clothing as a service — it’s essentially an Uber for fashion.


The startup has built a software platform that gives brands the ability to create real-time webinars through web browsers or mobile applications. The company is based in New York City and is backed by a $3 million seed round from investors including 500 Startups, Forerunner Ventures, and Lerer Ventures.


A browser extension that lets you easily find free Wi-Fi, or a coupon for free Wi-Fi at an airport or hotel, and a reputation system to make sure you can always find good free Wi-Fi.


A startup that’s building a browser-based tool for anyone to create and manage their own virtual or online paperless bank account.


The startup wants to make your web browser a full-fledged programming language that you can write programs in.


Activell is a browser-based service that helps companies track and report their social media efforts. The startup says it can manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns across the globe.


A platform for managing and selling social media accounts. The company plans to make a browser extension that will place your social media feed in a dashboard for you to see, and then allow you to manage all of your social media accounts from one place. It’s expected to raise $20 million in a Series A.


A tool for creating and executing marketing and sales campaigns. Available as a Slack bot and as a browser extension, and also as a mobile app.


A $5 device that connects to your browser and helps you keep track of your spending. The device tracks your checking account and credit card transactions, and lets you enter receipts, to see where your money is going.


A Google-designed browser that makes everything on the web searchable.


A standalone browser that integrates with the Slack team chat app. It allows users to create polls, polls that can be used in other Slack channels, and even polls that can be customized to display a specific emoji when they’re answered.


This startup is building a new way to allow mobile browsers to work in the background.


This startup is building a platform for digital security and distribution of secure communication apps through a mobile browser.


Seems like the startup is building a lightweight, stylus-driven browser that looks like Chrome, but is actually built from scratch. The company is looking to make it a more natural way to interact with your phone’s browser, and create a more “personal” experience.


A browser extension for Chrome that allows users to find information about a website, like who runs it or what its purpose is.


A company that’s building a browser extension so users can automatically sign up for credit card promotions, using the credit cards they already own.


A company that creates and sells software to let people leave reviews for products they’ve purchased online. The startup’s first product is a Chrome browser extension.


A helpdesk platform for developers and startups that can be accessed from any web browser. Users can call, chat, and file tickets.


Idea: This startup is building a content-creation platform for podcasts Users can record a podcast right from their web browser, and the startup’s AI will do the rest The company is currently working on a feature that will let users easily subscribe to podcasts by just typing in their email address — much like the way that users can subscribe to YouTube channels by just entering their email address


This startup is building a new generation of web browsers, called “containers”, that work like operating systems. Containers are like virtual machines (VM) in that they run programs inside them, but they’re a lot more flexible. You can build a container that can run a Ruby or a Python, for example, and you can run a container that runs a ton of different kinds of programs. Containers can also be used to run a group of VMs, and VMs can run each other, too. The tech is still in its early days, but it’s a promising tech that’s been used to run the Linux operating system.


A way to buy and sell items on a meetup, using a browser-based app. It’s built for the UK market.


Idea: A mobile game that runs in-browser for the browser-based game streaming service The startup basically wants to make a mobile game but instead of building a native iOS or Android app, it can run inside the browser and be streamed to a phone


Idea: Use browser fingerprinting to combat fraud


Idea: a browser-based database, allowing you to manage the data from your web app


Idea: A way to bring “native apps to the web”, so developers can build applications that behave natively in browsers


Idea: A small team of workers in the UK is building a new browser called Rethink… which is meant to be the only browser you need. The startup is building out a single browser with an artificial intelligence-powered search function as the core of the browser.


Idea: A German-based startup that offers a browser-based solution for online retailers to run a full-fledged e-commerce business.


xtop is a mobile platform that’s helping companies serve up ads to employees. It provides a login for employees and companies, a mobile-first browser, and a tool for managing ads.